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images-1I’m noticing searches on my dashboard for “Deep Light and the Great Retruthing,” which is the name of my contribution to the Kundalini Rising anthology, and also the title of my forthcoming ebook. This begins with the original essay, which is significantly expanded to include details of just what occurred during and after my astounding “Deep Light” experience. I had to keep the essay brief for the book, at the expense of important information.

Moreover, I had blocked out highly significant specifics of my experience “in the light.” It was mind-bending to find them in a (long stashed away) detailed writeup Continue reading

New Stories, New Reality – Solara

Here’s the rest of Solara’s 2013 Surf Report, including her take on what brought us here. Her 2013 Overview segment was posted in the prior post on the WwW blog. Solara’s website is here>



2012 was a massive year of unprecedented transformation. We experienced a deep healing as we shed layer upon layer of expired and untrue elements until we finally emerged at the end of the year as shining Jewels.

There were several major events last year that helped us greatly. The first was the ‘A Mu’a Ceremony in Rapa Nui (Easter Island) on April 21st. ‘A Mu’a is a word in the Rapa Nui language that means TO MOVE FORWARD. And that is exactly what happened. Many stuck places were suddenly set free. The wheels, cogs and gears of our personal and planetary evolution could now turn unhindered, allowing the massive Wheel of Destiny to revolve at an increased pace. Once this happened, everything started moving towards their right positioning.

The second major event was the momentous Activation of the Eleventh Gate on November 22nd. This was the final 11:11 Activation and marked the culmination of our twenty-one year journey through the 11:11 Doorway. This was when the expanded realm of the Diamond of the Unseen became visible, moving us into a totally New Landscape on an infinitely vaster scale to explore and eventually to inhabit. I deeply feel that this was the key event of the year.

The Eleventh Gate Activation also birthed the Heart of AN energies on the planet. It placed the first Jewels into the Crown. These Jewels in the Crown are the foundation stones for our New World.

After the Eleventh Gate Activation, came a profound Sacred Pause. We had much to integrate and realign. Many of us required huge amounts of sleep with an extremely active dream state. We were plunged into a profound silence, making communication nearly impossible. Many of us felt like we were walking through a cloud of Nothingness which only began to lift in the New Year.

Although the date of 12/12/12 was widely heralded, it proved to be of little consequence. Then came the “end” of the Mayan Calendar on December 21st. While for many, this day did not outwardly have the heightened energies of the Eleventh Gate Activation, this event played an important part in closing the Door of the Old, so we can now fully open the Door of the New.

All of these special events of 2012 brought us to the entrance of this amazing year of 2013. The Year When Everything is Possible.



2013 Surf Report – Solara

I’ve posted Solara’s 2011 and 2012 reports in this blog – why not 2013 as well? Better a tad late than never! Besides, my “new year” tends to start with Spring. :)  After I post this 2013 overview, I will post the rest of Solara’s ‘surf report’ that accompanies it.  ox ~Whitehawk


We enter 2013 massively transformed beyond any previous boundaries. Many people experienced an infusion of LOVE on a scale never before experienced. Some experienced a profound paradigm shift from the duality-based illusion that “someone” or “something” would come to “save us” to the wide-eyed awakening that WE ARE THE ONES! This journey from “external expectations” to “internal knowing” took but a nano second, but flipped everything over.

Now, we are outwardly living the same lives as before, but everything has dramatically changed. We have been thrust into a vastly expanded New Landscape. Our vision has become so expanded, much of what used to be able to grab our attention in the past, is seen as minuscule now. 2013 is a year of profound change as we come into our own as True Ones, and lead the supra normal lives anchored in the Ultra Greater Reality that have always been intended for us.

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Clearing for the Collective

I believe this is the first time I’m reposting a piece by Steve Beckow, but this is good stuff so I wanted spread it around. This matter of clearing challenging matters beyond our own personal baggage is a key point to really get. I have been processing some intense  stuff coming up and moving through me for a number of months – actually going back into last summer, when I look at it – as though some vast reservoir of shadow issues has been flooding up from the dank subconscious to be healed… and I’m finding the sheer enormity of it to be a major derailer. This experience is not conducive to keeping life clicking along as usual. “The usual” is as gone as the victrola.  ~W

by  on April 3, 2013   

New Man 11In my reading with Archangel Michael on March 29, I asked him, on behalf a of a team member, how we’d know we’re clearing for ourselves or for the collective and he replied:

“They go in tandem. You would not be gifted with the opportunity to clear a certain area or belief or vasana [for the collective] if you did not have a trace or a former imprint of that within thee. So it is the level of intensity that comes up, especially now, with the clearing. And you think, ‘Well, wait a minute. I have done this work. And I have done it diligently and deeply and completely. And yet here I am and it feels as I am being swept away by a tidal wave.’ That is how you know it is for the collective.” 

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The Press Pot of Correction Energies

I’ve been on Alex Kochkin’s list for years, which basically means I receive one or two compilations of his current thoughts on ‘Ascension’ matters per year. I initially encountered him back in the day when I was producing a lot around the theme of working with spiritual principals in the workplace (“Spirit @ Work”) and he was a business consultant along similar lines.

The following piece is from his most recent mailing, and I may post others in the near future – basically a matter of taking the time to reformat the original material for this blog… plus, his articles often go on for miles and reference previous ones, etc… not particularly conducive to the shorter “blog format.”  I appreciate how Alex does not get caught up in a lot of new-age jargon and channeled messages. I’m actually not sure where he sources much of what he imparts… but I always find his POV worthy of consideration.  Link at the end; more coming soon ~ ox, Whitehawk

______________French press coffee plunger-3PCS-SET

What is presently underway can be illustrated by the simplistic analogy of a coffee “press pot”. The press pot filter screen can be compared to a fluid boundary zone between the zones cleared by the “correction energies” and that which has not.

The “correction energies” have been brought into the 4d region (“astral” in some terminologies) closest to “3d” which is the vibrational and physical space where the human self resides in a human body on Earth. The “filter press” of the “correction energies” is designed to allow as much of the consciousness of “self” – that portion of your greater level being – to emerge mostly intact, but without most of the dark side tendrils and infections.

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