The Press Pot of Correction Energies

I’ve been on Alex Kochkin’s list for years, which basically means I receive one or two compilations of his current thoughts on ‘Ascension’ matters per year. I initially encountered him back in the day when I was producing a lot around the theme of working with spiritual principals in the workplace (“Spirit @ Work”) and he was a business consultant along similar lines.

The following piece is from his most recent mailing, and I may post others in the near future – basically a matter of taking the time to reformat the original material for this blog… plus, his articles often go on for miles and reference previous ones, etc… not particularly conducive to the shorter “blog format.”  I appreciate how Alex does not get caught up in a lot of new-age jargon and channeled messages. I’m actually not sure where he sources much of what he imparts… but I always find his POV worthy of consideration.  Link at the end; more coming soon ~ ox, Whitehawk

______________French press coffee plunger-3PCS-SET

What is presently underway can be illustrated by the simplistic analogy of a coffee “press pot”. The press pot filter screen can be compared to a fluid boundary zone between the zones cleared by the “correction energies” and that which has not.

The “correction energies” have been brought into the 4d region (“astral” in some terminologies) closest to “3d” which is the vibrational and physical space where the human self resides in a human body on Earth. The “filter press” of the “correction energies” is designed to allow as much of the consciousness of “self” – that portion of your greater level being – to emerge mostly intact, but without most of the dark side tendrils and infections.

The filtered vibrational space is specially altered by the “correction energies” to prevent re-infection by the dark. This process does not fundamentally change the consciousness of the “self”, for that potentiality is presented again soon thereafter.

What it does is to separate out the “true light” that is most ready to come forth from a mixture in which the dark has wrapped itself like a parasite around the light.

As in any type of “therapy” the more one is “complete” and over and done with experiencing pain and suffering –of identifying with it as a necessary part of ones existence –the easier it is to effect a greater “healing” process and spiritual expansion. In contrast, the more one is attached to pain and suffering, the more difficult the process.

Such attachments, like tough muscle adhesions, are usually not something one usually wants to acquire, rather these are the result of a dark-side dominated reality that elicits a wide range of “defensive” human and energetic responses to the parasitic infection of the dark. Sometimes the “body” vehicle –subtle bodies and the bio-physical –simply cannot handle this and deeper problems develop, like a cancer beyond ordinary 3d physical levels.

In this simplistic analogy of the coffee press pot, what is underneath the filter plunger represents a growing concentration of all that is dysfunctional about the vibrational reality of 3d and that which sustains and maintains it out of habit. This includes the planetary body, biosphere, atmosphere, as well as human society throughout.

This situation of what is being accumulated under the “press filter” is something that is unavoidable in a reality that only exists from its ability to parasitize Light energy. Now the true Light is being separated out and less of it is available to fuel a degenerate reality.

The earthly environment of the human self is becoming increasingly untenable in every respect and this will catalyze growing numbers to turn their attention from all that they have grown habituated to pain, suffering, animalistic impulses, human psychological dynamics, etc. and look toward something totally different.

It is in this opening to, a turning of attention in an 180 degree “about face”, that greater numbers will become open to spiritual existence and the more this occurs, the less of a hold the 3d density reality will have on them. In each moment of genuine opening to the possibilities of spiritual existence, a very great many will find what has been so close, yet so out of reach for so long.

If human selfs were capable of making higher choices out of true free-will many would have done so by now, but true (spiritual) free-will has long been suppressed and denied in this realm. Thus so many simply cannot help themselves for what they do (or not do).

While many “lightworkers” etc. came here to help, they were ill-equipped at their higher levels and not surprisingly at their human levels as well. There simply was no way for them to know how dangerous and difficult the situation would be here.

Furthermore, most of the higher level beings, who projected some portion of themselves into this realm through human and other forms, themselves became caught up observing (and experiencing) a horribly twisted reality – like an endless virtual reality show that seemed to have no exit, only endless variations.

This all led up to a situation of accumulated risk of being unable to extricate themselves –intact –from the tar pits of earthly and other similar such realities in this fallen sector.

It is difficult to image the level of care and attention that has gone into changing this situation without annihilating these realms. It seems to have taken forever from an earthly perspective.

Nevertheless, here and now, some very high level changes have occurred to completely contain and dissolve the dark side. It could not be accomplished mainly from “within”. This is something we have described in the pages of Global Awakening News and the “A-List Updates,” maintained at the Articles and Bulletins section at


As it is with anything that has been imprinted through force of habit, these attachments to the old ways –to pain and suffering, to the mistaken identity of “self” with that of a self-centered social-tribal animal (human) –are all part of a system of control based upon beliefs and energy taps. Belief systems, when strong enough, are “as if” real to the belief holder and many of these beliefs influence the self after it has departed its human body. The energy taps draw off the Light energies to feed parasitic entities –both human and non-human –and in so doing prevent access to the higher spiritual light and divine right of the higher transformation.

As the human social-physical matrix breaks down, many of these beliefs will be weakened as well. As more of the human self reaches up to a somewhat higher level perspective and looks back upon its 3d level, it will realize something of the truth that it is more than its body and social animal existence.


“…and they will return to the Light from which they came and the

Light of which their essence originates will become them.”

Global Awakening Press  Ÿ


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