Deep Light Ebook, Kundalini, Earth Empathy

Quick miscellaneous post:

images-1I’m noticing searches on my dashboard for “Deep Light and the Great Retruthing,” which is the name of my contribution to the Kundalini Rising anthology, and also the title of my forthcoming ebook. This begins with the original essay, which is significantly expanded to include details of just what occurred during and after my astounding “Deep Light” experience. I had to keep the essay brief for the book, at the expense of important information.

Moreover, I had blocked out highly significant specifics of my experience “in the light.” It was mind-bending to find them in a (long stashed away) detailed writeup of the experience that I’d penned the day it happened. I have never – before or since – heard of anyone else experiencing anything remotely like this. The potential ramifications are frankly staggering, and it is a big deal to me to “come out” and share this particular “revelation.” The accounting will be in the ebook, which I had intended to have ready to offer by now, but…

… another round of ‘rowdy’ kundalini revved up during a meditation that delivered a kill-shot to my MacBook (electronics are easily impacted during active K periods), which then had to be shipped to California for repairs – an ordeal that threw off my rhythm for numerous projects. It IS coming and will be announced here when it’s ready to download.

Also – has anyone experienced any ‘earth empath’ symptoms lately? I had two days of extreme nausea early this week (April 14-15) that may have been about the strong (and deep) earthquake in southern Iran. There was also the marathon bombing in that window, but my sense is that earthquake sent my sensors reeling. True, there are “earth events” all the time now; perhaps it was the depth of this quake (many miles down) that allowed it to reverb through to me. The thing about empathy (without accompanying intuition or psychic skills) is, it’s not always easy to determine the cause!


3 comments on “Deep Light Ebook, Kundalini, Earth Empathy

  1. I stumbled upon your site this morning (9 hours ago) and havent been able to walk away or tell myself to come back and read your posts later…
    I have for 15 years now (I am 30) experienced intense sensations from “earth events”. Because of this unexplained connection with the energies of the earth I decided to study Geology and have been studying at a university for over 5 years now. I cannot explain what I feel when an earthquake occurs. I just know that it is happening. I feel the earths vibrations in my soul maybe, but it affects my entire being (physical, mental and emotional). I have in the past ignored these sensations and discounted my own sanity even. Because of your blog, I now feel that I have found someplace to express myself. I thank you for sharing and teaching myself and the world what is available, possible and happening to us.

    in response to your vision: I had a similar experience recently. I saw a gate and fence (also chain link) and it seemed to be glowing. I awoke suddenly and checked my phone for the time. It was 3:33am.
    As I have struggled for decades with the anxiety of having premonitions, i expected this to represent something less significant… but was open to the possibility that this could be foretelling of something wonderful.
    I was disappointed however, when my emotions and concentration were in hiatus this past Friday when I visited my older brother, who is unfortunately in jail. I saw the fence and gates, but they were not like the ones I saw in my mind. I spent the rest of the day sobbing and fighting with everyone that wanted to console me. I was not upset about visiting my brother. I was not upset that my “deja vu” didnt come about when I expected it to (as it never does, right?). I was overwhelmed by my vision of the glowing fence and gate.

    I am humoring that my vision and your vision are connected… Ive known for a long time that something was coming. Until I read your blog I was in fear that this something would be harmful to humans and the planet. I now see that this is all part of the process toward enlightenment and oneness.

    Again, Thank you for your sharing. You have shown me what I can do with what I have right here in my heart and soul.



  2. Greetings dear Jill – I’m heartened to hear that you’ve stumbled in here, stayed awhile, and found some value. Welcome! As this whole ‘dimensional’ ordeal yawns on, all manner of weirdness is showing up in all sectors. I’ve read your comment a few times now and wondering what the overwhelm re: the gate/fence could be about? I’m intrigued that your vision ‘glowed.’ Seems as tho a level of your awareness is tapping into something deeper, but you’re getting kind of tangled up in your conscious cognition here. I hate when that happens! .. which is all too often. ;)
    If you have any big insights re: this gate/fence business, please do come back and let us know! Meanwhile, your appreciative words are gratefully received on this end.

    Many blessings,


  3. I will definitely share anything I find out about what the gate/fence vision. As usual, its meaning will come to fruition at the appropriate time…
    Life today feels easier, I feel that a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I am now aware that I am not alone in this “weirdness” as you call it. This freedom may allow me to connect more with my subconscious and find some long awaited connections.


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