Timeshift Shampoo

Ha! I’m quite certain this particular phrase – Timeshift Shampoo – can be found exactly no where other than now here in this post. The experience was unique, as will this post be about it. Fun when things like this happen :)

So – I was in the shower the other day, washing my hair with a brand of shampoo that recently appeared on the market.images

As I worked up the lather, it dawned on me that this shampoo was scented exactly like one I used in my youth. Lathering it into my hair triggered a most curious timeshift event.

I’m not referring to ‘waxing nostalgic’ about my days as a teenager, having been reminded by a particular odor. This experience wasn‘t about remembering.

Rather, my experience in that shower took on the extraordinary quality of actually being that young girl showering, experiencing the overall freshness of life itself all those years ago. The strong young body. The relatively simple nature of my existence in that timeframe – my life stretching out before me, brimming with infinite possibilities. The clear, unburdened atmosphere of my consciousness as I washed my (then) hip-length tresses with this product.

Life literally and spontaneously became very light as I stood in the cascade of water. The difference was visceral, as tho by some spell I had morphed into that girl, with those mental/emotional/physical attributes. And – crazy as it will sound to say – it truly felt as though I had somehow dissolved through time, taking the whole ‘shower experience’ with me.

This was very much a “Somewhere in Time” moment, which if you’ve seen that film, you might understand what I mean. It was a spontaneous shift into a simple, clear, relatively weightless moment in time, where the overall sense was one of anticipation – anticipating the adventures that this teenage girl had ahead of her. And also the monumental importance of having my ‘signature’ long flowing hair for those adventures! Hahaha, the significance of the hair in those days can’t be overstated. At the time I couldn’t imagine ever, ever cutting that hair.

Incidentally, the next time I used that shampoo I noticed nothing at all familiar or nostalgic about its scent; had no response to it whatsoever, nor have I since. Go figure…

This ‘timeshift shampoo’ experience brought another anomalous timeshift vignette to mindthis one happened about ten years ago. IF ONLY I had a camera with me at the time; this was seriously worthy of having on the record.

I was at a lovely beach on a warm day in late September. It was closed for the season; no swimming allowed, and not a single  soul around besides myself. The sand was clean and white and the only sounds were those of gently sweeping surf and a few squawking gulls.

I kicked off my sandals, leaving them behind as I walked across the wet sand near the water. I looked out at the deep blue and remembered being at the beach with my dad when I was a little girl, playing in the water with him. I walked along with these sweet early-childhood memories wafting through my mind.

When I turned to head back to my sandals is when it happened.

All the footprints in the wet sand – leading from the sandals I took off to where I then stood – were the perfect footprints of a small child, maybe three or four years old. About 25 feet back were my (big!) sandals, and each and every footprint leading from those sandals to the feet I stood on were little; about one-third their adult size.

For clarity’s sake: the footprints were clearly defined. No waves had washed up and disturbed them in any way as I walked barefoot along the beach. I stood there taking this in; can you imagine? Looking down at my grown-up feet, and seeing tiny footprints – the only footprints on the beach – leading directly to them.

The mystery was exhilarating.

If only I could have photographed it! The sandals over there; my feet here, and the little-girl footprints connecting the two.

Fascinating, isn’t it, that we are portals. We’re portals and we’re also vehicles capable of slipping through these portals into highly unique, individualized experiences that allow us to romp in the quantum and demonstrate that anything is possible in this world. An attitude of openness, receptivity, and childlike joy/playfulness allows such things to occur. Think I’ll invite more to come along as soon as I post this!

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