The Wanderer’s Handbook

(Questionnaire below plus a free e-book available via link at the end.)

tumblr_mpf6vywPYR1rycn25o1_500I mentioned in a recent post that as of late I’ve had a resurgence of nocturnal adventures, which had, by and large, dried up for quite a sad stretch of time recently. These cosmic journeys have been integral to my life experience (and my soul’s exploration) for as long as I’ve been alive. For them to just stop was like having a large portion of my soul whacked away! But now they have resumed, and my sense of wonder has been re-ignited… I am whole! Somehow the concept of wandering (as in, wandering the cosmos) came to me this morning. So I visited the “L & L Research” website, where I found this questionnaire and (more significantly) the entire Wanderers Handbook to bring to your attention.

I imagine many, if not most, readers of this blog are ‘Wanderers.’ This term originated from the entity RA, in the Law of One material that came through Carla Rueckert in the 70’s. Wanderers are essentially people who feel somewhat stranded here on Earth – not really belonging here, not really understanding how earthly civilizations can BE the way they ARE: so much violence, so little regard for Nature… in general, so barbaric! We’ve more recently received the whole Archons piece of the galactic puzzle, but that’s getting off course for this post.

Wanderers go through their lives with a sense of ‘elsewhere’ in their hearts as being their real homes. The following questionaire has been through numerous changes since it originally came through Carla, but the gist is the same – do you feel your soul hails from elsewhere in the cosmos? Do you have a sense of yearning to return to wherever it is that you ‘really belong’?  Maybe the following simple questions will help you discern for yourself your (or others close to you) true nature.

This is version has put emphasis on ETs rather than Wanderers by the person who revised it. Is there any difference? Well… we might consider extra-dimensionals as an additional possibility… infinite concurrent dimensions! Infinite parallel worlds! Infinite yous!

Ok, so: the link at the end of this post will take you to the page where Carla’s Wanderer’s Handbook is now offered in its entirety as a free pdf file.

Your Childhood

  1. Did you often think about, daydream, or fantasize about ETs, UFOs, and other worlds?
  2. Did you feel like ordinary things around you were somehow strange, like the human body, the color of the sky, trees and nature, human architecture, and adults?
  3. Did you ever feel as if your parents were not your real parents, that you had a missing brother or sister, or a home some place far away?
  4. Did you have magical dreams of flying, invisible spirit friends, or receiving special guidance and protection?
  5. Did you look up at the night sky with longing, and sometimes say: “Take me home … Why am I here?” or ask “Why am I so alone?

Your Personality

  1. Are you kind, gentle, peaceful, and non-aggressive—not just sometimes, but almost always?
  2. Are you hurt, saddened, and confused by all the human evil and cruelty in the world?
  3. Do you feel that money, possessions, and a successful career are not really that important?
  4. Do you sometimes feel more comfortable with plants and animals than with people?
  5. Are you generally sensitive, considerate, generous, and concerned about others around you?

Your Experiences

  1. Have you felt different, out-of-place, or somewhat alienated from human society all your life?
  2. Have you had dreams, visions, or sightings of UFOs that inspired real spiritual growth?
  3. Have you had dramatic dreams of Earth changes, geological and social upheaval, the end of the world, or future civilization?
  4. Are you logical, scientific, non-emotional, and somewhat confused by hot passion and desire?
  5. Have you had a clear and uplifting contact with benevolent, kind, and highly-evolved ETs?

Your Interests

  1. Are you interested in science fiction, epic fantasy, angels, high-technology, and world prophecy?
  2. Are you interested in Atlantis, Lemuria, channeling, pyramids, New Age ideas and UFOs?
  3. Are you interested in meditation, alternative healing, or bringing love and light to the world?
  4. Do you believe human society is ignorant of the spiritual truths that you know to be true?
  5. Do you have a strong sense of purpose and feel that your mission is to help Earth and humanity?

Scoring Your ET (or Wanderer) Identity

For each YES answer, give yourself 5 points and then total your score.

(For every “somewhat” answer, give yourself 3 points.)

100-75 points: You are very likely an ET soul – perhaps you’re not surprised!

75-25 points: You may or may not be a Star Person, and you need more reflection to know for sure.

25-00 points: You probably are not an ET soul, but why are you interested in these matters?

The Wanderer’s Handbook available here, free:


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