The Healing Hand?

I share this for your experimentation, should you choose to try it. Maitreyahand_28k

The hand pictured here appeared on a bathroom mirror in Barcelona. The woman who lived in this house wiped the hand off (you can see the streaks from this), only to discover later that the hand had returned.

Upon seeing it again, she called her son, who worked at Share International, the organization founded by Benjamin Creme, dedicated to the return of the Christ to Earth. Creme refers to this Christed One as Maitreya – The World Teacher. This hand was subsequently ‘validated’ as the hand of Maitreya:

This is the hand of Maitreya, portrayed on a mirror in a bathroom in Barcelona. The lady-owner went into the guest bathroom and saw a handprint on the mirror and cleaned it off. She thought no more about it. A few days later when she went into her own bathroom she saw the same handprint on the mirror. Luckily, instead of wiping it off, she got in touch with her son, a co-worker in the Share International group in Barcelona. He took a picture of it and sent it to me, and my Master confirmed it as the hand of Maitreya.

Like the Turin Shroud
It is a fantastic hand. It is ‘real’, three-dimensional in appearance, similar to the print on the Turin Shroud of the body of Jesus after the Crucifixion. The image also has extraordinary healing properties, Continue reading

September Equinox – Part 2

Here is the conclusion of Nicolya Christi’s piece:

Gestating in the Womb of 2013: Two Incarnational Realities


…So, where are we?

I can only express what I myself sense, gnosis and experience, the wisdom that arises from my Higher Self and the guidance that streams through me via ‘The Luminous Ones’, who journey with me on the Path in this life that I have chosen.

As I was meditating on my gnosis and the understanding that accompanied the ‘push’ to write this, my first piece pertaining to 21.12.12 since that date, the term that instantly flashed into my awareness was “2013: The Womb of Gestation”. This was followed immediately by the term “Two Incarnational Realities”.

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We Can’t Promise You It Will Be Easy

imagesWe CAN promise you it will be worth it.

I stumbled upon this woman who channels a Pleiadian group called Laarkmaa (wait til you hear the Pleiadians pronounce this), and found myself appreciating the message (except for the fact that the mic is too close to her mouth!) She speaks at a good clip for about half an hour. This was recorded earlier this month, and she mentions Sept 22 several times as a notable shift point (the strongest thus far), which encouraged me to share it.

If you go to the link below, this message is the top ‘player’ on the page (recorded Sept 7). Note that once you click play on this odd version of a “BlogTalkRadio” player, there is no way to stop the playback other than leave (or reload) the page. (All the other players on this page are the typical ones… don’t know why this one is different.)

I listened last night, and I’m listening to it again this morning. (I may run it yet again because there’s no pause/rewind buttons if you miss portions!) Maybe there’s something here for you too :)

Understand you are standing on the threshold of EVERYTHING being different.
EVERYTHING will be different.

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September Equinox – Part 1

The following is from writer Nicolya Christi, author of “Contemporary Spirituality for an Evolving World: A Handbook for Conscious Evolution,” “2012: A Clarion Call,” among other books. I believe many readers will relate to her descriptions of the plight of lightworkers during this shift.

I’ll also drop a short video of her at the end of this post, which isn’t related to what she’s written here, but will give you a sense of her gracious, clear energy. Nicolya says Part 2 of this equinox theme will be available tomorrow; I will post it when I see it. Numerous sources (one of whom I posted on this blog the other day) claim that 9/22/2013 will flood Earth with the strongest infusion of cosmic light thus far. We would do well to be as heart-centric as we are able during this window.  ox W

SEPTEMBER EQUINOX SPECIAL – PART ONE1016102_346023045500620_1763294669_n

Dearest Friends,

It has been some time since I have written about the pre- and post 21.12.12 evolutionary trajectory. The main reason for this is that I have been living it and, in that, observing and feeling into a coherent sense of what is continuing to unfold.

The last time I wrote with any in-depth detail of the phenomenon that was/is 21.12.12 was on that very date. At the beginning of this year I found myself preoccupied with an all consuming experience of a ‘Blank Slate’, (scroll back on my Wall to late January/February to read about this) which had unexpectedly presented in my life, immediately following the ‘Great Shift of 2012’.

Recently, I have begun to experience a familiar feeling of a need to ‘push’, which overtakes me whenever there is something significant I must share about human conscious evolution, as directed by Heavenly and Earth phenomena. And so it is that I am with an overwhelming need to write about this immensely significant September Equinox. Here, I shall share the very kernel of gnosis I am sitting with which reveals the auspicious significance of this date, a gnosis that has been rapidly intensifying these past weeks. Continue reading

What is Kundalini?

From the blog, Waking the Infinite (linked at end):

37629_1490543017120_1040322401_1366466_8191901_nThere are plenty of descriptions out there to help with what kundalini is, much of it quite old.  Texts, scrolls, things like that.  This is a very human thing, so you’d think we could each come up with something that helps to clarify things a little.  What I am going to tell you is directly from my own experience and it reflects seven years living with this force in my life through a number of colors, twists, and turns in my life and in perspective, too.

There is a LOT that kundalini or awakening can be presumed to be, and then there is what settles out and clarifies over time.  Which is what my experience has been.  You would think an experience would be an experience, but our perceptions do indeed change as our biases clear and change.  The writer Anais Nin said we see the world not as it is, but as we are.  SO true.

When kundalini rose, it felt like a force coming into my body… Continue reading

Fall Equinox & Ascension

In this post I’m sharing the latest messages from two ascension guides: Will Berlinghof, who channels the entity Cosmic Awareness, and Sandra Walter, “reporting” from Mt. Shasta, Ca.

If you were with me last December (2012)… you might recall some commotion around my discovery of “Cosmic Awareness,” channeled by American Will Berlinghof, who now lives in Australia. Cosmic Awareness (or just Awareness) explained in some detail what 12/21/2012 was about, and went on to say that the planet (and we earthlings) would be going through what might essentially be considered a 9-month gestation period that would complete on 9/22/2013 – the Autumnal Equinox in the northern hemisphere and of course Spring Equinox in the southern hemisphere.

If you are not acquainted with this information, I posted two rather excited pieces about it on Dec. 17 & 18 that you might like to reference. (That link takes you to the 12/17 post.)

[Sidebar: I’m a tad embarrassed about my “guffawing” over it back then as I did :-} … but it was Dec. 2012 – anticipation was amped – and suddenly here was a new source of info providing unique detail about how the timelines would be manifesting from 12/21/2012 onward. As always, engage discernment!]

Cosmic Awareness has now put up a message (audio only as of this writing) about the end of this gestation period, and what we can look forward to. Continue reading

Falling and Blowing Away

Reposted from Visionkeeper; linked at end

dandelionThe old world is falling away quickly now. Are you grounded securely and willing to let it fade away or are you still rooted in the old ways and questioning whether it is time to move ahead? The illusions we all lived under for so long are blowing away in the storm sweeping the planet. Few people are taking the bait any longer, they can see the deceit flashing boldly now and are pulling back and shutting down their senses to what is being broadcast outward to the world. It is an odd feeling to be a part of. In the beginning it can be fearful to let go, but once you have progressed far enough along the path it seems effortless to release the fluff and let it blow by you. Your eyes no longer focus on what is wrong in the world. While it may be sad that so many are dying we also now understand that everything is happening as it should, that everything going on is part of a larger plan, and in order to get from here to there, everything that is taking place has its purpose for the shift at hand.

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In Case of Spiritual Emergency (Don’t Break Glass!)

If there’s anything that qualifies as a spiritual emergency, kundalini in full torrent would be it. Granted, some people experience kundalini (or what they believe to be kundalini… but more likely to be a far gentler prana movement in the spine) as a delightful gift of spirit. But a full-out kundalini activation – with all its highly powerful and mysterious manifestations – can be a very frightening and life-derailing experience that can go on and on and on.

I remember back in the 80’s a network of psychotherapists specializing in spiritual emergence (ie, an “awakening” that disrupts a person’s life routine to the point of seeking guidance to help integrate it) formed. It was known as “SEN” – the Spiritual Emergence Network of therapists, founded by Stan and Christina Grof.

I was encouraged that a growing number of spiritually-aware psychologists was finally taking strides beyond the old (presumably) science-based model of determining a patient’s mental condition, into a more expansive exploration of prognosis and care. Continue reading

Bashar x 2

Sharing a couple of recent Bashar clips here. The first one discusses the trend toward a new economic system, encouraging us to move and create NOW in prep for THEN. I wholeheartedly endorse this MO, while also finding it a challenging leap to actually make at ground level, where ‘quantum leaps’ seem to proceed at the pace of molasses.

The second one is rather dazzling, production-wise Continue reading

5D Beings in a 3D/4D World

A friend thoughtfully sent me this video (below), knowing something of my plight… which is similar to what this woman shares here. I’ve always referred to myself as a ‘Bridge Being’ or ‘Bridge Builder,’ meaning I’ve been someone who has always been about building bridges to connect the old world to the new – through my writing, the media I’ve produced, and events I’ve organized. And of course by just being me in daily life.

However, since my kundalini and ‘Deep Light’ passages, I no longer seem to be on the bridge. I seem to have ‘crossed’ into a field where I just do not relate to standard 3D ideas, ideals, relationships, etc, at all anymore. As I said to my friend, it seems I am now on the other side of this transition, waving back from the shore rather than building a bridge in this direction from the ‘old paradigm.’ The old bridge model seems to have evaporated.

A more apt description for transitioning or transporting to 5D and up might be more along the lines of a portal, or stargate… which is already integrated in the lightbody structure; it’s now a matter of hitting the frequency that trigglove-or-above-raise-your-vibration-300x190ers that function of the lightbody that will shift everything.

The challenge here is the extraordinary density of the old paradigm, which is as “heavenly” as deep, boiling tar at this point. Actually, the challenge is in training oneself to “not notice” the sickening stink and sucking stickiness of the tar and carry on with our own ascending journey while our souls beckon us forth.

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How to Access the Akashic Records

The video below is Part 2 of a smart, two-part talk by Teal Scott about the Akashic Records. Part 1 explains what the ‘records’ are, and Part 2 covers how one might learn to match the frequency of the records and thereby reveal their contents.

Actually, Teal discusses the art of aligning with whatever it is in this universe that interests you, so that you may naturally shift into a deeper, comprehensive connection to – or with – it. She presents good information for your evolving soul’s toolkit. Continue reading

The All-Seeing Man?

1240666_10151901132181328_1117313199_nAndrew Bartzis has become a person of considerable interest to me (and many others), of late. He’s blasted onto the scene in a big way, and for good reason. He calls himself the Galactic Historian, and has access to ALL INFO (think: everything that is, was, or will be) in the galaxy. Take a moment to wrap your mind around this.

He has an all-access pass to ALL Akashic Records.

Andrew has been hosting and guesting on many online radio programs – the one I’m linking to here happens to be hosted by Laura Eisenhower and her partner Mark (“Dr Dream”). This recording has a few rather jolting interruptions in it (some major belching, for starters!). Laura and Mark also seem to be in over their heads with Bartzis, as you’ll see by their routine response to almost everything he says (“wow!”) … and to be fair, Andrew’s information is mind-blowing and beyond what we ordinarily hear, let alone synthesize, let alone have to respond to in the moment, as live interviews require. I can’t imagine being him! I also can’t imagine interviewing him ;-).

I don’t know how to properly prepare you for what’s ahead, if this is your first exposure to Bartzis. If you’ve never heard him before, you will be stunned. If you HAVE heard him before, you’ll be stunned. If you’ve heard this very interview before and listen to it again now, you’ll be stunned again!  Continue reading

Bifurcation of Time

Here’s the latest from Lisa Rene. Lisa’s messages can be challenging to track, especially at first try, but I encourage you to just keep reading and that elusive “track” will come into focus. Just when it seems hopelessly beyond reach, the next line can reveal significant information. (As always, use your discernment. If information frictions more than resonates, it’s up to you to determine whether it’s “for you.”)

Many messengers are now addressing the Big Split of frequencies – of worlds! – now upon us, and I must say, my own inner atmosphere seems to have taken its position, or made its stand, in a pronouncedly elevated “realm” just over this last week. The difference is striking, and lends credence to the whole concept of bifurcation, which we’ve been hearing about for years but now actually feels real to me. Finally and organically. The difference really stands out in the context of so much distracting “wrong” at play now on earth!

May a world of kindness to ALL – people, animal kingdoms, plant and planetary realms, etc – be THE world we know from here forward. Remember each and every one of us contributes to the overall pattern with our “broadcasting energies.” Choose well, decisively, and consistently. No wavering, no flirting with the activated, agitated negativity. We are stepping into (and UP TO) spiritual maturity here. I have more to post about the profound changes upon us, so stay tuned.  Bless~ W.

Dear Ascending Family,

Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts. In the mathematical study of change that occurs within a structure or space, bifurcation occurs when a parameter change causes the stability of an equilibrium (or fixed point in a field) to change. The comprehension of the mathematical change that is currently shifting the geometric value of frequency, which further, generates a bifurcation in the structure of time and space, is very relevant to us now. This is directly related to the forthcoming split occurring between timelines which govern our continued consciousness (energy) expression on the earth plane as it is moving into future time. Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.

For many years the sequential phase of gradually increasing the frequency sets on the earth is the byproduct of Stellar and Solar Activations transmitting frequency to the planet (and humanity) during the Ascension Cycle. The accumulation of progressively increasing frequency being integrated into the overall planetary field is what shifts us into higher frequency dimensions. When the movement into higher dimensions of frequency occurs in the next higher octave level, it creates a great impact in the overall fundamental (base) frequency on earth. The overall fundamental frequency or “base” is also the coordinate location of a fixed point in a time and space field. So when the base frequency changes, so does time and space. This base frequency is comprised Continue reading

Liquid Landscapes, Zero Point & Body Morphing

It seems much expansion is in progress for me currently. Numerous sources have been hailing this month as one of substantial shift; possibly the most substantial shift of all to this point. Considering my experiences of the last few days, I’m inclined to believe it. How are you faring?

It seems I could spend hours blogging and posting resources today… but my energies seem so inwardly oriented currently, the prospect of explaining new and unusual ideas and experiences just seems impossible (a problem I’ve had for a long time now, actually). So my plan is to share an extraordinary dream I had the other morning, and follow it with a message from a young channel I’ve never encountered before today. Her message seems somewhat resonant to my experience (“dream”) – so I offer both in a one-two presentation… for what it may or may not be worth to readers!

SO: Friday morning I had a powerful & vivid dream in which I was in the midst of an extreme storm at sea, with waves heaving and crashing all around. I seemed to be in a boat or ship, tho I saw nothing of this vessel; I was just riding the surface of the mega-waves as tho in a boat.

Here’s the kicker: the “sea” wasn’t an ocean at all – it was the earth, the ground, heaving and splashing about.

The physical landscape had become totally liquid, in other words, and in a very stormy, churning, chaotic state. The scaffolding (“grid”) that keeps 3D “in formation” had completely vanished or collapsed, and the realm of third density was in chaos.

Then I woke up.

Might this be a message about physicality losing its form – its solidity – in the powerful cosmic energies of transmutation now upon us? The chaotic winds of deep change, completely reconfiguring reality? Was my own “vessel” – my body – as transformed as everything else had become? This was a Major “Dream” … an extraordinarily dramatic experience of transfiguration in progress.

During the two days following this dream (Friday & Saturday), I grappled with the odd and pronounced sensation that my body had become much like a bar magnet. This is the best I can do to impart this feeling. So whatever “pole” was at the “top” of this magnet (ie, my head) seemed powerfully pulled into a horizontal position; I was impelled to be horizontal (parallel to the earth) magnetically.

This was not fatigue… I had actually been sleeping well the last few nights; not tired. While feeling this energetic pull to lie down (the ‘magnetic field’ in my head was being pulled toward the ground, it seemed), my solar plexus also felt peculiar – similar to the sensation one often has in elevators.

So I had a dream of experiencing a “stormy sea” in which the “sea” was actually a highly volatile LIQUID LANDSCAPE. Then the following two days I grappled with odd sensations like strong magnetic PULLING. Then today I see this message (below), and wonder if it’s related? Just sharing in case it all adds up to something. :) I’m personally sensing something shifting in myself, tho to what end I have no idea. My ‘atmosphere of consciousness’ seems to be in mid quantum leap at the moment.




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