How to Access the Akashic Records

The video below is Part 2 of a smart, two-part talk by Teal Scott about the Akashic Records. Part 1 explains what the ‘records’ are, and Part 2 covers how one might learn to match the frequency of the records and thereby reveal their contents.

Actually, Teal discusses the art of aligning with whatever it is in this universe that interests you, so that you may naturally shift into a deeper, comprehensive connection to – or with – it. She presents good information for your evolving soul’s toolkit.

Teal, incidentally, is a colleague of Andrew Bartzis – the subject of my previous post. Funny, I’ve been aware of her for while; but him, just recently. She and he make for an interesting co-presenting team, I sense, though I’ve had no exposure to the two of them sharing a platform. They each project an attractive self-authority, and their offerings seem organically sourced from within, not regurgitated self-help stuff. (I have my producer’s hat on at the moment and a collaboration between these two seems auspicious :)

I’m also pondering this matter of “shiny young” mentors. Teachers are no longer presumed to have decades of academic mastery and rich personal experience to draw from; it’s just as likely that a teacher’s wisdom is being drawn directly from the Flow in the fleeting kairotic moment (NOW) and transmitted to whomever might be riding that wavelength.

The way humans acquire information – or get any of their needs met – is in mid-quantum-leap, in this very moment. Everything is. We are. This is a Very Big Deal. I’ll try to be more diligent about finding helpful resources to share re: being in the thick of the shift, and discovering or creating ways to negotiate this expansive new field we’re having to adapt to – pronto!

Here’s Teal’s Akashic Records Part 2 (“How to”)

Here is Part 1 of Teal’s Akashic program (“What is”)

Teal’s website:


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