In Case of Spiritual Emergency (Don’t Break Glass!)

If there’s anything that qualifies as a spiritual emergency, kundalini in full torrent would be it. Granted, some people experience kundalini (or what they believe to be kundalini… but more likely to be a far gentler prana movement in the spine) as a delightful gift of spirit. But a full-out kundalini activation – with all its highly powerful and mysterious manifestations – can be a very frightening and life-derailing experience that can go on and on and on.

I remember back in the 80’s a network of psychotherapists specializing in spiritual emergence (ie, an “awakening” that disrupts a person’s life routine to the point of seeking guidance to help integrate it) formed. It was known as “SEN” – the Spiritual Emergence Network of therapists, founded by Stan and Christina Grof.

I was encouraged that a growing number of spiritually-aware psychologists was finally taking strides beyond the old (presumably) science-based model of determining a patient’s mental condition, into a more expansive exploration of prognosis and care. However, this movement seemed to peak in the 80’s and fizzle in the 90’s. Today, little remains of it, and some of those who are still committed to serving people in spiritual emergency can be found in the book I contributed to – Kundalini Rising, published by Sounds True. They can also be “met” via a DVD called Kundalini, which consists of interviews given at a conference that some of these spiritual psychologists organized two or three years ago. This DVD is available for purchase online if you seek it out. If you (or someone close to you) are “an experiencer,” I recommend this DVD.

I’m pleasantly surprised to learn of a new book about spiritual emergence, written by a British woman who had her own experiences with “emergence” that might be of value to some readers of this blog. I’m posting an interview with Catherine Lucas about her book In Case of Spiritual Emergency. The host of this “Waking Universe” TV program, Lance Mungia, has a series of conversations on youtube that might be worth your while to check out. He has one with Darryl Anka, who channels Bashar, which turned my attention to Bashhar today which then led to my posting a couple of clips of his channelings in the last post.

At any rate, here’s an interview for readers for whom ‘spiritual emergence’ (or emergency) is a topic of interest. Kundalini in particular was not mentioned in the interview, but might be included in the book; I haven’t read it so cannot comment further at this time.


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