Fall Equinox & Ascension

In this post I’m sharing the latest messages from two ascension guides: Will Berlinghof, who channels the entity Cosmic Awareness, and Sandra Walter, “reporting” from Mt. Shasta, Ca.

If you were with me last December (2012)… you might recall some commotion around my discovery of “Cosmic Awareness,” channeled by American Will Berlinghof, who now lives in Australia. Cosmic Awareness (or just Awareness) explained in some detail what 12/21/2012 was about, and went on to say that the planet (and we earthlings) would be going through what might essentially be considered a 9-month gestation period that would complete on 9/22/2013 – the Autumnal Equinox in the northern hemisphere and of course Spring Equinox in the southern hemisphere.

If you are not acquainted with this information, I posted two rather excited pieces about it on Dec. 17 & 18 that you might like to reference. (That link takes you to the 12/17 post.)

[Sidebar: I’m a tad embarrassed about my “guffawing” over it back then as I did :-} … but it was Dec. 2012 – anticipation was amped – and suddenly here was a new source of info providing unique detail about how the timelines would be manifesting from 12/21/2012 onward. As always, engage discernment!]

Cosmic Awareness has now put up a message (audio only as of this writing) about the end of this gestation period, and what we can look forward to. That message is here: https://soundcloud.com/rainbow-phoenix/the-september-21-transition/s-xCBQ7 . Watch for the transcription to be posted in the blog section of their website, if you like @ http://rainbow-phoenix.com/ .

Another “wayshower” I post here on occasion is Sandra Walter, who’s been hanging out on Shasta fulfilling her “gatekeeper” role for this transition. She sounds almost overwhelmed by the energies she’s currently experiencing there. There might be something for you in her 34-minute video, should you feel drawn to watch this.

Shasta might arguably be a ground zero of sorts for “the energies,” as Shasta has long been considered a highly mystical area – a place where many unusual phenomena occur, and people often connect more readily with higher consciousness – as well as a significant portal; both to the cosmos as well as to Telos in the earth. (For you to research if Telos is unfamiliar!)  Here’s Sandra:

Love all, Whitehawk


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