The Healing Hand?

I share this for your experimentation, should you choose to try it. Maitreyahand_28k

The hand pictured here appeared on a bathroom mirror in Barcelona. The woman who lived in this house wiped the hand off (you can see the streaks from this), only to discover later that the hand had returned.

Upon seeing it again, she called her son, who worked at Share International, the organization founded by Benjamin Creme, dedicated to the return of the Christ to Earth. Creme refers to this Christed One as Maitreya – The World Teacher. This hand was subsequently ‘validated’ as the hand of Maitreya:

This is the hand of Maitreya, portrayed on a mirror in a bathroom in Barcelona. The lady-owner went into the guest bathroom and saw a handprint on the mirror and cleaned it off. She thought no more about it. A few days later when she went into her own bathroom she saw the same handprint on the mirror. Luckily, instead of wiping it off, she got in touch with her son, a co-worker in the Share International group in Barcelona. He took a picture of it and sent it to me, and my Master confirmed it as the hand of Maitreya.

Like the Turin Shroud
It is a fantastic hand. It is ‘real’, three-dimensional in appearance, similar to the print on the Turin Shroud of the body of Jesus after the Crucifixion. The image also has extraordinary healing properties, but not in the way you might think. In the case of the healing waters Maitreya has magnetized all over the world, the water itself is imbued with energy from the constellation Aquarius. However, in the case of the image of Maitreya’s hand, the energy does not reside in the photo, but is invoked from Maitreya when you place your hand over the image or simply look at it. You are, in effect, calling forth his healing or blessing or help – whatever is possible within the karmic law. The same effect can be produced even with a photocopy of the image.

If you’d like to conduct your own healing experiment using this hand of Maitreya as a vehicle, place your hand over the image below (full-size screen helpful), and pray – sincerely and believing – for the assistance you need. If something amazing happens subsequently, please come back and leave a comment!

Note: I offer this for experimental purposes and make no claims.


5 comments on “The Healing Hand?

  1. Dear Whitehawk: Previously, you asked me to expand on my expression of “a JOY and an unbelievable challenge,” if I felt any energy around it. Well, yesterday, I was dubbed “Bear Foot,” in spirit. This morning, when I opened my email, I discovered your message, forwarding the “hand.” When I placed my hand on my computer screen over the hand, I noticed that my hand matches the configuration (size and shape). This is a fine example of JOY in the spirit. Whatever I touch resonates, as I swim in Akasha. The challenge, of course, over all this years is to heal (thaw) the blockages that developed over the course of a lifetime, perhaps lifetimes.


  2. Hi, I’d just like to share my experience. I went to a lecture today on Maitreya and “The cosmic shift”, and found nothing special about it, just thought it was “another theory”, UNTIL I placed my hand on a printed image of this hand that was passed around. Just looking at it I felt special energies and placing my hand I entered a kind of trance where I was “forced” to surrender and relax. Then I was given everything I could ever ask for. Love. Incredible joy. Healing. Pure bliss. I didn’t even have to think or pray for it, it was just given me instantly. I had ripples of pleasure through my body, kept cracking up in wonderful spontaneous smiles and just had this Knowing. This incredible Knowing that Love is all there is, and for what is to come… Another piece in the puzzle has fallen into place for me…Wow. Don’t be bothered if you don’t feel anything though…no one else at the lecture seemed to react to it… just wait for it. Your path is perfect. Divine timing will lead you there <3 //Annie, Sweden


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