Beyond Animal Compassion

A word this “official” week of gratitude on behalf of the animals who have been taken by the millions for our tables, from imagesLaarkmaa — a Pleiadian intelligence I posted here once before.

My concern is not only about the killing and ingesting of animals, but the unconscionable conditions most are subjected to their entire lives. They are sentient. They feel the misery of abuse and (as I witness out here in the country all too often) neglect. Their natural states are typically love, as would ours be if we embraced true kindness and compassion across the board and through our habits.

Laarkmaa goes beyond all this into the type of energy this practice keeps recycling throughout the planet and all who live here. It all ripples.

I remember as a child going to a museum that contained an exhibit featuring slices of actual human bodies between glass. Can you imagine? I wonder if it’s still there. Anyway, I saw no difference in what was sandwiched between those glass plates and what appeared on our plates at dinnertime. It was quite the revelation for a little kid… and my difficulty around the matter of consuming the bodies of all manner of creatures continues to this day. Continue reading