Evicting Parasitic Thoughtforms

Every thought you think in your lifetime has a life of its own and a will to survive. QMan-SSB-Shaman-1092-Jaguar-LegendThis is particularly true when your thoughts are unresolved.

Thoughts are like people. They have to be buried properly. If a thought is negative or unresolved, it’s lurking around you for you to finish what you started and bury it in the right way, make it complete.

When your thoughts are contradictory and have no clarity, you create a universe of thought forms that actually live off your energy. And why not? You are their parent in a way.

This is neither good nor bad; it’s simply the way it is. When someone with vision looks at you, they see what’s going on. People invite guests over – the negative thoughts – and furnish themselves as the meal. Fears always manifest themselves to the one who creates them. Your spirit becomes food for negative thought-form entities to feast on. When you have many fears, you feel heavy. Stop offering them the food-gift of your energy, and the unwanted entities will simply waste away and disappear.

The negative thought entities are like bats flapping all around you. They steal your life force, which is why dwelling on certain things results in fatigue and depression. By allowing yourself to entertain negative thoughts, you create parasites which live off a particular life source: YOU. Because of this, habitual negative thinking actually has the potential to kill you.

If negative thoughts are alive in you, you can make death an ally simply by understanding that death is not what you want or accept for yourself at this time. Use this awareness to shake your self-created negative entities off yourself and off your trail. Sever any connection with them, and they will no longer have the source they need to exist—your life force.

If the idea of dark consciousness as a “killer” is too intense for you, perhaps consider “death” as the death of the part of you, the heart of you, that craves relief from the crush of misery, desiring to be reborn to joy, or love, and work with that.

Put your will to proper use by making the choice to be the victor in this karmic contest. Take responsibility for your thoughts and the beings they create in your very field. Step into your power. The jaguar is a master of mental focus and could make a perfect animal ally if you need one.

It’s a shaman’s delight to:

  • Live with a generosity of spirit
  • Be enchanted with life’s shine
  • Live in your power, without fear
  • Transform “learned helplessness”
  • Find your own song, dance, and rhythm
  • Discover joy in your won reflection

(Inspired by the book Jaguar Woman by Lynn Andrews)

See also:  Karma, Sex, and those Gnarly Thoughtforms


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