Tune In, Turn On, Drop Out

Two wonderful videos await you at the end of this important post. Just mentioning this for scanners who might not click through, who would then miss something important. :)

1499540_655192997866339_1300794280_nThe phrase (or some might say, the battle cry of a generation), “Tune In, Turn On, Drop Out” was coined in the 1960’s by an edge-dwelling Harvard professor named Timothy Leary. (Actually he put “Turn On” in first place; I took liberties. :)  Leary was involved in early LSD experiments with other now-famous psychological educators of the day in Harvard circles, before LSD was classified as an illegal drug. He went on to become a mouthpiece for a massive social movement that still reverberates and influences to this day.

As we all now know, “the system” has no appreciation for expanded consciousness, including the awareness that we are all godlings not to be enslaved by any elite-serving man-made structures… aka the patriarchy. The system wants mass awareness to be conveniently contained in boxes that endeavor to restrict and control humanity… and that tact worked for a very long time. Centuries, actually.

Today the walls of these boxes are finally breaking down… slowly, and in many ways, agonizingly.

I’m using this “battle cry” as my title today not in the typical way most would interpret it. I’m not suggesting to turn on to narcotics and drop out of Life itself, and just chuck all responsibility for an unending, intoxicated trip down the drain.

I am suggesting that you (I, we) would do well to

  • Tune in to your higher self, or soul-level of Being
  • Turn on to what you find in that Infinite Well of Ultimate Truth
    This step tends to have nothing whatsoever to do with the ego, the “little self” who continually, nervously scans a superficial lifescape for clues as to what flaming hoops it should jump through next on its quest for social acceptance, to “belong.” Turning on in this context means to not turn away from those “inconvenient truths” that higher awareness tends to bring.Then finally:
  • Drop out of those endless boxes and hoops that restrict and diminish you and do not serve the truth of your soul.
    In other words: drop out of prison and drop in on the freedom of the divine inheritance that awaits your acknowledgment… your claiming of it.

Your soul is your connection to the Oneness, the All, the Source, the Infinite Creator. Your soul is not “packaged goods.” Your soul is the Most Important Part of You, the aspect of divinity that exists JUST FOR YOU. It is essential not to lose or ignore your soul… for when you do, what are you?


Even “lostness” has its tricks to make you seem like it’s The Way. But the Soul is The Way, not the ego. Ultimately, this is what we need to know. I’m not saying “abandon the ego,” but I do strongly suggest you mediate a healthy connection between the ego and the soul… synthesize the two, and together they will render you victorious in this world.

I am posting a video here that is incredibly poignant and important to see and absorb. It’s about the emergence of the Divine Feminine through each of us. Most readers will acknowledge that “she” needs to be allowed far more presence in our world than she has been. Feminine power and perspective has always threatened any masculine system, and patriarchal boxes have been particularly restrictive to the feminine. In many ways they’ve succeeded, but women are starting to own up to their inherent value. The image of trying to handcuff JUICE comes to mind when pondering the emerging dynamic.

Actually I’m now deciding to post two videos. Different voices; compatible messages, each “juicy.” They are SO ON THE MARK re: exactly what I’m working on now, which is writing up the TRUTH of what has happened in the wake of my kundalini awakening. This truth has been choking not only my voice but my entire life, so paralyzed have I been to reveal what happened… fearing how it will “play in Peoria” as the old showbiz expression goes, meaning, “how will the market respond to it?” Exactly how this concern dominates (and cripples) us is addressed by Sera Beak in the first video. This NOW is literally a critical moment for me… and what Sera relates just blew me away when I watched it this morning. Her message is SUCH a dovetail to my own, it just stunned the bejeezus out of me. Please watch it, I’d bet the ranch there will be something for you there, too.

Then the second video is from a woman who had created an alter-ego public persona to serve women in a way that might seem frivolous at first glance, but is not. This is the first time I’ve seen her speak as JUST HERSELF, tho I’ve long been aware of her “Mama Gena” character, whose platform is all about encouraging women to step into the center of their deepest desire and then function in the world FROM THAT PLACE.

Two pivotal videos for you today. In “my truth,” turning your attention to these two women is the best “service” and gift you could offer yourself on this sacred day. You will be soul-enriched for it.

And now… back to scribing my own bizarre kundalini tale.

Love all, W


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