Year-End Inventory & Intentions

What Do You Really, Really Desire & Intend for Yourself Now?35134_1479766947725_1040322401_1333303_6680930_n

Invite it in! Invite the experiences you want with such juice… such enthusiasm… such conviction and anticipation… they cannot help but be drawn to you!

Jan. 1, 2014 is also a powerful New Moon window – let’s work with this auspicious moment to get clear and create our holographic blueprint!

I found the following list in a notebook from years ago, and thought it might serve as a useful self-audit tool as we step into 2014. How have your needs been addressed in 2013? How might this awareness serve to identify what you desire and intend for yourself in your heart of hearts as you go forward? How many elements of your life feels as though they’ve passed their expiration dates?

You are the navigator of your life, and you possess the power and the right to make adjustments to your course if you deem it correct to do so. Take some time and consider, What would be awesome to include in my experience this coming year?

Times are intense – be strong… be gentle… be open… and be mindful to keep your thoughts ONLY on what you WANT, for what you entertain in consciousness is what WILL project into the world ahead of and around you. Tune in, then turn on your manifestation high-beams and Go Go GO!

Much love, Whitehawk

Self-Esteem Needs

  1. To be respected
  2. To be appreciated
  3. To receive nonverbal encouragement such as smiles, nods, pats on the back, etc.
  4. To have my service to others noticed and appreciated
  5. To be trusted
  6. To feel that I matter, I am important, I am special to those around me
  7. To feel that people who matter to me are proud of me
  8. To share my accomplishments
  9. To know abiding love

Belonging Needs

  1. To feel a sense of belonging – family, tribe, organization
  2. To feel accepted with all my flaws and faults
  3. To feel emotionally connected
  4. To know I’m forgiven
  5. To know I have close friends
  6. To have family bonds, and feel welcome and wanted there
  7. To be part of a team
  8. To be treated with courtesy and given consideration
  9. To share joy and fun

Affection Needs

  1. To be heard
  2. To be understood
  3. To feel loved
  4. To feel needed
  5. To be wanted by someone
  6. To feel I’m a priority in someone’s life
  7. To feel that someone takes pride in my accomplishments
  8. To share joy and happiness with someone
  9. To be able to share sadness with someone

Vocational/Expression Needs

  1. To explore my talents and gifts
  2. To try new things
  3. To express myself
  4. To explore lifestyle options
  5. To plan my life/partnership/service/career
  6. To use my talents and passions in my livelihood
  7. To focus on the demands of my vocation or special interests
  8. To desire something better in life
  9. To take responsibility for my life

Safety and Physical Needs

  1. To feel safe from physical and/or emotionally abusive behavior
  2. To be able to make mistakes without suffering humiliation, punishment, or shame from others
  3. To know my family is safe, physically and emotionally
  4. To be touched in ways that demonstrate support, care, approval
  5. To feel welcomed by others
  6. To feel nourished, physically and spiritually
  7. To have a safe place for reflection, meditation, contemplation
  8. To have clothing appropriate for my situation
  9. To have reliable transportation

Security Needs

  1. To be supported in times of distress, conflict, or embarrassment
  2. To know someone will rally to my side when s/he is needed
  3. To know I can receive guidance when I’m confused or out of control
  4. To know that I will be protected if I am threatened
  5. To know I have a place to go when my world falls apart
  6. To have a relationship that will hold up regardless of disagreements or confrontations
  7. To feel loyalty; to feel valued
  8. To feel commitment
  9. To feel financially/materially secure

 NOW is the moment that lasts forever… use it wisely and imbue it with love.


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