Dear friends – THANK YOU for showing me such sweet support in my hour(s) of need, in response to my SOS post two days ago. I haven’t been able to post an update (couldn’t get a cursor in the WordPress text window, weird), and this has to be brief (rushing) but I wanted you to know the kitties are staying with their rightful human! :)))).

Close call, but did inch over my minimum goal to feel trusting enough of the universe to keep the girls. Thanks to all who helped keep my little family intact; this has been such a unique, rather frantic, and ultimately affirming experience! Helped restore my faith, no small thing. Helping to keep me online another month, too! This is living in the acute NOW, in spades!

I’ve sent personal notes of appreciation to every contributor except ONE woman whose email bounced. If you see this and donated today, Wednesday the 22nd, and haven’t heard from me… it’s you!

Much, much love and gratitude,


angel triumphant


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