Sacred Circuitry & Sentient Symbols – Bashar

Like a little alliteration with your title? :)

Sentient Glyphs and Human Rewiring

Ok, high strangeness while preparing this post. After considerable dinkin’ around with links and downloads and edits and formatting… the entire (originally visually appealing!) post just vanished into thin air.


Thus I deduce – it must be powerful material if something is conspiring to make it difficult to share, ha! Soooo, fourth try now, with no pretty accoutrements this time:

Intriguing information from Bashar in the video here. Takes me back to my earliest kundalini stirrings, when symbols and codes seemed to saturate the very atmosphere around me—in the air, on the walls, on my body, in my dreams. Perhaps those experiences relate to what Bashar refers to here; could the symbols (which are living, sentient beings, according to him) have been assisting with my own early rewiring, to accommodate the increased “amperage” of flowing kundalini?

You have to listen to Bashar describe the nature of these glyphs; fascinating to consider what’s going on. Zip files containing the symbols are downloadable from links found beneath the video screen on youtube. I’m keeping this post as plain as possible to just GET IT UP once and for all, arg!

So this is about rewiring yourself for greater communication between reality levels in all directions, and expanding your ‘nets’ transdimensionally, so to speak. Significant skill set to develop in these shifting densities.

I SUGGEST CLICKING THROUGH TO YOUTUBE  to download the zip file of the glyphs, to work with them (if inclined :). The set of 15 blue glyphs attracted me… I only wish I could have included a couple in this post without the whole thing blitzing out. (I hope I didn’t offend the glyphs!) Everything you need is posted along with this 15-minute video on youtube. ~Unless it’s gone by the time you get there, which, considering what’s been going on HERE, wouldn’t be all that surprising. There might be a complete DVD of this teaching available at Bashar’s online store; if interested, you can check into that at his website.

If, while working with the glyphs, you notice changes or expansions to your perception, please come back and comment? I think we’d all love to hear what this practice might yield!

2 comments on “Sacred Circuitry & Sentient Symbols – Bashar

  1. Hello. I, as well have experienced this very “phenomenon” while commenting. The only way I can describe this, is that the comments erase themselves. : ) Hmmmm?

    I watched this very video the other day and found it interesting. I was very attracted to this and have entertained the thought of working with the glyphs? I would love to hear if anyone else has worked with them. Keep us posted.

    Thank you so much for your posts. Your blog introduced me to WordPress, in which I have been able to find a great deal of comfort with what I have been going through over the last several years.

    Much Love!!


  2. Hi Pocahontas :) I just had my first ‘session’ with the glyphs. It worked quite well to play the video of Bashar explaining the exercise in one window, while simultaneously running the .MP4 file of the symbols in another window. The MP4 is a paced slide show of the symbols, and includes a one-word association for each one. The explanatory Bashar video and the presentation of the glyphs are each 15 minutes long, so it’s perfect to play them together for your first time or two with the symbols. You get a bit acclimatized to what’s going on before flying solo with the glyphs.

    And… it seems a conducive week for having technical issues… hard to say whether it’s the incoming ‘Mercury retrograde snafu energy,’ or my ‘personal snafu energy’ (which is quite possible this week!), or CMEs launching from the Sun energies, or just your run of the mill chaos! Frenzied photons boinging madly!

    It seems to me that “shift frequencies” are extremely pronounced as of this month, does anyone else feel this? Almost as though some cosmic contents under pressure were just released! :) It’s a curious contrast, all this powerful energetic movement juxtaposed with the frozen, still landscape.


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