Equinox Breakthrough (Ascension Plan B)


This post is from ‘quantum healer’ Meg Benedicte. It was interesting to rediscover Meg this morning… we were in the same ascension group (online) years ago, then she sort of moved out of my awareness for quite awhile. Then suddenly today – voila – her she is again, having moved from Southern California to Mt Shasta, turns out, with a new business and website. She always stood firm re: her own perceptions and experiences as opposed to accepting the ascension ‘party line’ … which has my respect.

Back then (mid-2000s), there was much commotion about the ‘ascension plan’ we were all gearing up for actually being dropped by the ‘beings upstairs’ who are in a position to make such profound decisions about the trajectory of our world. There was much confusion among Gaia’s ‘light tribe’ about what we might expect and experience in our mutating future.

This article by Meg makes for an interesting (re)visit to this switched-track approach to our ‘graduating’ into a new field of cosmic frequencies. As always, filter anything you see here through your own discernment. Love all, Whitehawk

Ascension Plan B – Equinox Breakthrough

Are you feeling the energies building? [Tomorrow’s] Equinox is a threshold point, forming a portal in the spacetime continuum for shifting consciousness to seed. 2014 is a pivotal year for the Ascension Plan to take effect, but it wasn’t always this way. At some point in the last decade it became clear that humanity was not aware/awakened enough to transcend the ego, but actually devolving into darker conditions of polarity.

The crystalline sites at the planetary grid network were amplifying the photon light infusion from the Galactic Center, and yet humans were not increasing their frequency according to the New Age Ascension Plan. I’ve written several articles since 2007 about my experience moving from Ascension Plan A to Plan B and what to expect. For those who are newly awakened to the Ascension, I can fill in some of the blanks.

The coming Equinox on March 20th is a turning point in Ascension Plan B… and we have front row seats! Are you in or are you out? That is the question…

“According to a proliferation of metaphysical books in the 60′s, 70′s and 80′s, the dawning of the New Age was an accelerated evolution (Ascension) of humanity and Planet Earth through a series of energetic upgrades towards becoming divine. The plan was to increase the vibration so that the human DNA would mutate and transform into a higher, evolved micro-system mirroring how our universe operates – crystalline-light based life force.

The New Age Plan was to coincide with the alignment of our solar system with the Galactic Core, as predicted according to the Mayan Calendar leading up to 2012. We were expecting during this event an infusion of photon light to enter Earth’s atmosphere from the black hole of our Galactic Core, which is emitting a powerful force field of gamma rays (over 24 hertz of light).

But as you know, history speaks for itself! …  humanity and Planet Earth are about as far away from that New Age vision as you can imagine. Instead of the dawning of a New Age, we are seeing the collapse of our civilization, rampant disease and depression, toxic financial systems, devastating natural disasters, severe climate, and large groups of animal die-off.” Read more of my article at: http://new-earth-central.blogspot.com/2011/01/ascending-global-frequency.html

So what happened? Why didn’t the New Age Ascension Plan occur in 2012? Why were so many Starseeds and Lightworkers devastated at the end of 2012? They were still following Plan A! They expected the entire planet to spontaneously Ascend!

But this did not occur, it would have failed miserably. The majority of Lightworkers and human souls were still locked in the 3D Matrix and dominated by the controlling shadow ego. I still see this happening all around me in 2014…I see it here in Mt Shasta!

It was around 2006-07 that I was guided to abandon New Age Plan A and align with a newly forming Plan B to shift global consciousness through collapse. I joined other Starseed Avatars with Archangel Metatron and Melchizedek to create and anchor a 5D New Earth Hologram, so that humanity could choose to ascend out of the collapsing world order. Read more about my shift from Plan A to Plan B: http://new-earth-central.blogspot.com/2008/04/soul-blueprint-collapse.html

It had become clear that human consciousness was so locked into polarity that the increasing light quotient was mutating human DNA into progressive disease and decay. When we experience increasing higher awareness we can utilize the photon light to transmute lower, shadow consciousness and continually increase our vibration. Without conscious intent to direct and monitor the photon light, our bio-energetic system becomes overwhelmed, deteriorates and short-circuits.

We can see examples of this phenomenon all around us…without higher consciousness, everything is breaking down under the pressure of the increasing frequencies – devolving biological health in the form of diseased DNA mutation and new viral/bacterial strains; devolving mental health in the form of bio-polar disorder, ADD, OCD, addictions, autism, schizophrenia; devolving emotional health in the form of hopelessness, depression, suicide, mass murders; and now even the collapse of society’s institutions and functionality.

“So, the difference between that New Age plan and the plan we’re on now – the New Age plan was we were all going to actually transform ourselves from the inside out with Light. It was going to be this beautiful kind of resurrection of our divinity. But there weren’t enough souls awakened to hold that in the collective field. So, now, unfortunately – but this is where it’s at – we have abandoned Plan A and we’re in Ascension Plan B. And this is about the collapse of the polarized world because it wasn’t going to work. So, we’re going to collapse it out, just decimate it out, and then we start this new Earth hologram. And, so, also around 2005, they had those of us who are avatar souls start to build this crystal gridwork, start to build the hologram, get it up and running, get ourselves in it, anchor it so it’s now in the Earth plane and then usher people in. So, it’s very complicated but it’s where we’re at. This is what’s happening.” – Meg Benedicte (at the Conscious Life Expo, Los Angeles, CA, U.S., 12 February 2011)

As Plan B went ‘live’ we began to assist the collapse of all polarized systems in ourselves and the collective, so that we could rebirth a 5D New Earth and reincarnate a new human template. We are in the process of that now.

This is why the Quantum Vortex Meditation is such a valuable tool to raise our internal energy frequency, sustain our bioenergetics during the photon infusion, and consciously master how our energy field metabolizes the crystalline frequencies. We are blessed with a conscious holographic mind and we can utilize our mind/body/spirit matrix to actively participate in the Ascension Plan B underway.

The Starseeds have the abilities and knowledge of ancient alchemy, of sacred geometry, and the sacred practice of transfiguration. We are being called at this time to liberate humanity from the enslavement of the dark 3D Matrix. We are being given the sacred codes to unlock the Matrix during 2014…and open the doorways of time to the 5D New Earth holographic reality.

The sacred codes will reverse the damages of time and Duality. These code activations will rewind time and the dark Matrix lockdown of the double helix of duality. During the Equinox Stargate Activations Workshop on March 20th, we will work with the Master Avatars to unwind the dual nature of the double helix, so that we can remove the force of polarity in our lives and world collective.

We are moving away from living in a polarized world of opposing forces, and into the Quantum Flow and Harmonic Wave that exists in the 5th Dimension. We are transitioning into a Universe alive with Sacred Union…this being the union of particle and anti-particle, the union of masculine and feminine, the union of light and dark. Our destiny has arrived!

Lovingly, Meg Benedicte
Copyright (c) 2014 Meg Benedicte * All Rights Reserved * You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.

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