Adventures into Reality w/Bartzis & Keen

It’s been quite some time since I’ve mentioned Andrew Bartzis. As of today there are SIX hours astroof Andrew and his special guest and now “action colleague,” Veronica Keen, available to see online. Veronica is the wife of deceased British consciousness explorer Montague Keen, who, as soon as he crossed over, began coming through from his new dimensional home to continue his healing and advising work with Veronica and their many friends and followers.

The pairing up of Andrew and Veronica on a new project is both sweet and powerful juju to witness.Their grand project is conceived, gels, and launches before our eyes during the PART 2 video – inspiring. Andrew packs formidable power when he gets going… and then breaks the intensity with an engaging, rolling laugh. When you have the time to just be mellow and tune in on their conversation, you’ll feel the energies beaming from the screen. If you’re familiar with Andrew, you know how mind-bending his extent of awareness is.

Your focus may well drift in and out while absorbing these three videos, but I consider them helpful to give us encouragement … or permission … or whatever it is that we’re waiting for before we claim our sovereignty and truly manifest the much-needed shifts within ourselves, to then emanate throughout this weeping planet.

The first video is audio only; the next two are Google+ Hangout videos. Andrew’s website is HERE – and while there, consider downloading his decrees to use to free yourself from obsolete and non-serving soul contracts. These are in his Resources section and can be downloaded as a .pdf file.

Here’s PART 1, posted just yesterday:


And PART 3, which just happened live today, Saturday the 10th:


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