Same Old Story – NOT

Yesterday had its moments. By ‘moments’ I’m referring to flashes of the visionary or psychic variety, that not only came out of the blue, but out of chronos as well, which is to say out of any logical order, relating to each other.

In “new earth” parlance, we’re talking kairos – events occurring in their own opportune moment/s which are independent of tick-tock logic or structure. But when I reflected upon these three little vignettes, they made sense; they delivered their message in a micro-trilogy of sorts. A universal message. Let me explain.

Don’t copy/paste

I was walking around the house yesterday when suddenly I “heard” the sentence, or phrase, or advice: “Don’t copy/paste.” As simple, brief, and daunting as that. Wuh?

I had no idea what to make of it. As one whose work is largely about information, and arranging it and improving it and so on, it was particularly odd to have this phrase drop into my brain when I wasn’t even near my computer, or working on any material that might involve restructuring or repetition in some way. Actually the phrase seemed to have nothing to do with anything at all! What the heck?

Here & There

As the day went on, two more clues came in the form of very brief spontaneous visions, both of which had bilocation qualities. By this I mean that I was seeing someone “over there” while also experiencing the scene first-hand “in here.” I simultaneously felt myself IN these mini-experiences the moment I “saw myself”experiencing them from an external vantage point.

In the first ‘vision’ I saw – in a very pale scene, as though oversaturated by light by about 70% – a woman smiling, with her head back; obviously reveling in a state of blissful reverie. The moment I was registering what I was seeing, I was also experiencing it first-hand. I was basking in a light that penetrated not only my body/mind self, but everything around me as well. It was a most beautiful sensation! And then – I was back to ‘normal.’

Then a little while later, again I saw a scene from an exterior point of view while experiencing it first-hand as well. In this one, I seemed to be looking down at two bodies of water, like two lakes, connected by a river snaking between them that carried the water from the upper lake down to the lower one.

I was also IN that river, which was no ordinary river but rather a flow of the most beautiful energy pulsing down from the “lake” above. I was immersed in this indescribably beautiful energetic frequency as it seemed to pour & penetrate through me on its way toward the lower “lake” in the vision. I was in a fantastic, buoyant, “brackish” energy as the higher frequencies from the higher “lake” blended with the lower vibrations of the lower lake. It was rather like soaking in a magical Jacuzzi. That was all there was to it!

So what did this all signify? It came in a flash that the advice to not ‘copy/paste’ meant to STOP pasting our OLD STORIES into this NEW FIELD of energy. Stop all the habitual reactions and responses that DO NOT WORK in the NOW! Bask in (and live in, and create with) the incredibly pure, uplifting frequencies that are here now.

Such a basic little lesson. Also, it came at a time when I was noticing that I’d been feeling much lighter than the dark oppressive period of difficulty during which I just could not seem to organically feel the blessed frequencies that I knew were here somewhere. My organic mindset had been stuck in its grim state, knowing something was “supposedly” changing, but unable to feel it viscerally.

(I know many are experiencing all kinds of “old stories” backing up into awareness and re-creating heartache… this is intense stuff to work through! If we can just “leaf through” these stories without getting overly involved in the grizzly plot lines again… just acknowledging their lessons and letting them drift off or dissolve gracefully… we’re doing quite well.)


Then very recently I began feeling noticeably clearer, stronger, and far more optimistic for “no apparent reason”; I was realizing the correction around and within myself. I wasn’t “trying” to “get it” … it was just HERE. Apparently my little 3-part experience yesterday was to anchor this IN; reminding me not to backslide and start “pasting in those tired old tales” of fear and lack and so on. There is simply no place – and no purpose – for all our old “miscreations” (manifested via the  inappropriate use of our wills) in the new/now narrative.

Remember: NO replicating the old stories in the new field. Would you scribble all over your monitor or iPad with an old crayon?  Of course not!

Testing, testing…

Then what happened next? I awoke this morning to some disturbing email that was hard to take. I went right into “old story” emotions over an old situation that reactivated with this email. The timing was incredible – like the universe sending a pop quiz in the wake of the joyful visionary experiences of yesterday.

So, yes: I had some old painful emotions churn up. It was not good news greeting me in that email. It was a harsh way to start a day. But by early afternoon I had regained my balance and glad to report here that the old HOOKS didn’t get me this time as they might well have in the past. In my mind I revisited the realm of Light in the first vision, and took another dip in the flowing “living energies” of the second vision. These are not fantasies; they are really here to immerse ourselves in.

Then I practiced some ho’oponopono for good measure, directed mostly at the sender of that potentially devastating email.* :)

Let us support one another by remembering what is HERE for us now… and keep it alive and active in consciousness for ourselves, our loved ones, and the world – the universe – at large. Consciousness is a living energy! Imagine if we all aligned with the higher frequencies of love how fast the noosphere of the planet would heal and retain that wholeness for ALL. If we could just get over ourselves and our old stories… Heaven!

Shine on (and in, and through),


* I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.
By repeating this ho’oponopono mantra we acknowledge the oneness we are, and accept responsibility for any damages done, including by “others.” Ho’oponopono is a remarkably powerful Huna technique for “setting things right.” If you are not familiar with this practice, you might search it online to discover some miraculous ho’oponopono healing stories. They would be stories worth repeating ;)



4 comments on “Same Old Story – NOT

  1. Thank you.

    – My organic mindset had been stuck in its grim state, knowing something was “supposedly” changing, but unable to feel it viscerally. –

    Your message is the Universe sending me a reminder. : )


  2. Also, I woke and responded to an (unpleasant) email at 6:45 am and this is after experiencing something (pleasant) during what I will refer to as either a wakeful or sleep state, as I am still not clear on this.

    I’m not sure if this makes any sense, but your post resonates and in a big way.


  3. Dear Pocahontas, might your ‘state’ have been hypnopompic? This refers to that very FERTILE borderland state of consciousness where you’re on two channels at once while rousing from sleep. Likewise, ‘hypnogogic’ occurs when you’re starting to drift off into sleep from a wakeful state.

    Einstein ‘captured’ many of his greatest insights in the hypnogogic state. He would settle into his favorite chair and drift into that zone where the conscious mind steps back, allowing deeper realms to come forward. While doing this, he held a small items like his keys or a small ball in his hand, which would drop to the floor when he drifted off, which would rouse him. This practice allowed him to “catch” whatever was emerging from his deeper mind when he dropped the object. He knew how important these states can be if we just PAY ATTENTION! If we give ourselves a question to answer before “courting” this level of awareness, all the more powerful.

    Let’s not let ourselves get too slimed by toxic email or any other lesser energies coming our way!

    Thank you for responding to this post, I’m pleased that it spoke to you.
    ox Whitehawk.


  4. The preview before this continue reading link spoke volumes to me. Yesterday, driving around my city before a family feast, I came across a pigeon flying across the alley. It had landed in someones driveway beside another pigeon yet I was the only one to see that it had also landed beside a White with darker Spots bird, either an Eagle or Hawk. I have never seen a bird like this before. I wondered what it meant so I searched for pictures of White Spotted Hawks and Eagles and could find very little but a few that looked exactly like what I saw. Where the birds met struck me as odd too because I have never seen them in such a location as I have observed them on countless occasions (pigeons). Anyways, I came across a White Eagle/Hawk organization with great values based on a Chief named White Hawk or White Eagle. Now, I have been lead here. I feel I am in the right place and I am very spiritual, not by choice, but because it is my destiny and it has always been written and agreed so within the stars and all that is. With that being said. I would love to get in contact with you and discuss some things. Please get back to me. I enjoyed stopping by. Btw, this don’t copy and paste headline caught my eye because I understand it’s meaning and I have been thinking about it myself. The time to spread the true word is now, I will not fall short if I can help it. You can contact me here: or my email thank you.

    Shine on.


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