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Latest Judy Beebe Interview re: Her Scalar-Emanating GEM Spheres

ME_SMILING-203x208I recently listened to this new interview with Judy Beebe, the woman I’ve posted about before who is creating *free energy* spheres, designed according to her mentor’s standards. Her mentor? The genius Nikola Tesla, who guides Judy – yes – from his current “home frequency.” (I love this story :)

In her best interview I’ve heard yet, Judy manages to anchor the info and technology she’s working with into my brain. I’d love for her message (and her spheres) to reach more people.

These amazing spheres (one is pictured below) are now being created with Pyrex to make them more durable than regular glass. These curious globes appear to fulfill the ‘dream’ humanity has had for so long regarding free and/or healing energy.

SOME of what the GEM spheres are found to do (as wild as I know it sounds!) includes:

  • transforming the space they’re in into a zero-point field (which I now think I understand, at long last)
  • clearing the atmosphere of all EMFs, WIFI (etc) pollution – to ZERO!
  • clearing biology of all ‘miscreations’ (illnesses) in people and animals FAST
  • running all devices that need energy (appliances, cars… ) to function, as long as they are fitted with receivers for the field these spheres emanate (apparently this would be a fairly simple retrofit, at least for electrical things)
  • purifying any water – completely

I wish Judy lived near me so I could be her apprentice :)).  As it is (she’s across the country), I will have to make due with spreading the message of her work. She’s had quite a life, is a fireball of energy and output at age 74 years, and has connections not only to Tesla, but to Venus, which is home to many masters who seem to be coming forth ‘en force’ now.

Below the link to the program, I’m including an email from a free-energy testing site, and following that please find a document that Judy received from a battery company that tested (and was befuddled by the success of) her technology. I think you’ll find it of interest. And please listen to this program! It brings the ‘miraculous’ right into our laps. Many interesting tidbits along the way. If I had a spare $450, I’d jump in line to get one of these spheres ASAP!

Thank goodness (in my opinion) she received no response from her overtures to the government (Obama administration) re: getting this info and tech out to the people, asap. I’m thankful they didn’t just snatch it up and make it (and maybe Judy!) disappear.

Expanding Realities with Laurie Carty on BlogTalk Radio

Judy’s contact info is below.

“Associated collateral” on this subject below, for interested readers:

Pond replicating GEM Energy water fuel cell

Sympathetic Vibratory Physics expert and advocate, Dale Pond, is in process of replicating the water fuel claims of Judy Beebe.  He presents reasons why he gives it credence and asks for donations to help him complete his prototype.

“All Motion is Spiral.” Russell
(courtesy University of Science and Philosophy)
(click to enlarge)

Preface by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

On Sept. 4, I received the following email from Dale Pond, who has created an amazing energy wiki site, SVP wiki, that has accumulated over 2300 pages.  He agreed to let me post this here.

Pond is best known for his work in Sympathetic Vibratory Physics.  His wiki site is an outgrowth of what began as a wiki site for expounding various facets of Sympathetic Vibratory Physics.  The hyperlinks below point to various pages on his wiki site.  I plan to talk to him about having him migrate his stuff over to PES Wikis o that all this great material can be synergistically found together and more easily accessed.

On Sept. 24, 2007 I interviewed Dale Pond as part of the Free Energy Now radio series.  We talked about his work with Sympathetic Vibratory Physics, taking a look at the work of John Keely, contemporary and competitor of Tesla and Edison; and Pond’s efforts to resurrect Keely’s work.

by Dale Pond

We’ve been busy these past several (five) weeks. The focus is on developing the capability of replicating Judy Beebe’s work with her GEM Energy. It is my opinion her GEM Energy is the same as Keely’s Etheric Force or Dynaspheric Force. Keely’s work was in two stages. He first dissociated water into Hydrogen and Oxygen then he used those products together, as his Etheric Vapor, in his many different devices and machines. This vapor has some unusual properties such as natural vibratory rotation. It is this vapor that is the sympathetic element that responds sympathetically to the Celestial Radiation and Terrestrial Outreach – the pulse of the universe or Universal Heart Beat as described by Walter Russell. This is the power mechanism that powers the Musical Dynasphere and will power many other devices we create as we go along.

I have written this energy is the Power of God. Some will scoff at that idea out of thoughtlessness. But just think about it for a moment. There has to be a power that powers the elements (atoms to stars and galaxies) of the universe. This power has to be consistent, all-prevading, gentle and never ending. This power manifests as rotation and pulsation (Life itself) that contributes to or is indeed the foundation motions of All That Is giving them Life and Awareness. This power has to be creative and intelligent as we know that it is.

“The true study of the Deity by man being in the observation of His marvelous works, the discovery of a fundamental, creative law of as wide and comprehensive grasp as would make this etheric vapour a tangible link between God and man would enable us to realize, in a measure, the actual existing working qualities of God Himself (speaking most reverentially) as he would those of a fellow-man. Such a link would constitute a base or superstructure of recognition, praise, worship and imitation, such as seems to underlie the whole Biblical structure as a foundation.” (Keely underline added)

So it is all important to conduct these tests and consequent experiments to ascertain just exactly what this vapor is and how it behaves. As also what is required to tap or harness this energy in mechanical devices for the benefit of humanity. Setting this up on the bench is not trivial. It is complex, expensive and potentially dangerous as it involves handling, mixing and manipulation of Hydrogen and Oxygen gases.

Setting up for these tests is proceeding with all possible speed. Most of the materials and equipment (but not all yet) have been either acquired or ordered. We began assembling the test unit in the lab a few days ago. A major hold-up has been the identifying, finding and acquiring the specialized materials, equipment and fittings between the various containers, tubing and equipment. The other delaying factor has been available cash for all this. Funding has been limited and forward movement has been subject to funds on hand or lack thereof. Progress would be enhanced with better funding. Please consider making a donation to this all important work.

The end result, when demonstrated and proven, will be autonomous portable or stationery power source devices. These devices will operate without consuming chemical fuels of any kind. Hence there will be zero pollution from their operation. Such devices have a natural market in farms and ranches, remote engineering projects, RVs, portable power units for building and landscaping, boats and remote residences. It has been hypothesized there is sufficient power available from this process to power anything we want from household appliances to whole cities. Humanity can now contemplate liberation from the chemical, petroleum, coal and heavy metal power sources that have wreaked such chaos on himself and his environment as also the monetary and political controls allied with those industries. Wars, death and destruction over control of power resources will become a thing of the past.

There is Life Force evident in this product. Judy relates how giving a tiny amount to her grand daughter grew a new thyroid. As this substance is a direct and unadulterated manifestation of Life Force I believe it can do far more than that for our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. To do the testing we must complete the making of this what seems to be too-good-to-be-true substance. Only testing will reveal its true properties and potential. If it really is the Power of God it is limited only by our creative imaginations and fabrication talents and capabilities.

No less important to humanity is a new spirituality, philosophy and understanding of how the universe actually works and our place in it. This will initially be opposed by the combative and destructive religions but will win out in the long run. Religious bigotry and wars over who is right and who is wrong will disappear. How’s that for a New Era of Life and Peace on this planet?

The keyword in our wonderful new future is Cooperative Efforts. Several or many gathered about an ideal and its manifesting can do anything it sets its focused mind to do. Individuals are collections of talents, knowledge and resources. Alone some things can get done. Working together and contributing what they each have to share towards the accomplishment of an idea multiplies efforts and achievements many times over. Some have time, some have money and some have hands-on abilities. Contemplate what you have and are willing to contribute to this liberation of humanity which includes you of course. We here at the Institute are willing and can do the work of assembling and conducting the tests and experiments – what can you do?

You can continue to be victim of a future others of questionable motive have chosen for you or you can assume personal responsibility for creating your own future by visioning and creating it yourself in Cooperative Effort with others. Your future is in your hands. The time for choosing and doing is NOW.

Welcome to the New Era of Consciousness.

Oct. 3, 2010 Update

Hi Everyone,

It has been a while since the last SVP wiki report. I’ve been busy putting the final touches on the GEM Energy lab work. Putting this all together has been a trying but rewarding experience. We now have the ability to work with this process and see where it will take us. The preliminary bench runs have taught us a lot but we have not yet achieved the results hoped for. These bench runs will continue.

The purpose of this lab work will eventually prove the validity and practical utility of the fundamental dynamical principle outlined by Macvicar in the Law of Assimilation and contained in Beebe’s GEM Energy, Keely’s Dynaspheric Force, Russell’s Universal Heart Beat and Light Units as further described in his Rhythmic Balanced Interchange and Wave Field.

What is this “fundamental dynamical principle”? Every vibrating entity in the universe from atoms to galaxies is activated by this principle. They each and allvibrate and oscillate perpetually at their own given sympathetically inter-linked frequency powered by this dynamically balanced interchange of syntropic andentropic forces. The connecting link is of course sympathetic association, absorption and response as resonant (continuous rhythmic or period) motion. It is the veritable wheelwork of nature to which Nikola Tesla said we would eventually hook our machinery.

The importance of this principle is sufficient to change our world as it will mean our future will be powered by the power and ideal of Love instead of competition, war and getting for self. Pursuit of this energy and its harnessing to our machinery, science and philosophy is well worth everything it costs. Keely’s Musical Dynaspheres were designed to harness, optimize and augment this energy and put it to useful work. Hence all our efforts and expenses to perfect these amazing devices.

Please consider supporting this paradigm shifting work by donating to a better future for us all.

Life, Light, Love & Laughter,
Dale Pond
Pond Science Institute – SVPwiki
Sympathetic Vibratory Physics

& Video Presentation:


Battery Research (Click to download a one-page battery research .pdf document)


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