Digital Food for the Soul

ClickHandlerFriends, I’m finding all sorts of goodies online lately, and in this post I’m sharing a few things that cool cats & kitties like you might enjoy if you care to click over and take a look or give a listen.

Media that Matters

Having no television, while also being very interested in media that engages and inspires my heart/mind (of which there’s precious little on regular TV anyway!), I check around and on occasion follow breadcrumbs that lead to something worth watching/hearing.

As you likely know, there are entire encyclopedic sites packed with free documentaries, for instance. And of course GaiamTV has some great programming if you’re inspired enough (and able) to pay their modest monthly subscription fee and tune in. They’ve got an amazing archive of ‘conscious classics’ as well as new content by people like David Wilcock, Regina Meredith, William Henry, Lilou Mace, Jay Weidner (also the programming director; a perfect role for him) and others. Their studio is in Boulder, where they’re neighbors with Sounds True (ST=mostly spiritual audio).

For this post I’m sharing a few items that just came under my nose yesterday. One is about the emergence of the feminine, and its significance; one is about the afterlife (and its significance – ha!), and one is a deep discussion about the profound shift in progress now (very significant! ;-).

Femme: Women Healing the World is a film produced by actress Sharon Stone. Surprise! It’s packed with luminaries who have wisdom worth hearing and perhaps embracing. Of course, I am a woman endorsing this film, but I recommend that men give it a chance as well, as they might have a few ah-has along the way… not only about women, but about life.

This film might at first be assumed to be a series of complaining females. Not so fast. There’s much to consider about how the patriarchy has ruled the earth, and how this modus operandi has impacted everything. The challenges facing MEN in the patriarchal model are also covered, lest you suspect this would be a “male put-down party.” It isn’t.

I can’t imagine anyone spending 90-ish minutes in the company of so many diverse perspectives not being touched in a meaningful way… which might also transform how we see ourselves in the grand scheme.

Femme is now streaming free on (you’ll likely need a free account to login and use hulu):
A trailer for Femme on youtube:

Afterlife rather surprised me.

This labor of love was manifested by author Paul Perry, who wrote several books on the near-death phenomenon. I thought I’d give it a peek, frankly not expecting to be drawn in. The stiff opening narration by Perry added to my doubts. I admit to also have a preconceived idea that there would be nothing ‘new’ in Afterlife. But I’m here now to endorse it so, so much for pre-judging someone’s efforts before giving them a chance.

The salvation of Afterlife lies in the refreshing and strong array of NDE experiencers who share their experiences here, some of whom went on to become speakers and writers on the theme, as their lives were so dramatically changed by their experiences. Raymond Moody is also featured, and also surprised me with his energy and insight. If you give this film a chance, I think you’ll pick up a few tidbits that’ll raise your eyebrows now and then, expand your POV a bit, and maybe inspire you as to the nature of this whole shebang we’re involved in called life.

One experiencer’s insight that’s right on the mark, imo:

This is the link to the whole film on hulu:

I think Afterlife is also available to see on GaiamTV as well, if you’re a member there.

Wingmakers & James

Lastly, a return to the amazing Wingmakers material … and the mysterious “James,” from whose mind/soul this extensive “mythology” emerged. James is no ordinary man, and this is a very rare interview. It’s an audio series on youtube, partitioned into 12 segments (roughly 8 minutes each) that run seamlessly from the first one you play. It might take a few minutes to get into the meat of things, and it’s from 2008! Right there you might be up against excuses not to bother with it. But I consider it worthy of some contemplative time and attention, even if you heard it before (and even if you haven’t heard of Wingmakers before, as well). It’s actually rather timeless in its significance, re: what is going on today as we continue “steeping” in a rising tide of photonic energy that IS CHANGING EVERYTHING. James has a level of awareness well beyond most, especially if you consider how long he’s been in possession of this information.

Here’s where the conversation begins; stay with it if you’re feeling intrepid enough for a deep dive:


Miao for now,

Whitehawk :)

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