The Old Soul’s Challenge

10276981_801750186503783_3043907268016464332_nOne might expect things to become ‘easier’ with more experience under one’s ‘soular belt’ so to speak. Would make sense, wouldn’t it? Old souls have learned the best routes to travel, which areas (of mind as well as matter) to magnetize to us (or not) with the power of our attention.

I have found it can be evermore daunting, the more I “think I know” … or maybe sense I’m close to knowing or starting to get a clue about something!

Currently I seem to be in a realm or field or frequency that seems different. I know, par for the course, right? It’s all getting rather “weird.” Surreal is a word that seems to surface more & more frequently.

I find myself in little reveries wherein I’m doing things with light, not form. Creative things – painting with light; sculpting with light, building with light, digesting/assimilating/ transmuting/transmitting light. Light, light, light… the carrier of so much new information, and new octaves of emotion & sensation. And also capable of creating a dazzling spectrum of physical challenges for many of us as our bodies continually work to adapt! :-/

How might we work with this new light that’s here to co-create our ‘new earth’?

We’ve got some rather big bugaboos that can get in our way when grappling with the desire to “Live the Light” – and this excerpt from a recent Kryon message (at end of post) might be addressing what at least some of these are. I find it worthy of ‘absorption’ and offer it here today for you to take in, if it seems appropriate for you. I played it once (45 minutes) and now have it running a second time.

Also, separately, but also involving the challenge of expanding into a new level of awareness (or remembered awareness, from before we landed in the constructs that have constricted the earth experience for us), I’m moved to share a quote from ‘Neruda’s First Interview’ (of five) re: the Wingmaker’s material. Wingmakers is a deep rabbit hole for intrepid explorers, not only on its own but including associated materials and questions surrounding it.

The Neruda interviews are available on the Wingmaker’s site, and are not without controversy of their own. I leave it to you to explore this if something feels “for you.” I find portions of it intriguing. Anyway, Dr. Neruda has an interesting tale involving the whole Wingmakers (ancient visitors) story of earth and humanity that he shares in the interviews.

All this to come to the following Neruda quote, which in a sense feels like something I’m grappling with, and have been to varying degrees since my kundalini ‘popped’:

“I can tell you that in my experience, the wider the range of possibilities as one moves toward more of a multidimensional thought stream and activity path, the narrower one’s choices become as they pertain to rightful living. You could even say that freewill diminishes as one becomes realized to all possibilities.”


Here’s the link to the Kryon/Lee Carrol audio on youtube. Best to listen while not ‘multitasking’ to get the nuances as well as main thrust.

The Structure & Keys to the Akash

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