RA Law of One Highlights

In the video at the end of this post we have an enthused young man’s “Law of One” Cliff Notes reel. He even went so far as to put “binaural beats” on his sound track for added oomph (or mystique). I didn’t notice it tho and I doubt you will either unless you wear a headset to listen.

The important thing here is RA and the material; we forgive our host a few stumbles with his script. He claims to be presenting the most important things to glean from RA but keep in mind, this is his subjective collection of “RA’s greatest hits” and there’s several books of the material itself.  Of this twenty minutes, approximately the last five are self-promotion. But the material is worth the gander, imo. The RA Law of One books contain high-caliber information, and the value of this video is, you can get some of it without reading the books, which can be challenging to take on. For all things RA (or Law of One, more precisely), go to LLResearch.org or lawofone.info.

Carla_Rueckert in tranceWhile I was in a bit of a “RA flurry” the other day, I also watched part of a recent interview with Carla Rueckert, the woman who channeled RA (the only person who could zero in on RA’s refined & narrow frequency to receive transmission … pictured here in trance). The intense energies of this endeavor took quite a toll on her health. I don’t have a direct link to that one, but it may well show up in the youtube sidebar of ‘related’ vids if you click thru to youtube for this one.

Carla explains that what’s meant by the concept “densities” is the degree of Light – information, essentially – of increasingly complex and transcendent “content” for upwardly mobile souls. If a soul isn’t ready for a density graduation (one’s whole being must vibrate at that level), it simply cannot move into it. I liked the simplicity of her definition and so include it here. We are in 4th density now and heading toward the 5th.

Enjoy the video; you might want to see it a few times to catch the ideas. I for one tend to ruminate on one thing while missing the next one.  Much love to you!  Whitehawk

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