This has been one of those really strange days. I’m wondering if anyone else has been feeling an intense ‘spinning’ sensation that has kept me horizontal all day with the most pronounced vertigo imaginable. What is this? images

It seems on the occasions that I have had days like this, everyone around me is normal as can be while I’m unable to function at all. How can this be? Isn’t something major going on energetically? Something electromagnetic, maybe, like massive solar emissions hitting Earth, or some cosmic-ascension-related-something-or-other?

Actually, it could be that a sizable Earth event is about to occur. I’ve had numerous experiences of feeling pronouncedly, inexplicably ill followed immediately by a major event like a strong quake in a distant land or ocean. Maybe the answer to my today will be in tomorrow’s news.

I’m not experienced enough with this phenom to know its significance until after the fact. Kinda diminishes it potential usefulness as a predictive tool, eh! Maybe I’m still in a learning curve. Or maybe it’s just a personally weird day.

The question continues to spin…   ox W



7 comments on “Spinning…

  1. there’s much happening on the tip of where the spinning is being created within Earth and the replica of it – your body – north, south pole, arctic methane going off and vulcanoes being active, antarctic melt off. stay grounded.


  2. Hi, I’ve been seeing a “corkscrew” kind of thing inside me for days. It’s silver. It may be something to do with kundalini ? I too have been feeling dizzy. And a little nauseated here and there, but it passes quickly. I am waiting for something to happen too. Earthquake? Volcano? Tsumani? Frustrating isn’t it? Hope you feel better soon. xxx


  3. Hello Toni – interesting vision, your silver corkscrew. Seems possible it could be K-related, tho nothing I’ve personally experienced, which of course means nothing at all! My personal vertigo of 9/9/14 was one day only. It was an ‘extreme’ day. Turns out there was an unusually strong and (if memory serves), group of earth-facing solar ejections that day, that will arrive here today (9/12)… If that’s what caused my experience – why would it ‘level’ me on the day it happened ‘out there’ rather than HERE?

    Also possibly related (tho unlikely, seems to me): I encountered one of our community elders while walking down the road two days ago. He’s a lovely being who has authored numerous highly regarded thoughtful/spiritual books. He’s 88 and has walked our road almost every day since I’ve lived here. He shared with me that he’d been unable to walk—or do anything at all—for days. He alluded to floating in and out of what sounded like the afterlife, and is now thinking his transition time is near, and now that he’s seen was he’s seen, he can’t wait to go there and stay! He said “There’s SO MUCH THERE!” hahaha …

    I tried to bring more of his experience forward, but the only nugget he shared was something he found he had written down after one of his ‘episodes’ – he wrote: “The meaning of life is not to heal others, it’s not to save the world, it’s about being in bliss. And if you’re not in bliss, it’s your own fault.”

    The last time we talked he said he’s getting old but loves his life and doesn’t want it to end. Now he has the opposite wish. I’d love to have a real sit-down conversation with him about his recent experiences (higher planes have always been a primary interest, and the fact that he’s a known and beloved teacher of sorts might make for a particularly rich article, possibly even book, sharing his perceptions of his final days) … wondering if even asking about this, tho, might seem to him that I’m prying into a too-personal area.

    Now to see if those intense solar blasts will make any impact today! I may make a post out of this response, now that I’ve written all this… just mentioning in case you see it twice! Big love, W


  4. Gwen – no spinning for me lately… I just watched a Dutch Sinse video where he discussed all the west coast (US) quakes of late, and that Mt Shasta has just experienced the breaking-off of a glacier, which was followed by major mudslide. Are you in the western US per chance? All the activity out there (whole coast) could make for all kinds of weirdness in our bodies. Take good care, love Whitehawk


  5. deep appreciation for your insights here, looking at these archived comments, this New Year’s Day 1.1.15 finds me still with intense feelings of vertigo/implosion/queasiness etc, some coming and going for many months now

    sometimes the only way to deal with it is to “go vertical” as we seem to say ;-)
    messages from my Elohims are saying “go Inward now” the path is an inward one, the light is there, not the fading exo-structures of 3d,

    this was significant this evening, validation came from another source that this is, indeed, correct, the new realities are being built from the Dreamworld of the Inside is what I AM sensing

    blessings to all here, and thank you White Hawk,


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