GEM Free Energy Exploration Flows On

imagesThe amazing adventures of Judy Beebe and her Tesla-inspired free energy (GEM) spheres continues, and I like to support Judy’s noble efforts (and I aspire to buy one of these intriguing spheres myself one day), so this post is to alert you to a Starseed Radio interview Judy did on Blogtalk last night, which is now archived and available to hear (linked below). Judy comes on about 16 minutes into the program. As of this writing, an earlier piece about her is currently among the most-viewed articles of this blog.

Some of the unique experiences that have woven throughout her life resulting in this work are woven throughout the interview; she’s been in contact with the Light in various manifestations since childhood, resulting in 20 books she’s written about her experiences and what she’s learned. She now lives on a mountain in Montana, where she works tirelessly on these intriguing spheres. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if her work powered and connected (not to mentioned healed) the entire planet one day soon?!

I’ve been listening to the show while preparing this post… and just heard Judy’s offer near the end to gift a sphere to anyone through whom three buying customers come (or three spheres are sold) … so this paragraph has been retro-inserted to humbly request — IF YOU PURCHASE one of these spheres from Judy, please kindly mention you learned about her via this blog? Perhaps you can also rally a few friends to this worthy, pioneering cause. It deserves a robust roll-out through visionaries who believe in and stand by the pure, clean emanation of scalar, which has been squelched by the PTB since Tesla’s day; maybe even long before. Every purchase helps Judy’s important work continue. Much gratitude… W

Here’s the intro to Judy and this blogtalk program, including the link:

After a lifetime of metaphysical study, including a childhood of exceptional experiences with the early UFO elite and meeting a visitor from Venus, Judy began her mission in earnest after an out-of-body experience in December of 1994.

She started within the human body. After over 40 years in the medical environment, she was well qualified to undertake this beginning. It was during this journey that experiences started happening that could not be ignored. Formulas floating in the air, visions and descriptions of what living water really was, visions of the matrix within water, and she was awakened into the metaphysical truth of The Bible.

Judy now has over 20 books up on Amazon, iBookstore, and Barnes & Noble. The experiences which began this fascinating jump into a new energy which can save our planet are explained in detail in her book, The Hydrogen Cipher.  This book documents how she put the puzzle together, proved the energy, and is now getting these scalar GEM Spheres out to the world.

The experiences that people are having who have purchased their GEM Spheres are amazing.  The next step in this leap in consciousness through the GEM Spheres is to cover the planet with these scalar waves, thus providing the fertile ground to allow us to then power our homes and vehicles with GEM Energy.

Her main mission is to let people know that there is hope for saving our planet. GEM Energy is a proactive way to stand on the side of spiritual truth and take back our planet for the peaceful peoples of a new Earth. and


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