The Meaning of Life

OlderManCaneI encountered one of our community elders while walking down the road two days ago. He’s a lovely being and highly respected author of several thoughtful spiritual books. (This is NOT him in the photo; I’m respecting his anonymity.)

He’s 88 and has had a routine of walking our quiet road almost every day since I’ve lived here, and for many years prior to my arrival. He shared with me that he’d been unable to walk—or do anything at all—for days. Because I had just spent a day in extraordinary vertigo, I wondered if our experiences might be related, so I asked questions. He alluded to floating in and out of what sounded like the afterlife, and is thinking his transition time is near. Now that he’s seen was he’s seen, he’s eager to make it a permanent arrangement!

He said, wide-eyed as a child, “There’s SO MUCH THERE!” hahaha …

I tried to bring more of his experience forward, but the only nugget he shared was something he found he had written down after one of his ‘episodes.’ The note said: “The meaning of life is not to heal others, it’s not to save the world… it’s about being in bliss. And if you’re not in bliss, it’s your own fault!”

The last time we talked (walking on our road together) he said he’s getting old but loves life and doesn’t want it to end. Now he has the opposite wish. I’d love to have a real sit-down conversation with him about his recent experiences (higher planes have always been a primary interest, and the fact that he’s a beloved messenger of sorts might make for some rich insights from the transition zone). I’m concerned, tho, that asking about this might seem to him that I’m prying into a too-personal area. We shall see. I may talk to his daughter about it to see what she intuits.

Meanwhile, next time I passed by his house, music poured from it quite loudly! I smile imagining him in there dancing like Zorba, engaging his rasa… that juice for joy!

Going to go try tapping into some of that bliss now… see you there?  oxo W :)

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