Heartful Creation from the Inside, Out

An expansive conversation between two women I respect: Evita Ochel and Laura Eisenhower. Laura expresses at such an accelerated yet coherent clip, she seems to deliver more *pow* during the timeframe than most. An array of issues important to the awake and aware are discussed. Enjoy the video.  W

Exploring the Purpose of Earth and Cosmic Life

EBTV presents host Evita Ochel (http://www.evitaochel.com) with special guest Laura Magdalene Eisenhower (http://www.cosmicgaiasophia.com) in a dialogue about the purpose of life on planet Earth, planetary changes and cosmic life.

2 comments on “Heartful Creation from the Inside, Out

  1. i just want to say thank you for BEing you, i enjoy your blog very much. love, light & a million blessings,

    kimrey Lightweaver, Starseed, Earthkeeper, Anu Eimai Eleutheros (I AM FREE) <— my mission's name :D Eimai Eleutheros <— in greek (in greek) In service to Hu-manity as we shift from homosapien into HOMO*LUMINOUS


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