Peace & the Power of Your Precious Attention

Greetings All,

As many are aware, tomorrow — Sunday, Sept. 21 — is international peace day. John Lennon’s song, Imagine, is the day’s ‘official anthem.’

Monday the 22nd is the equinox, and then the 25th begins a 10-day Hindu observation of the Divine Mother, called Navaratri. This is a powerful window for empowered intentions, so it’s important to ensure ours stand for/align with the True Light.

Of course, every day should be a day of peace! But if enough souls contemplate peace, and meditate upon what a truly peaceful world would BE and FEEL like, we could accomplish a meaningful shift into the higher, healed grids of Gaia. Each contribution of aligned awareness turns our collective dial in the right direction.

It’s crucial to imagine peace AS IF it is our reality. All beings are honored, and fed, and loved! Blessed Gaia is honored and loved — by all nations, all people.

Kindness! Delightedness! Beautiful creations! Ample abundance!

Naturally there are noogly images, awarenesses, and news items that directly oppose this vision we are going for tomorrow. Please… if you are still plugged in to the fear mongering news outlets  — DO NOT GIVE THEM THE POWER OF YOUR PRECIOUS ATTENTION for at least this one day. This is exactly what feeds the beast and keeps the ‘matrix’ alive.

We need to understand that our consciousness is ground zero of all that happens here on earth — and beyond. Consciousness creates, even if you aren’t out there shooting or screaming or expressing little ‘rages’ in your life. If we have anger/violence/misery in our hearts, that energy resonates out and sets up the atmosphere conducive for more manifestation of this very thing we don’t want.

Indeed, this would be a powerful daily practice — viscerally visualizing, with all your heart and mind, a peaceful loving planet of ‘partners in life’ unified in this essential manner. From the macro view all the way through to the micro levels of existence: peace, love, understanding, joy.

Always in the affirmative; NO thinking in terms of the problem, i.e., “No War” inherently amplifies the idea of war. This is how the subconscious works, and in case you haven’t realized… the subconscious rules! So please do not entertain “peace” by using unpeaceful thoughts or images and thinking, “not that.” It simply doesn’t work this way. Always keep your focus on what you want which (hopefully) IS a beautiful healthy planet cared for — full spectrum — by we who are graced to live here.

And of course, love yourself. As Matt Kahn advised in the audio I shared here the other day, coddle your heart and lavish yourself with love as you would a precious baby in any way you can imagine.

The Imagine Series

I’m intending to start a series on this blog that portrays an ascended near-future timeline. The idea is to impart imagery in fair detail re: how the world might actually work – soon! – once we’re over the hump here. It’s a lovely scenario to behold, in all aspects of life. Very different from what we’ve known on this planet for thousands of years.

I’m mentioning it here to move some energy toward that, for myself :)  It’s a rather tall order that involves many “thought forms” to lay out. So… watch for that.

Blessed are they who stand for peace… who ARE peace… for it is they who will create peace on earth.

Love all,








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