Time Is Art

In autumn, 1986, my life took a major turn in the form of relocating to Boulder, Colorado. The contrast between the density of the eastern metropolis I knew too well and this idyllic, mountainous world of smiling, open people dressed in cheerful colors (in contrast to urban blacks & grays) was incalculable.

The spiritual groups were above and beyond anything I’d experienced back home (though, in hindsight, I believe some “high” spiritual communities did exist… they were just so secretive you had to have an “in” to learn of them).

One of the first discoveries I made in Boulder was an energy that was just starting to coalesce around a rather exotic man on a mission to bring forth an extraordinary event known as The Harmonic Convergence.timeshipimage_bannerThe man of course was Jose Arguelles. He partnered with a visionary woman – Barbara Marx Hubbard – to co-create this massive global event. Boulder was its birthplace and mission control center, and a small cadre of enthusiastic believers constellated around Jose and Barbara to deliver this galactic awareness to the world — including me.

I spent my time divided between the small base-of-operations office in downtown Boulder, and the home of one of Barbara’s family members, working on a Macintosh computer. Macs were still new then and most people – if computer-literate at all – were familiar only with PCs, so my skills filled a void.

When the big day came, we Boulderites boarded our magic chartered bus in the pre-dawn hours and headed to Denver’s Mile High Stadium for the actual event. It was unlike anything I’d ever experienced before (or since) – a sports venue filled with meditators, and an impressive giant-screen multimedia presentation preceding the meditation itself. It ignited one’s sense of what’s possible, you know?

Fantastic it was.

Why am I waxing nostalgic about this?

I’ve recently, after all this time (and the passing of Arguelles in 2011), become aware of Jose’s last partner in this world, a young woman named Stephanie South. Stephanie met Jose soon after the millennium turned, and all kinds of magic happened between them… not the least being that when they sat facing each other, some kind of stargate or portal opened and volumes of galactic knowledge just poured into them! No less than seven “galactic chronicles” came through, which took seven years to be documented into a series of encyclopedic volumes – each one taking a year to complete. These chronicles detail the nature of galactic reality, as opposed to the convoluted matrix we’re accustomed to here on earth.

(The above sentence links to the Law of Time bookstore, which includes the galactic chronicles. Check out the titles; not in Kansas, Toto! Actually the whole site makes for a major adventure if you’re up for it.)

51qvUn2idML._AA160_Jose died after volume six, leaving Stephanie to write the seventh one (Book of the Cube) collaborating with Jose through the veil (and the galactics) via downloading solo.

Then, much to her credit, she forged on and wrote a final book for this series which (if I have the correct idea here) provides an overview of the chronicles series, speaking to man’s true multidimensional galactic nature in a much more conversant form (whereas the seven chronicles are basically encyclopedic in nature). That book — Accessing Your Multidimensional Self — is pictured here.

Stephanie’s unique and magical spirit inspired me to bring her to your attention, in case you haven’t crossed paths with her before. She did a rather rushed interview with Lilou Mace a few months ago, and I’ll include that link down below, but I find her earlier, longer discussion on Bridging Heaven & Earth to be a more exciting ride :) … give it a few minutes for her to find her rhythm before deciding if this is your cup of tea. She’s a unique being; the ‘magic’ she emanates inspires me to embrace creativity wayyyy more than I have in a lonnnng time. If you feel into this conversation, you might sense as I did that most of us seem to approach life with precious little depth and essence. Life isn’t meant to be a dusty closet! Yet it almost seems typically so after experiencing this woman’s RASA.

Maybe you’ll have a similar response to this as I did. Or not. But the utter uniqueness of her expression, and her ability to tap—drink!—life in the ways she does, and her long, deep, and loving collaboration with Jose Arguelles (I could segue into Jose for pages, but leave it to you to explore if you choose; a fascinating man, and the links in this post will take you on an adventure if you’re open) inspire me to share—even celebrate—her world view and enthusiastic manner with my readers.

Here’s the Heaven & Earth interview (one hour). Imagine doing life like this:

And her talk with Lilou (18 minutes):

Jose & Stephanie’s website embraces a major departure from ‘standard’ contemporary living. The 13-month calendar is endorsed (much about the nature of time weaves throughout their model). The galactic chronicles might be of interest to look into… if so moved.

I find it very interesting that, when I imagine living in a natural context of consistent 28-day months (ask any woman about nature’s moon cycles)… I instantly feel calmer, more in sync with organic universal rhythms. If we lived in accordance with natural cycles instead of this contrived “Gregorian” system that seems calculated to keep us OFF BALANCE/out of sync in weird ways, synchronicity would be common. Peace would likely be the norm, because we wouldn’t be in this strange unnatural and agitating routine.

I can’t explain how and why, but I FEEL the truth of this. Check in with yourself… you might be surprised at the RELIEF that natural time offers. It’s a key to life as art that we could easily master merely by living in time differently… correctly!

I appreciate refreshing perspectives. Creativity. Expansiveness. Those deep dives into rarified zones. Visionary perspectives. All this and more can be gleaned through the links in this post. Free your mind; lift your spirit! :))

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