Choosing — by Habit or by Heart?

The post I’m sharing here from Infinite Shift speaks directly to something I’ve had on my mind for quite some time now. We are in the midst of an unfathomably powerful energetic upgrade that is bound to affect everything and everyone in major — and “surprising” (to put it politely) — ways.

Our biology is undergoing deep and profound renovation in a valiant effort to keep up with the metamorphosis of all matter, and all life, during this solar system’s quantum leap. Speaking personally — pain, of many types in many places and often and typically fairly intense. If I were to list what’s been going on with this ‘bodystandard_img-52fdbec300e52-posts-6495 I wear’ in recent weeks, you might not believe me. It’s hard to imagine what could be going on to be causing it all. This is a topic for another post (health crises) weighing on my mind that I want to speak to.

Another pronounced “shift” (again, speaking for myself) has been what the following post talks about: in these massively morphing times, do I really want to continue doing what I’ve been used to doing for many years, by which I mean as my primary expression or service in the world… or is it time to take a good, probing feel into the heartspace and find some new creative expression? Some fresh new manifestation ready to come into this fresh new energy? What form would that take?

It’s challenging to even think this way (creative/fresh/exciting/unknown territory)
when one’s practical brain — the one that society has emphasized as the most valued tool for navigating life — chants its age-old mantras about work and doing whatever it takes to pay your way in this pay-as-you-go system we’re in. You live; you must pay.

So, it’s a curious kind of crossroads I’m feeling in these new energies. Physically, psychologically, creatively… the gamut. And I doubt I’m alone here. At least, Thetawave (below) seems to be in a similar place as well.

Love to you, Whitehawk


DISCERNMENT: Message for the First Wave Ascension Crew

Discernment and integrity are bound together as you choose the path of your life. No longer can you choose to veer off. No, the path is very very narrow right now. It is a choice of vibrational status: do you choose what is close to your heart, getting closer and closer all the time? or do you dither around and hem and haw, before you choose what you chose before—the “easy” way out, that is actually not easy at all?

This is the power of discernment applied to your creative life path: is this taking you closer to your excitement or farther away? I learned this as an artist, but even more as a graphic designer: the combination of “integrity” and speed, or proximity. As an artist you have to only consider that your work has integrity, but as a designer you have to consider time as well. As an artist, you might have “all the time in the world” to make a decision, but as a graphic designer with a client to consider, you have a small window in which to make crucial decisions.

As creative beings this choice is in front of us all the time. How do we think about ourselves and about our lives? Do we think we are powerful conscious creators? or do we accept what others think of us?

Again, discernment. Choice. Consciousness. Attention.

You are in charge. Can you take on the mantle of discernment and choice? This is power. Power to choose, power to decide. No one can do this for you. And upon this choice—in the moment — your whole life’s trajectory depends. The choice you make now—to think a new thought, or to repeat an old one. To adhere to social conditioning, to your past, to your old way of being or to veer off on a new creative path.

When I advise someone truly creative who has so many ideas that they are confused, I ask them: “Which one of your choices has the strongest energy? The strongest feeling attached to it? Take that one; go that way.”

This is the power of discernment, applied to creative consciousness. Discernment and the responsibility of choice is your birthright. To not choose is the same as choosing, but the only way forward in personal evolution is to make conscious choices, not allow ourselves to settle for the unconscious default of yesteryear.

~ Aliyah Marr

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