Alternative Timeline Glimpse

A little something I want to ‘document’ before it slips away.

One curious (and—so far, to me—fun) “side effect” of this intriguing vibrational stew we’re in is the occasional bleed-through of another … timeline I’ll call it … or dimension … when one gets a glimpse into a scene that is altogether different than the scene with which one is engaged in the moment.

I had one of these last night; it went like this:

metal-washers-979027While here at home, I’m suddenly in a situation where I’m looking at some metallic objects on a table (close-up on the objects; I see nothing else of this scene). Among the objects are some washers, like the ones pictured here.

A man’s voice is explaining to me how “they” (don’t know who “they” are; some community apparently) employ an alternative system of exchange regarding goods and services. All I “caught” in this glimpse was their adoption of the practice of including these little metallic washers when trading for things they need that are provided  by others.

Apparently transactions include a “splash” of these washers on the side, which, when they accumulate, can be traded for other things. That was all I got before “returning home” (i.e. tuning in to my here/now again) where I then sat wondering where and when this other scene was actually taking place, and was that an alternative ME in an alternative timeline where they’ve already gotten off the banking system we have now?

I’ve been considering just how this works, in practice. The washers are used like “markers” of sorts, like bonus items on the side of a barter or exchange, that can add up over time to then be used toward something purposeful, in and of themselves. I found myself remembering a program from when I was really young where my mother used to get some kind of stamps from a store where she shopped, and when she had enough stamps, she could bring them (pasted in little books sort of like passports) to a showroom where she could turn in the stamps for, say, a new toaster or lamp or some such. I don’t know if this tradition was a holdover routine from WW2 or what, but it’s lonnng gone now. But it struck me that the idea seems similar to what I saw yesterday. Frequent flyer miles are another example of a perk that adds up to a kind of exchange for value.

Another thing that came to mind re: this little “revealing” is the Transition movement that’s now quite robust across the pond and picking up momentum here in the states. This is community activism at its finest, from what I can tell. They aren’t arguing AGAINST things (typical activism is all about conquering the foe; this oppositional obsession will fade as the shift 10696456_608135955962800_6198237226606074105_nprogresses), they are uniting to create a new way of living. “Transition Towns” come together with neighbors and exchange goods and services using alternative currencies. They create things like “tool libraries” where members of a community can check out and return tools like we do with books. They garden and share their harvests. They share community vehicles, child care, and so on. They are living much “lighter” in various senses of the word… transitioning away from the matrix.

Where and when is this “washer practice” I witnessed actually happening? Dunno, and maybe it doesn’t matter. I’ve long aspired to bring a similar model online in my own community in the unfolding future, when my personal resilience builds to a workable level after living a very long time in the desert, so to speak, barely alive. I feel my own renaissance coming on currently, and am brimming with gratitude for it. It has been rough.

Perhaps this bleed-through glimpse was a little “nudge” from my expanded self to get moving on this long-standing vision/intention. I imagine the time is nearing when our reliance on the (long-corrupt) Federal Reserve banking system will end, and we will need to have the wherewithal to activate another system in its place; one resembling tribal traditions of taking care of one another and working in cooperative collaboration. Glimmers of this are happening around me where I live, already. I sense the momentum towards more is building.

I was born to participate in the times of change upon us now. I think it’s fair to say most people attracted to this blog came in at this time for similar reasons. We’re the visionary builders poised to step in to create a world that works for all when the heavy old system of greed and domination implodes, which is immanent!

Well! I’m feeling energized by exploring this little time shift event I experienced last night… maybe a seed or two has been planted on your end, as well? We are brinking vast change, and the sooner we start acclimating and envisioning how alternatives might work, the better, imho.

Onward ho!  Whitehawk ox


2 comments on “Alternative Timeline Glimpse

  1. Happy to hear that you are out of the “desert” and feel a renewal of spirit. I’m thankful for the turning of the tide for you, at long last.


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