Too Much Zing in the Zeal Point?

Hi Friends. I’ve had something I’ve been intending to write up for almost three weeks now, which I very much look forward to sharing with you. But isn’t it interesting that no sooner do I wish to share something actually rather significant re: the ascension process that I get slammed with the most massive possible migraine—agony beyond belief—on and on and on for something like nine or ten days now. It ebbs to a low roar, then explodes again to a degree that would be worthy of an ER visit if I were insured. On and on.

I decided to mention this after seeing a few other mentions of similar experiences among other bloggers. If you’ve been feeling rather intense discomforts recently, it may well be the powerful wave of higher energies now upon us. This is major, and, while the *good news* I want to share involves this substantial influx… unfortunately there’s a period of adaptation that at least some of us seem to be experiencing presently (tiring as it is to be in the throes of yet more ‘symptoms’).

In my case, the worst of this pain is focussed in the base of the skull – that telepathic reception center (aka “Well of Dreams,” “Mouth of God,” and “Zeal Point”) that I’ve discussed before that’s shifting into primary utility in the days ahead. This center has been one of the most challenging aspects of the entire shift for me. SO painful, and just radiating into the whole skull from there. It’s completely debilitating until it passes.

Powerful frequencies are downloading into this center, from where they emanate out to the pineal, the pituitary, and the high-heart center (which will revive the shriveled, beaten-down thymus gland back to its glory as our primary immunity/longevity champion) to rev up this whole linked higher-perception mechanism we were born to have and use! But the sparking into action may make for some difficult days. At least, in my case this is so.

(The diagram shows someone’s rendition of Sheldon Nidle’s take on what’s happening to the cranial and above centers. This diagram doesn’t show the throat & thymus’ involvement, which together will facilitate our ‘being and speaking our authentic truth’ at long last, after living according to ‘matrix’ rules for so many millennia.)


While I prefer my posts to generally be of a more positive/inspiring tone for these slippery times we’re in, there are also days when a ‘reality check’ is more like this one, which hopefully serves to expand awareness about a phenom that is no ‘ordinary headache.’

My situation isn’t related to stress, or myriad other reasons people get “headaches,” or even migraines. Actually, these past few weeks have been loaded with blessings and beautiful forward movement in my life. (Something else I may talk about here soon.)

I surmise that this pain – of this intensity and duration – is caused by something along global, or even cosmic/transdimensional lines. My ‘personal portal’ to the higher realms (base of skull) seems to be in a major upgrade, or expansion. At least, it helps to frame it this way! Give some light to it!

I *still* have a unique and uplifting piece to share here, and look forward to doing so, very much. But I have to be out of this pain to get into that upbeat space.

If YOU are in an especially rough or maybe just downright weird place right now in your body/mind, that’s not about holidays, relatives, etc etc (you see no correlation between how you are with your immediate life) perhaps you’d share your experience with us in the comments.

Love to all, Whitehawk


6 comments on “Too Much Zing in the Zeal Point?

    • Hi Adriane, I’ve just been reading the blog you linked here. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Are you one of the channels involved? The ‘flashing blue lights’ seem to be appearing to more and more people lately! Interesting material, thanks again. :)
      AFTER POSTING THE ABOVE – I’ve now taken a closer look and see that you must indeed be the same Adriane who shares messages on Galaxy Triad. Pleased to meet you and I wish there was a way to subscribe to your site for updates? ox


  1. I’ve been having the same headaches week and a half ago, thought it was a caffeine withdrawal felt so similar to it but went on longer than usual and felt different. Nice to hear I’m nit the only one, I feel better now clearer in the mind and more relaxed, I always tell myself that everything will pass so become friends with pain for pain is a form of healing.
    Thanks Whitehawk for your posts it means a lot for me and keeps me sane and reminds me what’s happening,


  2. Hi Jimmy, thanks for taking a moment to leave your comment. Glad you’re feeling better now; me too. I was just reading Facebook posts by Starfire Tor, a woman in LA who’s known to watch the sun’s activities very closely (flares, ejections, etc) and also monitors timeline “edits” that she claims are related to solar activity. She recently had a serious brain seizure (or series of.. ) that kept her hospitalized for two weeks this month! She’s still very weak and has extreme difficulties with cognizance and all manner of brain activity – which impacts her entire being. What brought this on for her is still not known. I personally feel extreme electromagnetic activity (which abounds currently) is a very good place to start looking.


  3. Hi Whitehawk. I came across your website about a month ago, and your posts have really resonated with me. I thank you for giving and sharing for the benefit of others. I too feel like an old soul and my spiritual awaking started about 15-20 years ago when I was in college. As I think back, it’s amazing how much I’ve changed. I’ve definitely worked through my share of negativity and fears, confronting them and moving past them into a brighter place. This year has been the most difficult year of my life, but also offering me some of the most precious moments. I’ve been away from spirit, so-to-speak, for about 4 years, but something has been calling me back in the past few months. I too recently have been going through some difficulties, but a bit different than yours. It’s hard to describe, but I would call it a general disconnectedness (haha, probably not a word) from the world around me. The things that use to make me happy are no longer providing happiness. I live a very comfortable life which I’m grateful for, but I’m looking for that divine happiness. The physical world is just not cutting it for me anymore. It’s even gotten me to question – what is happiness? What really would make me happy? I feel like I’m in limbo, in a way, as the old world crumbles away and a new world is being birthed. It truly is an exciting time to live and to be part of this….and dare I say help in this process. But one thing that has always served me well in the past is to look inside of myself for the answers and to live in the moment. These have never let me down. And I think to tap into that wellspring of joy, this time will be no different. I even feel better already having written this =).


  4. Hello Cory! I’m privileged that you connect with my content. I very much understand your “limbo” situation. In my experience, the sense of feeling ‘stalled out’ or stuck, not seeing a way through wherever you are, is one of the most difficult situations to face. Sometimes there’s just. no. compass. Or map. Or clue or “scent” to pick up and follow. If you can continue following that ‘inner effervescence’ (joy in your wellspring), you are surely on the right track. Some of my early posts are about the ascension frequencies actually being effervescent. By actually I mean literally! Do you blog? Maybe if you made a practice of writing, you’d feel “better already” all the time. :)) Thank you for taking the time to connect here. Bless!


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