Divine Dance Marathon Continues

Greetings friends – reposting a message from Sandra Walter that mentions today (Dec. 7) as a ‘wave trigger’ day. Not sure how this has been determined, but I share the info for those who might feel moved to acknowledge the accelerated shift today.

angel_of_light_by_foreverfallen16-d4ni34kI find it interesting to hear Sandra – one of the most avid and vocal cheerleaders of this cosmic event – admit to having challenges handling the frequencies of late. I personally have been experiencing a seemingly unprecedented blast of difficult strangeness (with a few extraordinarily divine interludes) for weeks.

The migraines I’ve mentioned earlier do not seem to be released once and for all yet. It’s been an ongoing roller-coaster of pain/release/ pain/release. Perhaps this is similar to what Sandra mentions as issues with her skull in the increasing ‘new light.’ Human skulls are undergoing extraordinary transformation (this has been ongoing for years) to adapt to the new calibrations for expanded consciousness. It can be rough. If Sandra’s information is on target – that 2015 will be much MORE intense, energetically – I can hardly imagine what to expect, having been one of the early ‘wavers’ who’ve felt this cosmic event in body and soul for so long now.

Besides the physical matters, my poor little car has been in a chronic state of ‘dismantling’ – I went without it for six months as it sat in the driveway waiting for finances to manifest, to address numerous repair needs. Funds came by way of the dear souls affiliated with Golden Age of Gaia; bless their efforts and the help they have been extending to spiritual comrades in need! However, a small fortune worth of repairs later, my car has a new flurry of matters that need addressing. It is again not road-worthy! Maybe cars, like people, are “feeling” the profound change of state as well. At any rate, the difficulties in the physical realm continue, and can make for an overall weariness. If you are in a space of abundance and generosity, a contribution would be so very helpful! Gratitude.

I actually have luminous tales to share as well. It seems to be a matter of getting my (aching) head above water long enough to feel the “juice” of inspiration & Light required to write it up. Joyful sharing is still coming! Beautiful, mind-bending, heart-opening, soul-expanding events are happening! The chaos of change can suck up available energy and obscure what is really happening here – it’s rather like trying to keep dancing while the sky falls! I’ve felt so close to giving up at times… I know many (empaths in particular) have felt this profound exhaustion. But then the right ‘vibe’ comes through meditation one day, or a friend comes through with the perfect encouragement that serves as a divine life jacket, and we carry on with renewed vigor.

Remember to love & nurture the divine child within you…

Love all, Whitehawk

Sandra Walter:

Blessings Beloveds,

December brings us two potent gateways: The first presenting on December 4 – 11, and the second December 25 – 29. Let us explore the purpose of each:

December 4 – 11
Focus: Linking the grounded Grid systems, including the HUman heart grid, with the Unity Consciousness and crystalline grids of 5D/6D New Earth. Apparently a merge is occurring – which is fantastic sign that after 2 years of marinating the old grids with New Light, our grids are now carying more New Light than old light frequecies. With a cosmic wave trigger on the 7th, we will be firing the golden crystalline diamond light of the New HUman and New Earth, as preparation for the intense upgrades and energetics of 2015. The planetary merge is stepping up, and the timeline shift of last October is doing its work quickly and effectively. Visualize the merge as you work.

December 25 – 29
Focus: I was shown two images recently; the first was myself on a lightship, learning to pull in clouds around the ship to mask the shine, and dropping golden spirals of the DNA helix like a gateway spinning down to the ground. The second was DNA spirals serving as ladders to the higher Gaia during this passage. Gatekeepers, we will be calling forth the complete activation of the Golden Race DNA templates within the major sacred sites to align with the portals and stargates opening during this Gateway. Feel free to connect with the Master I AM templates of Mount Shasta.

Let the Light Work for You

A strong uptick in Solar Cosmic Christ light is expected by end of the month. We experience this growning vibration as Divine Love, Purity, and Inner Harmony. The external tends to become triggered, contract, or be confused by this light; it sets the old polarity pendulum swinging the opposite way to balance the magnetics. However, you may have noticed the pendulum does not take as many with it as it swings to the negative to balance the positive. Now it is a multidimensional pendulum with many directions, many facets. Duality is disintegrating as thousands in service demonstrate New Light dynamics of neutrality, compassion and Divine Love. Expect the unexpected, beloveds. Don’t look for evidence of our progress in old programs; focus on the New Light and be diligent in implementing all that it reveals in your own lifestream.

Typically, the holidays/end of the year attract strong light since so many (awakened and unawakened) celebrate, pray, gather, worship, and raise their vibration with gift-giving and assisting others. The unified activity of the holidays and New Year’s resolutions creates a magnetic which attracts light to intentions. Now that we are in Zero Point dynamics, the energy of that collective experience becomes stronger. Gatekeepers and gridworkers, use this vibration to support your energy work. Gateways become very amplified when the collective consciousness is in resonance.

The Unknown Zone

My Pleiadian Team says that our hard work and adjustments were just a warm-up for the energies we are about to experience. We are about to receive energies which are unknown to our body and energy fields. It is difficult to predict what they will do to some forms of consciousness. The slow-and-steady progress of Ascension will be triggered into a higher gear. it feels like a combination lock; all of the factors finally aligned for a great unlocking of the unknown. It is a time to stay centered with an open-heart, simplify, and breathe in the unknown. We’ll need to experience Divine flow in a brand new way as we enter the unknown zone. Hands on the heart, breathe, say thank you for the Ascension.

There have been many adjustments to the physical this year as the revelations unfolded; this continues, beloveds. Personally, there have been many moments when I wondered if my body could handle the New Light. I AM in the middle of another round of skull changes, and the nervous system/meridian/DNA activations have been exhausting. However, along with the physical adjustments comes an amplification of ease and grace, and a profound letting-go-while-still-engaging sensation as we walk between worlds. My experiences with the Higher Realms have become much more pronounced and often bizarre as my consciousness merges with my Team. A powerful magnetic shift was felt here just before the Sedona quake this week; I expect more of that as Gaia’s higher and lower grid systems merge.

Remember energetic intensity is planetary as well as personal. Send harmony, grace, peace, Divine love through all particles of Gaia, the kingdoms, elementals, and beloved HUmanity. We can take advantage of our current clarity, before a vastly different experience comes upon us during the Equinox-Blood Moon Gateways next year.

Gratitude to all who are participating in this incredible Shift and Ascension. As weary, tired or wired as the Wayshowers may be, we are receiving the highest accolades in the higher realms. Know it, feel it, own your Service.

In Love, Light and Service,


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