Playing My Song Ahhhhhhh

The Year of the Initiated Soul is Dawning

I must say, I am so glad Matt Kahn is on the scene, speaking publicly.

10712964_10152325537392038_6134144014669382234_nWhat he shares in this video I’m posting today speaks exactly to me, which is such a rarity, I can’t tell you. Not that he’s teaching me something; he’s confirming… verifying… what I know is true. Delicious resonance! There are so many people talking and channeling and teaching and encouraging and selling and dressed in certain ways and using mannerisms in attempt to transmit that they know, have those answers, etc etc etc… and for each one of them there are followers who resonate with that particular message or style.

I, on the other hand, take them all with a grain of salt. I used to buy hundreds of books and audios of spiritual material. Then I became a producer of spiritual programs and an editor of spiritual books! Someone once ribbed me, saying I went from being a “user” to a “pusher” – hahaha!  But the fact is I had a voracious appetite for decades for all the teachers, and what they “knew” or experienced. Being a communicator myself, I was also enamored by how they expressed themselves; transmission is an important element of resonance (or lack thereof).

I went from endless books and audios and live seminars and conferences to… *nothing at all* when my kundalini “launched.” It all became about my own journeys and direct experiences from that point on, and precious few others out there could approximate any comprehension whatsoever regarding what I was experiencing. This includes the so-called “kundalini gurus” pushing (selling) techniques to kick-start your ‘Special K,’ which I consider reckless, dangerous business.

As recently as the late 90’s, when my quiet, ongoing, inner spiritual experiences ignited into something so powerful & overwhelming that I could barely hang on, there was next to nothing to be found out there of relevance to me at all. I was really on my own – little me and my own divine nature (and some nonphysical guides) trying to navigate profound cosmic mysteries that bore no approximation to what we earthlings have been conditioned to believe “life” is. The limitations we’ve been indoctrinated to accept as “the way it is” bear little if any relevance to the BIG PICTURE now emerging — this cosmic/divine/galactic/trans-dimensional unified omniverse that we are NOW on the brink of joining as transmuted, noetic humans.

Please watch the following video about what is happening NOW (NOW as in NOW ;). If you are “another me,” so to speak, you will likely feel the relief I do listening to Matt, because he GETS IT. He articulates what I’ve been living for years. He tends to refer to the past 5-7 years (in my case more like 10-15) as an ‘incubation period’ during which a particular group of us (old souls who came in for this event and this unique type of service) have been doing tremendous “clearing work” (transmutation) in preparation for the actual “quantum leap” upon us. Our morphing carbon-based DNA structures have been transmuting endless karmic debris for this planetary event, to support humanity’s graduation from homo sapiens to homo luminous — ascended light beings — possessing crystalline DNA that attracts, absorbs, and transmits living divine light of a frequency that has never before been in our experience. We are becoming a living lattice of divine light!

(I realize I’m getting long-winded here, but if this information — my own and Matt’s in the video — is for you, your attention will still be engaged. If not… your soul is likely on a different trajectory, unrelated to what I’m on about here. Which is ok! There’s a place & role for everyone!)

So instead of being in the constant position of being among people who regard you/me/us (I’ll use 1st person here) along the lines of how misguided I’ve been… I mean, “just look at your life! You’re smart & educated, but barely eeking by; you’re exhausted or sick so much of the time; you don’t have a JOB! Why don’t you try this book or seminar or technique… ” on and on and on.

If you are in a similar position as this, you are painfully aware of what I’m talking about. People who’ve more recently hopped on the “spiritual bandwagon” and are feeling self-righteous about their “law of attraction” modus operandi look at me and believe that I’m obviously doing it all wrong. How can I even suggest to anyone that I’ve been a deep spiritual being my entire adult life when by all indications, my life is a complete mess? Obviously I’m “clueless,” eh!

I suspect what I’m saying either speaks to you directly, or I’m describing someone in your orbit… possibly someone you’ve regarded as a lost soul because her/his life outwardly looks so pathetic. Is there anyone you know about whom you might be thinking “Why doesn’t she come down off that mountain and get a LIFE?” or “It’s a disgrace that he allows himself to be supported by a WOMAN while he’s doing what, contemplating his navel and walking the dog?” or whatever.

If you or people in your life are similar to myself, and the people Matt describes (including himself) as some level of an “Indigo” soul… this video might help you understand yourself, or that loved one, or even that “strange person” at the edge of your life that you don’t grok (maybe never even wanted to try to!).

If you or someone in your world is such a person as myself, s/he has been spiritually involved in a way and for a length of time that probably doesn’t make sense to you. My spirituality, for instance, has not been oriented to a particular church or tradition. So people wonder… if I’m not doing “this practice” or “that form of (outwardly obvious) service” … then what makes me “spiritual” at all? Or: What relevance does any of this have to the physical world (the real world, the one that “matters“)?

All I will say to this is, I’ve been at work in spiritual/energetic realms, in a way that can’t really be explained justifiably in 3D language. It has consumed approximately, oh, 80% of my life force, and has been ongoing for a very long time. This has been my “job” — maybe yours, too… or someone’s in your life — and it is not a 9-5 gig and does NOT involve a paycheck. It continues constantly in the non-physical. It involves clearing and weaving levels of frequencies in the co-creation of a new world. A healed, loving world where antagonists and “evil rulers” are non-existent.

It’s not work you’ll find on a resume.

Here’s what Matt is saying, however, that is SO SIGNIFICANT right now: All this “transmutational soul work” is completing at long last. As of 2015, all the “janitorial carbon/karmic clean-up” of millennia of lifetimes and darkness on this earth is winding up and a done deal.

Curiously, I’ve been feeling simultaneously as though something major is “cohering” internally in ways I haven’t felt in years… at the same time that this transmutation work has been chiseling away at the hardest, toughest, gooiest dregs of the dark ages. So… the two polar extremes going on at once over recent months. What a TRIP.

So, if this talk by Matt Kahn is for you, you will not be able to turn away. Once he gets rolling, his way of explaining the situation is music to my ears. If you run the video while making dinner, doing dishes, or otherwise parallel processing… it will not connect to your soul in the way I feel it is meant to. And, if you’re not impelled to drink this information in, this whole particular “soul’s service” given by a team of Indigos is just not A-list material for you; not pertinent, apparently. Something else is.

But for those who’ve been living a loonnng situation similar to my own… TA-DA! Here is a healing conversation for us.

Love and (de)Light,



4 comments on “Playing My Song Ahhhhhhh

  1. Wow!  What a fantastic message.  Thank you!  I am one who hung on every word and knew what u meant for sure.  I’m sort of also one who’s still in the throws of  jumping into this thought and that thought. …most recently went off to a Drunvalo Awaken the illuminated heart workshop…pretty nice…and yet also aware and relate to what u said about no longer needing to pursue every little thing. Yet unlike you I have not had a full blown K experience, as I gather you and many others have gone through, and is a bit challenging to say the least.but I did go through what I would characterize as a minor K experience,and frankly I am still longing for more….more enlightenment  that is. Anyway thank you again very much for your beautiful message. Milena

    Milena  914 391 3488 c 845 278 6367 h

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  2. Dear Milena, thank you for responding, it is nice to feel the energy of your attention & appreciation. Regarding your ‘minor K’ … it may well be best to have a series of manageable minor ones than a huge one that might well blow your circuitry, among other things. If you want “more,” you might simply ask for it from a quiet heart space, and I would also suggest requesting a sweet, gentle enlightenment experience (maybe also invite a mentor’s presence and guidance) so you don’t end up with an irreversible, undesirable outcome. ox W


  3. Thanks for sharing Matt Kahn’s video, “Ascension – 2015.” Although I have several favorites on my list of speakers, he is the only one who an appeared in my reality in 2014. For me, too, his message rings true … so much depth!


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