Ra Uru Hu (What Would You Do?)

This post ventures into highly unusual waters. The keyhole glimpse I’m offering here (a peek into what quickly telescopes out into a massive volume of daunting strangeness) involves a man named Alan Krakower, who became spontaneously immersed in an extraordinary mystical experience in 1987.

images-1An overwhelming … entity? … consciousness? … seized control of him and did not relinquish that control for 7 days and 7 nights, during which time profound and mystifying things happened to him – physically and mentally.

What’s more: his dog was rendered unconscious and stayed, unmoving, under a table during the entire duration of “the experience,” which took place in an abandoned ruin (“ruina”) of a building on the island of Ibiza, Spain. Alan thought his dog was dead… but was helpless to do anything other than just BE with what was happening at the time; there was no other option until he was “released” on the 8th day.

Seriously, this is wayyy up there on the meter of incredible experiences a human can have. As a woman who’s had plenty of extraordinary strangeness in my life – much of which did not come with any “divine coddling” – I really felt for how he was just plopped back into mundane existence to carry on with his life after what he’d been through. Reintegrating with a level of existence that feels painfully flat and meaningless after cavorting with the gods is a pronounced challenge for anyone who’s been through something as non-ordinary as this. I must say, though, that he was gifted with continual ‘info flow’ to spend the rest of his life sharing. This is a huge take-away, in my opinion.

When Alan’s experience culminated, he was forever changed. His body had pronounced differences, but more importantly, his mind was flowing with information that he spent the rest of his life contemplating and sharing with anyone interested to hear – or learn  – what he had to impart. One more change Alan had to contend with in the wake of his 7-day reconfiguration was that he had become aHds-Chart-300x300n entity named Ra Uru Hu. Imagine having to explain that to your mother!

Ra Uru Hu developed something called The Human Design System. I recently met a woman who works with this system for clients, which is why all this came to my attention. She’s not the first Human Design System consultant I’ve met; there are actually many. I still have virtually zero understanding of it! Even the most rudimentary baby concepts haven’t penetrated my skull. (This is one of those things that seems to paralyze my mind just by my laying eyes on it. Also in fairness to say: I’ve spent no time trying to study it.) It appears to be a deep, multi-faceted system that involves aspects derived from astrology, the I-Ching, chakras, colors, tones, and more. I’m including a Human Design System chart here, to give you a sense of the uniqueness.

I’m not trying to ‘sell’ this system; not at all. I actually have no opinion about it thus far. My intention in this post is to simply shine a bit of light on one person’s extraordinarily mystifying experience. I admit to not understanding what he’s going on about some of the time. More exposure is needed to absorb it than I’ve had. But he is obviously intelligent, articulate, and self-aware enough to admit that yes, ‘Alan’ was bright, but NOT a “genius,” and everything that’s poured thru Ra Uru Hu is well into the genius category of human consciousness.

I watched the first half of this long video (approximately 90 minutes) a couple of weeks ago; saw the rest this morning. Then – as is typical for me – I wanted to share his story with anyone who might find it as intriguing as I do!

Ra Uru Hu left the body in 2011; I have no idea the cause of his death, or if he knew in advance it was coming. I’m glad he left this interview on record.

His impressive experience (the being that stepped in and took over) is somehow related to the ancient Maya. (It’s also integral to Alan’s oversoul makeup… this is my own interjection.) By ‘Maya’ I’m not referring to an extinct primitive race; I’m talking about a caliber of being who’s way, way, waywayway more evolved and informed about the cosmos and our place in it than mankind is presently. I’m currently of the belief that humanity as a global race was far MORE in every way (mind/body/spirit) prior to the current epoch we’re bungling through than we’ve been for the last [however many] millennia. Maybe you believe the same?

I could go on and on about this man and his story, but choose to leave the rest of the exploration to your own initiative to pursue. The first hour of the video is the initial interview, wherein he just talks and tells his tale. That’s followed by a half-hour “postscript” interview of responses to questions posed by the video producer. If this entire matter speaks to you at all, do watch the video from the beginning. If you find yourself interested to the point of wanting to learn more about the system he developed, then there are hundreds of resources online to fill in the blanks.

I share this to show how a life can be impacted by a reality-shattering mystical experience. Spirituality for most people is something under their control: they meditate, maybe do yoga, maybe read a book, maybe take a workshop, maybe go to church.

This is something else altogether. This man was seemingly plucked up by destiny, or a form of consciousness, so beyond human perception to even grasp… I doubt even he understood the fullness of it for the remainder of his life! But on the soul level, he obviously had some form of agreement to take it on. His 3D life was in shambles at the time it happened, and it seems as though that was as it was meant to be in order to “prime the pump” for what was to take place. It seems to be a recurring theme, actually, that a human’s material world undergoes a deep dismantling before something of this caliber can step in!

Of one thing I feel *quite* certain: there’s no possible way this stuff was “fabricated” for a lark. This man Alan had one hell of an experience (“or maybe I’m just insane?” … which he did ponder a lot, especially early on). He accepted the ‘mantle’ to go forth and teach what was pouring into and through him. I personally have far too little understanding of his experience and material to gauge how it might “serve” humankind. He calls his information a “door closer” at the end of a great cycle; the cycle ending now. How this might be so, I don’t know. At this point, I’m primarily intrigued with what happened here rather than understanding what it all means or signifies or what value it has to humanity… or not!

For your consideration and discernment, if you choose – the story of Alan Krakower’s initiation and transformation into a teacher called Ra Uru Hu:

Love all… Whitehawk

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