Akashic Records, Earth & The 7th Dimension, Fraud Time, Human Lightbodies…

A new interview with one of my primary go-to people for “extreme” information – “Galactic Historian” Andrew Bartzis, interviewed on online TV program Buzzsaw by Sean Stone (son of filmmaker Oliver Stone). As always, Andrew goes deep, far, and wide instantly; the viewer has to pay attention to grasp these ideas! I really felt for Stone, having to keep up with Andrew’s outpourings of rather alien info and follow up with more questions… but he holds his own and shapes our experience.

If you want a highly compressed fast-moving snapshot of our incredible paradox-laden cosmic story, grab a cuppa, settle in, and zoom-in your focus on this:

Blurb: Akashic records, the cosmic energy origin of Earth and the light being at the heart of our human form is discussed in the first of two interviews on metaphysics with Andrew Bartzis. The significance of 12/12 leads us into an exploration of karma, free will and the cycles of planetary genocide. From the dinosaurs, to Babylon and Egypt; the remnants of soul shards navigating the quantum psychic machinery of existence, plus the modern royals (from the Rothschilds to the Queen of England)–it is a an expansive first part of our uncensored Buzzsaw interviews with Bartzis, hosted by Sean Stone.


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