Free Will or Whirlwind?

Greetings – this substantial post is from Barbara Hand Clow, master astrologer, teacher and author of numerous books. I’m actually dividing her newsletter into two parts, in order to post the section relevant to TODAY first. You can continue to read the rest of this considerable overview by reading the entire post.  Ox Whitehawk

Free Will or the Whirlwind?
The Sixth Uranus/Pluto Square Dec. 15, 2014

© 2014 Barbara Hand Clow

On December 15, 2014, Uranus in 13 degrees Aries squares Pluto in 13 degrees Capricorn, while Chiron in 13 Pisces exactly sextiles Pluto. This configuration will release the deepest truths and healing powers of the god of the underworld, Pluto. With Chiron in Pisces traveling with Neptune, the square to Pluto from Uranus forces potent transformation of patriarchal power structures that created the deep conflicts and obsessions of the Piscean Age. This “chirotic” healing process has been intense since 2010 when Chiron went into Pisces and then travelled very close to Neptune through 2012, which inspired humanity to seek freedom.

The patriarchy is still entrenched and standing in the way of human freedom, while the seven Uranus/Pluto squares have been steadily eroding its financial and political basis. This deep work was largely unconscious until the April grand squares, but now this deep process is becoming conscious exponentially. Apocalypse means “revelations”; suddenly, the emperor has no clothes. Surprisingly and delightfully, with this Sixth Uranus/Pluto Square, the antidote—compassion—will be given. We will see many amazing events this winter that I cannot even imagine; somehow we will forge new paths and gain momentum. The law of the yin and the yang is inviolable, so we know many things will be very dark; however, intense light will balance it like the golden halos of saints and angels.

The Sun and the inner planets offer us personal guidance for how to handle these great forces. The Sun in 23 Sagittarius conjuncts Mercury in 27 Sagittarius right on the Galactic Center, which means the world’s purpose (Sun) is working with great intelligence (Mercury) in the Universe (Galactic Center). Astrology indicates the higher meaning of the conundrums of 2014 will be revealed because Jupiter retrograde in 23 Leo exactly trines Sun/Mercury. This potent and positive configuration will expand Sagittarian solar/mercurial wisdom. When Jupiter is retrograde, we are inspired to repair past failures. In this case, I think the issue is the failure of the patriarchy to use its kingly power for the good of the people. We need a new Magna Carta! With Jupiter in Leo trine Sun/Mercury in Sagittarius, the people will demand fairness from leaders. Jupiter was racing through Leo during July 2014 when great tension in the Middle East and the Ukraine exploded; then it retrogrades on December 9 just before this Uranus/Pluto Square, which will demand a global consideration of leadership and stewardship. It will pull back in Leo until April 2015, just past the Seventh and final Uranus/Pluto square when the great work of the seven squares culminates. Jupiter in Leo offers maximum encouragement for leaders to play their parts positively by evading old patterns that will not be part of the coming Age of Aquarius. Those who do not act accordingly will be thrown out of the game and off the throne.

The Moon is in 1 Libra during the square, which encourages the public to be balanced, and a close sextile from Saturn in 29 Scorpio means the public will be determined and disciplined even if public fear is high when the truth about the elite emerges. A week after this Uranus/Pluto Square, Saturn goes into Sagittarius, which will enhance the public quest for truth. Saturn in Sagittarius through December 2017 will clarify and orient the great change wrought by the seven squares. Mars in 8 Aquarius widely sextiles Uranus in 13 Aries, which will encourage the transformation of the warrior archetype. For example, the US is getting involved in Iraq again to protect its massive embassy! Why does America have huge embassies and bases all over the planet now that its power is waning? Venus in 6 Capricorn sextiles Neptune in 5 Pisces with Mars in decile between, so the powers of the goddess are astute, musical, and alluring. This configuration suggests male forces are tired and worn by five thousand years of struggle for dominance, so the feminine will weave and wend its way to balance with the Moon in 1 Libra.

Neptune turned direct November 16 and Chiron went direct November 23, so this magical, alchemical chart can bring illumination, compassion, truth, and courage to Earth: mysterious gifts from many dimensions. Yet, as always, this only happens if we each capture the light! I close by offering the best tool I’ve ever found for navigating reality—The Nine Dimensions of Consciousness. I’ve written books about them (The Pleiadian Agenda and Alchemy of Nine Dimensions) and taught them in many workshops around the world , so I won’t go over old ground. Instead, here is how I’ve been using nine-dimensional skills to make sense of the mass psychosis of 2014—”The Whirlwind”.

Nine-Dimensional Skills: If you want to use the powers of all nine dimensions, begin by making the intention to access and use all of them.

The first dimension, 1D, the iron core crystal in the center of Earth is the home of wisdom. Literally anybody can tune into it for any information, which is especially necessary when we move out of one great age and begin the next one. I tend to be immersed in its awesome mind to observe old patterns pass away and new ones pop into 3D. I’m constantly surprised, so I trust everything is meant to be just as it is.

The second dimension, 2D, the telluric realm between the core and Earth’s surface is exceedingly riled up right now; it always is when the whirlwind takes over 3D, such as with the
Ebola crises. The information I get from 1D is that Ebola will challenge Western medicine because suppressing symptoms with allopathic drugs caused Ebola to begin with. Considering Ebola homeopathically, it is the next logical step after AIDS, which was created in sexually promiscuous individuals who over-used antibiotics to suppress sexually transmitted diseases. Ironically, AIDS is sexually transmitted; Ebola by touch! We must strengthen our immunity, do all we can to avoid exposure, and support healing in Africa by opening our hearts to all those suffering this terrible malady. Eventually homeopathy will provide the antidote to find its place in global medicine. The violence Ebola creates in bodily fluids and blood exists to force humanity to stop shedding blood in war, especially through the obscenity of aerial bombing.

The third dimension, 3D, our life in space and time on Earth’s surface is in great turmoil as the Age of Pisces concludes and Aquarian creativity seeks space. Think of the turmoil on Earth two thousand years ago when the Age of Aries passed away! My guidance has been driving me to study history and observe how cultures flow and change. This whirlwind, like any great hurricane, will spend itself when we’ve leaned its lessons.

The fourth dimension, 4D, is crammed with overwhelming archetypal information that can be accessed creatively. Shutting your mind and closing your eyes is not an option because 4D will expand the whirlwind until people take responsibility for their own roles in it. This is a time to see great truths and actualize monumental possibilities, not a time to be fearful and hide.

The fifth dimension, 5D, is packed with wisdom and knowledge that is literally raining down on us. The time has come to open our hearts and invite truth in because we can grasp the perennial wisdom now. Intend to be in the golden world while passing through this storm.

The sixth dimension, 6D, is very purposeful and tense right now because each one of you must decide and intend what you want to influence the Mists in Platonia. Many people are activating truth and clarity by thinking things through deeply and facing what they see. This is the time to get really clear about the big questions, such as the meaning of life, because if you just float along, you will tend to be lost in the whirlwind of change.

The seventh dimension, 7D, is audible now. Great strides are being made in sound healing by using pure tones from high celestial realms to hear the sounds of heaven. Angels are drawn down by the alluring sounds of pure tones, and they are guiding us: Listen, listen!

The eighth dimension, 8D, is firmly in control and divinely guiding 3D no matter what the world religions claim humans must do or be. So if you use the divine’s eyes guided by your own inner eye, you can see the divine in the world. Every day a great wave of beauty washes in with the tides and transmutes to light when the Sun sets to reveal the stars.

The ninth dimension, 9D, is highly empowered now because the scientific discovery of the Higgs Boson in 2012 means access to all nine dimensions is available in 3D. The holographic nature of reality has been affirmed by science, so as we transit into the next age, the guidance from the highest levels will be here instantaneously for all to share.

Following is the content of the first half of Barbara’s original newsletter, for further background:

The April 21, 2014, Grand Square greatly intensified the potency of the Fifth Uranus/Pluto Square; it brought a reality shattering. Suddenly, we were catapulted through the illusionary veil—Neptune—as the elite spread its agendas out on the global dining table: We are supposed to think we must put up with endless war, exploding mental illness, access to weapons for all, and horrific diseases! This monster menu features the struggle between good and evil at the cost of human and planetary health, but who agreed to that? What’s being served on the table is not pretty, yet the ugly truth is in plain sight. The depressing global scene is the logical outcome of the seven squares between Uranus and Pluto that will finally wind down March 16, 2015. We need to recall fate drives mass movements; free will empowers individuals. Your personal will is flexible and it allows you to be free, but only if you use it.

We are in crises over the survival of good values, human decency, and love. Four hundred years of scientific materialism have nearly blocked our spiritual access to the higher dimensions that make life meaningful, and two thousand years of religious dogma have weakened our freedom and willpower. What’s going on? As we move out of the Age of Pisces into Aquarius—one astrological great age transmuting into the next—the connections between the lower and higher worlds shift context and reweave reality, a grand opportunity. When any great age culminates, its worst qualities release their last toxic gasp, opening space for new paths. Neptune has ruled during the Piscean Age for a long enough time, meanwhile Aquarian creative ideals beckon. We must master Neptune’s genius to respond to the Aquarian ideal—conscious freedom.

Current Neptune transits inspire us to reflect upon what we’ve learned during the last two thousand years. I have just finished a novel—Revelations of the Ruby Crystal—to come out in spring 2015, just after the completion of the last Uranus/Pluto Square. It is the first book of a trilogy dedicated to exploring how and why we began to lose our divine connection two thousand years ago. By focusing on the beginning phase of the Age of Pisces, when time wound down to zero and then started up again, I can see that we need to master Neptune to avoid getting caught in the dangerous whirlwind—the change of the Ages—affecting us all. Earth has experienced Neptune’s journey through all twelve signs since its discovery in 1846. Neptune moved into its home sign—Pisces—in 2011, which will release all its powers by the time of its entrance into Aries in 2026. Neptune in Pisces doubles Piscean influence—a confusing intensification—yet it pushes each one of us to master this murky archetype now: We are becoming conscious of the unconscious. As erupting dark forces strip the clothes off the game masters, many people realize they’ve been manipulated into false divisions to harvest them for power and money. Each person who is tricked into believing another human is his or her enemy gets caught up in the whirlwind and can’t see the light. When people realize they’ve been duped, seeing the truth is horrendous, it seems unreal, yet the truth is being told and people are hearing it. For example, Western interference in the internal affairs of the East has spawned the nasty backlash in Iraq and Syria, causing hideous cruelty and destruction in the region.

A heart-breaking collective psychosis has taken over the world because the Semitic religions have too long harvested the deep human desire for ecstasy and divine inspiration. The dawning Aquarian Age calls for human liberation and exposes the unforgivable cruelty and murderousness in the patriarchal religions of the Age of Pisces. This struggle is not about who
or what is right or wrong, because there is no morality in a mass psychosis. Knives (for beheading) and drones (for cowardly murder) that are used to kill in the name of God assault the heart-centered nature of humanity. Horrific scenes numb our minds, which reduces the potency of morality. Pisces is an inherently dualistic field (two opposing fishes); we must see both sides of the story to defuse the whirlwind’s vortex. Positive Pisces is visible in individuals who exhibit great bravery and compassion, such as the ones who respond to Ebola and the massive waves of refugees fleeing war amidst societal breakdown. The good news from astrology is that after all the mind-boggling events since the April grand square, the coming Uranus/Pluto Square on December 15 heralds the arrival of positive Neptunian ideals— personal transcendence over the collective pain.

The positive gifts of Neptune are empathy, transcendence, and illumination. First, however, we must consider the negative attributes—persistent illusions, escapism, being stunned and/or confused, drugging, abusing alcohol, and mental fogging. Often people need help with these tendencies because they don’t realize how far gone they are until someone helps them to see they are lost. The tension and abuse we are exposed to daily causes many people to retreat into legal or illegal drugging, foolish and illusionary thinking, and mindless drinking and shopping, while obsessively watching the media to hopefully get some answers. Yet, the media is a Piscean fog machine! As I mentioned earlier, even at the height of a collective insanity, we all have free will. Therefore, giving into negative Piscean behavior is deadly now. Simply put, you are facing a very clear and necessary choice.

Positive Neptunian qualities are vision and inspiration, empathy and healing, idealism, transcendence, and spiritual access. The big confusion for many of us is that negative Neptunian tendencies such as drinking and drugging and lazy thinking tend to be chosen just when clarity and strong will are called for. Meanwhile, in spite of the all-encompassing scope of the current collective madness flooding the world, the illuminated path widens. Colleagues, students, and friends have given me many wonderful reports that show how they handle this crisis, especially lately. Those who have been able to maintain clarity while observing events with total discernment report 1) they now see how the mass psychosis game is played and have withdrawn aspects of themselves from it, and 2) they are receiving great joy and support in their primary relationships and in nature.

The world is on a crazy Neptunian high that craves more and more stimulation and ecstasy as we reap the bad karma of the Piscean Age. The wars in the Middle East repeat the Inquisitions and the barbarian invasions, so be careful where your mind, heart, and soul are in these times. I will read the chart for the Sixth Uranus/Pluto Square looking for ways to adopt positive Neptunian skills that can be used to transcend the collective mind.


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