Exploring the 5th Dimension in Lucid Dreams

One way to explore other dimensional realms is via lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming refers to the ability to “awaken within a dream” and once you are consciously aware that you are in a dream environment, be able to exercise control over the elements of whatever might be happening. I think of this considered skill as “storyline editing on the fly.”

So, for instance, you can decide—within the dream—that you’d prefer the action to continue in another setting, such as on a beach instead of in a city bus. Or you could physically alter or swap out various characters or animals in the plot line, or (this is a lucid dreamer’s favorite) – you can fly at will.

The article I’m sharing here is from the World of Lucid Dreaming website, the impressive brainchild of an accomplished lucid dreamer named Rebecca. It’s so in-depth and loaded with graphics that support her explanations, I’m providing only the beginning of it here. You can click over to her site to continue reading if you wish.

Rebecca also offers a free lucid dreaming course that might interest you to opt-in for. Meanwhile, if exploring the 5th dimension is your cup of tea, I think you’ll enjoy what follows. I have not seen Interstellar (tho now I’m interested!), but this didn’t detract from my appreciation of her illuminating post.

Love all, Whitehawk

Interstellar Inspired: Exploring the Fifth Dimension in Lucid Dreams


The Interstellar bookcase in three dimensions (top) and then planted spatially in five dimensions (lower).

One of the most enthralling concepts in Chris Nolan’s Interstellar is when the hero, Cooper, travels into a black hole.

(Don’t worry. It’s a “gentle black hole” so he can pass through without suffering the ill effects of spaghettification.)

Once inside the greatest mystery of the universe, Cooper begins to perceive reality in five dimensions. Count them.

But there’s a catch.

We are three-dimensional beings (comprising length, width and depth) moving through the fourth dimension (for the most part, time).

It’s extremely difficult for us to imagine a fifth dimension but most scientists accept that more dimensions do exist and are just awaiting imminent proof.

But if it’s so hard to visualize, how does this fifth-dimensional mind-buggery play out on the movie screen?

Quite beautifully, if you ask me.

The robot TARS explains to Cooper that he’s seeing five dimensions mapped out in our familiar three-dimensional reality. This appears as an infinite and impossible Escher-style sprawl of bookcases.

The Fifth Dimensional Bookcase

In so doing, he gains a glimpse at a plot-defining piece of space – his daughter’s bedroom – across a number of years of her life.

But the fifth dimension exists as a range of possibilities. That’s what makes it the fifth dimension. Otherwise we’re just looking back in time (the fourth dimension).

So in this remarkably eerie scene we see Cooper desperately try to push his daughter’s reality along the correct timeline, by sending Morse code messages containing quantum data across space and time.

He succeeds – and creates her destiny of saving the people of Earth.


Lucid Dreams of The Fifth Dimension

Spooked and in awe, Interstellar pressed on my mind the next day. I vowed to experience the fifth dimension in my lucid dreams.

I wake up. I’m in my bedroom and soon realize it’s a false awakening; I’m dreaming. I float downstairs to see who else is around (no-one is) and then push through the dining room window.

Outside, the sky is gray and the clouds are far too low. I get an oppressive sense of being trapped and have to remind myself I’m dreaming.

Then I recall my lucid dream goal and fly upwards, seeking a random new location. I narrowly avoid becoming entangled in a tree (where is my mind tonight?) and fight off a fisherman on the ground below, who’s trying to reel me back down to Earth.

With a burst of fresh lucidity I push on up… and instead of passing through more clouds I begin to pass through water.

A Lucid Dream Changing Scene
Almost immediately, my head breaks through the surface of a turquoise ocean and I am looking at the fingers of a tropical island which I can only identify as “B”.

Meanwhile, my lower body is still dangling in the clouds from the world below.

I can see the thick clouds from the perspective of my kneecaps, while not interfering with my vision of the island.

Perhaps this inspires what happens next…

I ascend above the ocean and, while breathing in the gorgeous landscape, I start to see the same location at different points in time simultaneously.

Lucid Dream in Multiple Dimensions
Then it speeds up, and I watch live action playing out at high speed.

From my aerial perspective I see 17th-century pirates sail in and out of port, modern-day tourists diving off their yachts, and a futuristic vision in which the island is cherished by botanists and entomologists who study its natural evolution.

I have to stress that this is all happening at once and I have an understanding of the dramas playing out on each timeline.

Yet the past, present and future dream characters don’t acknowledge each other. They don’t even bump into each other. They are like ghosts, operating on an ethereal plane.

Could this be my dreaming mind’s interpretation of fifth-dimensional space-time? I’ve certainly had lucid dreams like this before – for example, watching day and night play out simultaneously.

Some oneironauts even claim to experience two different dreams at the same time. Although I suspect this is just perceptual.

But on the basis of the fifth dimension being a wave of probabilities – in which a fifth-dimensional perspective could “see” all the possible timelines simultaneously – there is a lot more to be imagined here. And so I will push on in my future dreams.

Will you?

How to Visualize The Fifth Dimension

Besides being blown away by the visuals in Interstellar, here’s another way you might incubate a lucid dream about the fifth dimension. (To continue reading, please follow this link to the source.)

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