Vibe Dip

 Last night I had the pleasure of attending a dinner party where many in attendance are doing exceptional spiritual work in the world, and for the most part they seem supported by the world they serve, which is always nice and not always easy.

One guest, a well-established author with a special focus on near-death experiences, shared that she worked and worked and worked for decades, researching this field extensively, all the while wondering when she’d at long last be recognized by “authorities” (medical? scholarly? not sure just whom she was hoping to impress enough to gain entrance into a particular strata of professional associates). All these years she had her eyes on what she called the “gold ring” of respect and recognition beyond what might typically be considered (by the establishment) as “fringe groups.” Earlier this year, someone – apparently someone in a position to help her gain access to this type of recognition – told her it would never happen.

This slam devastated her… flattening her for a couple of weeks before she picked herself up and carried on.

Blazing one’s own high-altitude “cliff-side trail” in this whole spiritual/beyond 3D realm of reality—especially when one needs financial support for all the “field work” and effort—can be challenging enough. To add the goal of “official” recognition on top of remuneration can remain almost unbearably elusive. (The neurosurgeon Dr. Eben Alexander comes to mind as a rare exception, with his mega-NYT-best-selling book about his own near-death experience.)

Anyway, after feeling like a “splat on the ground” for a while, our author friend rallied and declared herself FREE of that whole dream, or possibly expectation, of being lauded for her contributions in the manner she really craved. She’s still on her own path, but just no longer in anticipation of the longed-for Grand Prize.

I wasn’t expecting to get off into that here, it just came out while reflecting on the evening, but I’m leaving it in, in case anyone has a similar challenge going on. Out here on the fringe, the satisfaction of being taken seriously can certainly remain a gold ring out of reach. The question is, can you live with that scenario and keep plugging away, or do you shelve all that matters to you and “sell out” to the mainstream value system? Or might that not even be an option at this point?


The intended topic of this post actually involves something I ended up sharing when the hostess asked me, over dessert at a beautifully dressed holiday table, if I was still experiencing “the vibrations” I’ve had in my body for years. They still come and go, when I’m at rest. I shared this little experience I had a few nights ago, which I’ll recap here:

In an obe (out of body) state, I was in circumstances where I was being “dipped” (or led into) a series of vibrational pools. The closest thing to which I can compare this is an amazing mineral springs spa in New Mexico called Ojo Caliente (‘hot water‘), a place next to the Rio Grande that has about six different mineral springs (that is to say, numerous springs but each with different mineral properties – one might be iron, one sulphur, one arsenic, etc… each in its own channel. How nature managed this I can’t imagine! But it’s a special place. :)  So you’d go to Ojo Caliente, and soak in a pool with minerals possessing the healing property you’re looking for, and then when you were done, an attendant would wrap you up like a mummy and you’d just lie on a slab and sweat out the toxins that were soaked loose for some period of time. Then you could try another spring if you chose.

That’s what this ‘journey’ was like the other night. I would go into one pool (there were a couple of attendants guiding me), feel the vibrations penetrating me there… come out… go into another pool with, presumably, a different vibrational signature… let that do whatever it was meant to do, and so on.

I told my hostess that it was sort of like being a human Easter egg, being dipped in the various dyes. But it was all vibrational.

I have no details to impart re: what that was all about. So often I come back from things like this, in a full-body “hum,” as though I’d just experienced being in a full-immersion “silent movie,” remembering not a word spoken or information transmitted.

Presumably I was undergoing some beneficial vibrational adjustments. Just sharing. It’s quite pleasant to visualize doing the “warm pool of healing water” in meditations, too! Very nice and relaxing. Imagine entering the water pictured here; heavenly!

This link is to the Ojo Caliente site, by the way; they’ve done a huge amount of upgrading since I was there. I hope it’s still possible to drive  up and jump in without hemorrhaging big bucks for the privilege. Still looks very appealing though; I’d love to flash out there for a weekend!

May the year-end threshold we’re about to cross bring a fresh new wave of positive energy to help you soar towards whatever it is you desire for your life at this juncture.

Whitehawk oxo


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