Enchantment on Desolation Trail

This is a quickie to pass along a moment of sweet enchantment.

I just googled “desolation trail” and up came all the online info about this trail in Utah.

I saw this darling photo of a little purple fairy door, created by a hiker to adorn the base of a tree on the trail — how sweet is this?


I clicked through to the source of this image, and found a blog post about the writer/photographer and his son’s subsequent revisit to this trail about a year later. Look what they found had become of this tree!


Hikers adorned it to the extent that it is a bonafide shrine to the nature elementals, can you stand it? This is the happiest tree in the land, so honored by all the loving attention and gifts bestowed upon it by visitors.

If only all trees could be appreciated in similar spirit — not to imply we should decorate them; just see and love them for the magnificent beings they are.

This is how sacred spots become power spots — energetically empowered by the investment of our attention, respect, and love.

My intention is for your energy in this moment to be uplifted and enlivened by a little *sparkle*  that might have been lying dormant a moment ago, awaiting an invitation to emerge.

oxo W

If you’d like a few more pics of this collaborative adornment effort, here is the source.



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