Solara’s 2015 Surf Report: Shifting Worlds

Just drawing your attention to the new page on this blog: Solara’s 2015 Surf Report. It begins—

Once again, this New Year brings us a potpourri of extremely mixed energy. Many people still don’t fully see the seriousness of the time we are in. In many areas of the planet, the world situation has become like a bad dream. Whenever we are in the midst of a bad dream, it’s important to wake up quickly. Often, waking up isn’t enough as the energies of the dream linger with us. That’s when we need to change our environment by turning on the lights, getting out of bed, walking around, going to another room, perhaps going outside for fresh air. What we really need to do is to SHIFT WORLDS.

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Traditional Hindu View of Sexual Tantra


Anyone who has experienced a kundalini awakening will enter into some degree of sexual tantra awareness. At least, it would seem so to me that the two are connected part-and-parcel. This subject is also connected to one of my recent experiences that I’m still working on writing up for you.

In this 8-minute video snip, Yogacharya Basile P. Catoméris explains to ‘New Realities’ host Alan Steinfeld how tantric practice has been understood in traditional (and ancient) Hindu tradition. Note the term ‘shakti’ is virtually interchangeable with kundalini.

(Kundalini might be considered technically as the ‘immediate embodiment‘ of this energy, whereas shakti refers to a more expansive plasmic presence of it, or her, if you hold the ‘Goddess Kundalini’ belief. This has been my sense, but I may not be on target traditionally.)

I learned something new here, as I’ll ‘bet the farm,’ will you! … Continue reading

Redialection & Dramatic Shift

The Great Kaleidoscope Turns

imagesThis woman’s 21-minute video message seems a perfect follow-up to my last post about restructured truth patterns. Moreover, it perfectly builds on what I wrote years ago in the book Kundalini Rising – Deep Light and the Great Retruthing.

This messenger, Jenna, is new to my awareness and somehow plopped under my nose from the clear blue this morning, which means something. The articulation in her “message from the unified field” (ie oneness) is unique which, to me as an appreciator of expression, makes it particularly interesting. Continue reading

The Restructured Truth Pattern

So much energy is on the move lately, I am seriously challenged to stop in the midst of it and write my Whitehawk perceptions and experiences here on this blog. Moreover, I’ve been in a wave in which the body has been challenged to assimilate so much energetic change without numerous difficulties springing up. It happens.

images-4This is an amazing, amazing journey we’re on, friends. What we are on the very brink of ‘knowing’ and ‘being’ as earth-dwellers is just… eiye! Old words like “transformation,” “ascension,” “shift,” and “transmutation” I fear can’t do justice to the “incoming.” We’ve heard them for so many years, they’ve sort of lost their juice over the long haul.

You, like me and so many seekers/pathfinders/way-showers, have been exceptionally (or excruciatingly) aware of an acceleration of deep change going on currently. Much of it can feel somewhat like a living evisceration. Not at all pleasant, having one’s life at its deepest levels just start ripping into a heap of debris not only all around you, but within you. I know “evisceration”! It can wreak major havoc with one’s faith in what we’ve believed is going on here, for decades… even from pre-incarnation, where we signed up to be here for the big show. I mean, survival through all this kinda begs for some acknowledgment, would you agree? (I know, patience.. )

As an aside, a quick shout-out re: our beloved canine companions, many of whom seem to be involved in a mass exodus from this plane currently. The sad reports of dogs suddenly becoming very ill and dying within hours seem to be constant lately. Just mentioning. Exactly why, or what it means, I can’t say. Maybe they are going before to become guides for their ‘people’ in higher realms? A nice thought, at least. Woof  :)

Meanwhile, back at the morphing ranch: Continue reading


Consciously Using Brain, Mind & Emotions to Create Differently

Change the World with a Simple Technique

(Just Do It)

Dr. Joe Dispenza’s valuable insights will help us lock in that critical skill we all need, being to *remember* to consciously create our days that in turn sculpts our lives that in turn facilitates the future of this earth – and beyond!

You may think I’m exaggerating, but this is the real deal.

You’re likely already aware of Joe and his material, but – trust me – you could use an inspiring refresher, and I’m offering two right here ;) Continue reading

Journey of an Ascension Guide

At first I didn’t think I’d be posting this long video by ‘ascension guide’ Lisa Renee, as I haven’t been as aware of her work since she privatized her site and her languaging and references became a bit much to relate to, and is not for everyone.

Lisa’s kundalini awakened right around the same time as did mine (late 90’s). She became very conversational and facile with extra-dimensional mentors (and also had ‘etheric hardware’ installed in her physical body), and began doing interviews and newsletters. At one point (she mentions 2007 in this video as the time at which her new membership site started) her attention shifted almost exclusively to her private site and membership, creating in effect a mystery school. I haven’t followed her journey for the most part since then.

But I’m watching the video now and thinking it might serve some to understand from these women that the ascension journey can definitely have its periods of difficulty, for one thing. This conversation starts right off with mention of the ‘spiritual nomad,’ which many of us have experienced, or are experiencing now. This is your basic homelessness as your inner world shifts so significantly during the awakening process that the “care and feeding” of 3D life just cannot be maintained as it was prior to expanding into this very new space. Continue reading

Healing HOOKS & Hooking Behaviors

 I’m reposting a brief message from the creator writings – one of the QHHT (tuning-in technique) blogs on wordpress – by Jennifer Farley. It speaks directly to those little (or not so little!) manipulative hooks people sink into each other to get others to do something for them or give them something they want.

My radar for these hooks is well honed at this point, and also hard earned. Their energy is harsh, like barbed wire wrapping around you, in contrast to the benevolent embrace of light, open, ascended exchange.

They also have a bad “smell” when they come toward you. (Engage all your senses in the day-to-day more consciously; they are your training wheels for higher sensory awareness.)

When hooks show up in the myriad ways they do, they’re becoming increasingly obvious in their low-vibe, inappropriate nature, as the ascension progresses. It’s actually embarrassing now to see them “deployed” by people who still (try to) use them as a tactic.

This is one of the lower egoic behaviors that needs to be shed as frequencies heighten. Actually it would be better to say, let them be absorbed by the higher frequencies, as transmutation is what’s going on here.

Their time is now up; they are psychologically obsolete.

There is no place now for activities/behaviors that don’t arise from pure-of-heart intent. These manipulations used to slink… insinuate themselves… into all areas of life – personally, professionally – far more easily, in every imaginable scenario.

Continue reading

Rebalancing the Energies of Ascension

the heart of the matterI’m posting another one from the Hawaiian source through whom the recent Ja’li messages came… tho this one is from another ‘member’ of that ‘galactic team.’ What I consider so *important* about this, as well as the Ja’li messages, is the emphasis on prioritizing your own infallible, conscious connection and collaboration with your own soul.

The soul’s perspective is vastly beyond our own sensory perception, and being able to tune in to the soul’s expanse of awareness—and capacity for love—is critical. And beautiful!

The current frequencies are such that this is not only so important – it’s also easier to achieve than it has been until recently.

Following is the message I came to share with you today. Regular readers realize that I do not just slap up every channeled message that comes along to keep traffic coming to this blog. I am discerning about what I share with you. I’m also feeling the acceleration of this event in progress, so I turn to you with what little influence (and hopefully, encouragement) I might have from this little perch in cyberspace. Whether your discernment is within the same ballpark as my own is of course for you to determine. Let’s just do some good, shall we – which begins as an inside job., which begins with a decision.

Love & peace… Whitehawk

By the way, the links at the end of this material are not mine, nor have I checked through them to see if they work, or if I would recommend the info or products they link to. As always, your judgment.  oxo

Suggestions to Rebalance Ascension Energies

An T’na: Greetings from the members of the Intergalactic Board of Council. I am An T’na speaking on their behalf. These are their words.

IBOC: We shall at this time continue with our prior discourse

With regard to the developments on your planet, you must remember that plans, good and bad, have come and gone for eons pertaining to the destiny of your species and the planet that is home to you.

The current events that are developing are yet another of those ongoing attempts to steer your planet into a particular direction. Each side has their pet agendas, as it were, but we wish you to remember that you must have your own personal plan back of or beneath the larger impersonal plans being made for you.

It has been our business to help give you some guidance and clarification on initiating a desire to formulate a plan for yourselves.

As such we have encouraged you to focus your personal plan upon ascension. It is through your personal ascension that you will become forever set free of the ongoing impersonal plans that constantly tug you around  every corner of your planet, and for some of you that has been the case for many lifetimes.

But then, you know all of this, yet if you knew about it on the conscious level, then why are you still here?

Could it be because you’ve merely forgotten how to focus your consciousness and energy into a powerful enough state that generates your freedom on all levels?

Or could it be that there is something more, something else, something other that, regardless of how ardently you attempt to focus yourself into release, it is keeping you trapped?

From where we are observing you, we have seen that there is indeed something that is keeping you subdued. We have mentioned it before briefly.

We said that there are changes occurring cosmically throughout not only your solar system but throughout the entire universe. The changes that are affecting your solar system are affecting your planet, of course.

Your sun is therefore emitting an unusual amount of various frequencies, some that can contribute to evolution and ascension, but also other amplified frequencies that are lower vibrating waves. These are the ones that your negative factions have harnessed artificially and employed to create what we consider to be adverse affects upon your planet, which includes your bodies that are components of the planet.

You must understand that the nature of duality requires a system of balance so that while some energies your sun is emitting are that which is of a higher vibrating effect that supports the creation and evolution of life, it also emits equal amounts of energies that are of a lower vibrating effect. These +/- energies generates the harmonic balance necessary for the Lower Triad’s nature of duality to exist.

So, while many of you have been enthusiastically endeavoring to embrace and engage the higher vibrating frequencies to evolve and ascend yourselves, your negative factions have been working just as hard to prevent that from happening because according to them they own your planet thus you as well. When they noticed that their slaves became enlightened enough to discover how to ‘escape the prison’, so to speak, then they began working overtime to get the upper-hand on your efforts.

So, how are they going about this?

There is a forcefield that was placed around your planet some decades ago that is designed to artificially emit frequency waves that are tuned to the level of vibration that creates what we refer to as ‘interference patterns’. These are also used to create what you know as holography but the usual interference patterns are being ‘interfered by‘ another set of interference patterns that literally disrupts the harmonic vibrations that your planet naturally emits and to which your bodies are naturally attuned.

This is being done through the use of what you call your ‘cell towers’, your ‘power towers’, your ‘radio towers‘. All such structures have over time become, shall we say, ‘compromised’ by being ‘infected’ with electronic devices that relay the particular frequency from one point to another, across a given landmass, what you call a continent. This creates a ‘grid pattern’ that supports the frequencies disruption from place to place.

Now you know why you’ve been funneled so quickly into becoming ‘electronic junkies’. Getting you hooked into the world of all-things-electronics vicariously hooks you into the ‘vibrational grid’ itself. So you’re literally ‘plugged in’.

This ground-based grid is all connected to a much larger array of ‘towers’ so to speak that exist in orbit around your planet. Nearly all of the so-called satellites are connected to these on-ground frequency transmitters. The space grid, if you will, works on much the same basis except that the frequencies are far more amplified in power. That power is transduced as it enters the ground-based transmitters. The amplified power is coming from your sun, is captured by the satellites and further amplified, then is transmitted to your ground-based towers.

Your negative factions are merely making use of what is already a naturally occurring process, except they are enhancing only the lower vibrating frequencies of the overall range of harmonics.

Now perhaps you know why there seems to be such an unusual amount of satellites orbiting your planet. Keeping these devices operational is the main purpose of having space stations in orbit as well. Someone’s got to maintain them.

So, this is a brief and simplified explanation of it, but you get the picture, as you would say. To put it succinctly, the interference frequencies are in the air all around you.

Keeping you trapped as their indentured slaves through the use of vibrational frequency bombardment was, for a couple of generations, a well-known idea amongst the most elite of your negative factions.

They knew at the time that in order to be able to accomplish such an exotic project it would require many decades if not a couple of generations of time of scientific research, experimentation, and the creation and refinement of the proper instruments capable of harnessing and emitting the appropriate frequencies that would disrupt your body’s ability to harness and engage the higher frequencies necessary for ascension.

Over an extended time much experimentation was done on human test subjects in order to identify which areas of the brain and nervous system to target with which frequencies.

At any rate, things are as they have come to be and perhaps now you know why many of you have endeavored with the utmost sincerity, devotion and determination to ascend and have been unable to get anywhere.

Your body’s natural frequency patterns that are attuned to the planet are being vicariously affected along with the planet. It is therefore not that you cannot ascend, it’s that your body is having difficulty getting up to speed, so to speak.

If when focusing intently, you cannot cure your own cold, or heal a cut or a simple headache within a brief moment of time, then you need to know that ‘it’s not just you’, but that there is another factor that is interfering with your body’s ability to get up to speed for instant, or even nearly-instant healing.

Your space- and ground-based electronic and internet grid is like a fish net that has you caught by process of a ‘frequency-vector-field’ that has the ability to reduce some higher frequencies to lower ones, involving what you would refer to as a ‘piggybacking process‘ of ‘carrier waves‘. Artificial interference patterns interfering with natural interference patterns.

In order for you to counteract the overall effect of the grid’s output it would require far more consciousness and energy raising than you currently can access that is capable of doing so. In other words, you cannot personally abolish the negative faction’s source of these adverse effects. All you can do is to engage ways that will help you overcome the effects for yourself.

Because these subduing frequencies are being artificially generated and target at certain areas of your mind and body, you need to buffer and neutralize it artificially by generating your own counter-measures that will positively counter the intended negative effects.

We know that you have access to tools that you listen to which stimulates positive effects in targeted areas of your body and mind.

Some of these tools are what you refer to as frequency tones, frequency activator beats, frequency light waves, hemispheric-synchronizing waves, and so on.

There are sound-light devices you can purchase. (See website below. ~G~)

There are hemispheric-synchronizing music and devices. (See website below. ~G~)

There are pyramid structures inside which to meditate or sleep. If you cannot afford to buy it then make your own. (See website below. ~G~)

While there is an enormous amount of sources provided on your internet sites by which to access frequency beats or tones, hemi-sync music signals and music, and so on, we do not advise you using those methods due to the fact that the computer is directly interfaced with the frequency-vector-field. Non-computer methods are far more effective.

Because of this, we also recommend that you limit your time spent on your computers, mostly with the internet active. Your cell phones and other such devices are also main causes of ‘infecting you’, if you will, with polluting frequency disruptions.

These are but a few suggestions and methods you can use to assist your efforts to counter the adverse effects being forced upon you. There are others, and we suggest that you do your homework to research which method you feel is best for you for it will be different with each of you since you’re not all wired the same, as you say.

Now, that is what you can do materially to help counter the adverse effects of the  invisible artificially constructed prison you’re being kept in. That is merely one layer.

The other layer is the need to begin, if you haven’t yet, or to continue if you have, to engage the raising of your vibrations. Your inner-focused efforts to do this will be more effective while you are also using an external countering method.

We see that some of you are what we might call “ascension puritans”, meaning you prefer or believe ascension must be done solely through your inner methods. But we want to remind you that we have stated that when you go into such beliefs of that which is outer is somehow wrong or bad or inappropriate, that you go into forgetting that all things on your planet, whether nature- or manmade are made from the planet therefore are of the planet itself. All the same stuff, just different forms of expression. You go into judgment that causes the separatism that keeps you locked into the duality of the Lower Triad.

Now, you might say that our message herein is judgmental and is about separatism, but you misperceive our point.

We have not said that any of the frequencies adversely affecting you are wrong or bad, nor are they inappropriate. We said that they are necessary in order to keep the sun and all things in energetic balance.

We are not advising you to go into separatism by engaging the external methods we’ve suggested. That which is external is merely the aftereffects of that which is from the internal source. We recommend that you engage the external methods as a means to help rebalance what your negative factions are doing to you artificially by generating an abnormal amount of lower vibrating frequencies with which they are bombarding you daily.

The external counter-measures we recommend is a way for you to bring your vibrations back up to where they should and would be were you not being artificially bombarded.

You see, the amplified cosmic energies are not the cause of the imbalance. The universe generates and sustains its natural state of balance. We recommend that you read Mr. Ja’li’s Messages about this.

It is that your negative factions have harnessed this amplified cosmic energy into an artificial means of putting you off balance for their own dishonorable purposes. What they have done to you collectively, you must undo for yourself personally.

Were this not the case then you could make easy use of the amplified cosmic energies without resorting to using external booster-methods, so to speak, to assist you.

Now, before we close this Communiqué, we wish to remind you that your planet is the one that is deeply plagued by adverse effects, thanks to your negative factions.

We wish you to know that we have never left you but are still in your solar system, assisting the highly evolved extraterrestrials efforts to free your planet of the tyranny it is under so you can ascend beyond it.Contact with you is still being worked out. You have not been abandoned.

But we also wish you to remember that regardless of what your negative factions are doing; regardless of extraterrestrials and contact; regardless of the folding-up of the Lower Triad; regardless of the collapsing of the holographic universe and the reasons for that, which Mr. Ja’li explains, the greatest most paramount reason why you have been, for a very long time, encouraged to ascend is for you – the crucial point being so that you can return to your true Home.

If you can’t ascend for you, with the utmost reason to do so being solely for you, solely because of you rather than because of something ‘out there’, then you won’t ascend. In other words, you cannot make something or someone ‘out there’ your reason for ascending simply because by projecting the reason out there onto some event, some condition, some person, whatever, then you continue to lock yourself into the externally projected duality of the Lower Triad.

The reason to ascend must be you, that which you are within, meaning the you that occupies the external-based embodiment that houses you inside for the embodiment is an instrument that permits you to interact with all that this universe has to offer.

We do hope that this not only answers your question, but also provides you with pertinent information that will guide you into taking the suggested action that will assist you to rebalance your ascension energies.

Gesanna: Yes, it does. It is far more helpful than I expected. It is very much appreciated by myself and all of us. Thank you very much.

An T’na: You are very welcome. The Council bids you all a fond farewell until next time.

I am An T’na of the Intergalactic Board of Council. That is all for now.

Light and Sound device (less expensive product found here) 

Hemi-Sync signal music CDs 

Pyramids (for purchase) 

Youtube vid; includes mention of Billy Meier’s use of pyramids

Pleiadian Pyramid for meditation

Copper Pyramids, merkaba, tetrahedrons

Symphony of the Planets: CD disks 1-5; NASA recordings of sounds made by the planets themselves; good tool for meditating

You can sample them via Youtube clips at, 

The Spiritual Bonfire of the Lower Self

Here’s the latest from Lisa Renee. As per her style, it runs long and deep. I haven’t gotten through it all myself yet (as is typical – her missives always take time to absorb), but when I saw the phrase I used to title this post, I knew I wanted to share it with you. I’ve taken the liberty to break a few exceptionally long paragraphs into more manageable “bites.”

Sending love to all who are experiencing the bonfire (or inferno in some instances)… more from me later.  Love and blessings, Whitehawk

Divine Infinite Calculus

Lisa Renee
Dear Ascending Family,

There are Universal Laws governing structure (architecture) which exist at both energetic levels (pre-matter) and physical levels (matter) for absolutely everything in existence. The Law exists both at the pre-matter level of the energetic-spiritual blueprint, as well as the manifested result of the structural form in matter. Consciousness energy vibrates and manifests in accordance to a higher law, and the principles governing the structure or body. The architecture plus intention determines the consciousness content and frequency pattern within that structure or form. The Divine Infinite Calculus is the Universal Law that applies to human bodies, spiritual bodies, planetary bodies and any kind of structure one could imagine.

Calculus is the mathematical study of rates of change in the quantity and quality of the very small and very large. It refers to any system of calculation guided by symbols and the influence of mathematical expressions. Spirit Intelligence manifests itself through any form or structure projecting itself through the same math, symbols or archetypal expressions. Calculus is a process of calculating or reasoning through the use of symbols and their application to solving equations. Nature wants to return to energetic balance and that occurs through the process of solving equations with the Divine Infinite Calculus.

The symbols that we use to represent the ideas of God, operating in their divine order and system, are part of consciousness. Every spiritual student intent on understanding the meaning of life or the relationships of the terms synonymous with God, is engaged with the Divine Infinite Calculus. We identify ideas of God and compute their combinations and relationships, which give deeper meaning to the mysteries of life. We calculate the specific divine ideas that apply to the human experience to resolve the supposed material calculus of false belief systems and false ego identities. (Who are we really?)

With the recent return of Mother’s Cosmic Aether, we are seeing increased potential for true healing at all levels.  With it, the Divine Infinite Calculus is being applied and reorganization is happening at every level, from the micro to the macro.  As this happens, we get to ask anew, who are we really?

The material substances and their resident forms built upon the science of human calculus, or NAA (see Negative Alien Agenda) machinery, will naturally deconstruct themselves to be returned to their original nature. This natural process breaks down the material substances that have made the original spirit essence impure, through the continual process of purification. In some stages, this will feel like decay or even death. The process of purification brings deconstruction and chaos to the earth surface, which is challenging to bear witness to.  The truth that Divine Infinite Calculus governs earthly structures is revealing itself for those with the eyes to see. For those who do not recognize the necessity of the false ego identities being destroyed, this is a painful and confusing time.

Moving through the recent Sagittarian energies, many of us are enduring forms of spiritual healing crisis. This is similar to the spiritual bonfire of the lower self, burning away old attachments and energy parasites. Once the higher Divine Infinite Calculus and Mother’s Cosmic Aether are introduced and connected into the planetary body, a massive healing crisis begins. This burns away old negative forms and false ego identities, reducing their debris into ashes to be reformed.

Our consciousness has to be moved into more productive ways of expressing our highest spiritual purpose. Sometimes, one can sense the death energy in the blackened state from burning away the debris and fragments.This may mean the death of things or the end of certain ways of living, being or relating. This may end or transform relationships. Yet, this ushers in stages of great renewal and resurrection into the ascending consciousness which aligns us with the Divine Infinite Calculus of Gods Eternal Spirit. Continue reading

Freedom through Focus

The 8-minute video in this post, How to Escape the Matrix, is from Aliyah Marr, who offers the following introductory blurb:

You can escape the Matrix by creating new space in your mind, and clearing negative emotions. Time to make a choice on the reality that you want, by choosing to focus on the energetic qualities of that reality: the feelings and emotions that support the new. Continue reading

Time Shift & Time Line Edits in Progress

I don’t think I’ve posted anything from Starfire Tor before… or, if I have, it was years ago. I rather lost touch with her in recent years, but she’s come back “in orbit” for me in recent months. Her peculiar and fascinating niche involves tracking time-shift events* (among other things) and researching whether they coincide with solar magnetic storms! How ’bout that! :)

* Time-shift events involve evidence of having hopped to a neighboring timeline in the ‘quantum,’ where most things are the same and familiar, but other details are altogether different.

So for example, she has witnessed—and/or collected—information about buildings suddenly appearing where they weren’t the day before, even though they are obviously well-worn structures. She’s also documented substantial changes in malls, such as one store in a spot on one day, and then suddenly replaced by an altogether different business the next.

Another “symptom” of time shift events are what she calls “time-shift living dead,” where people known to be deceased for years are suddenly alive and well and carrying on a normal life. Different timelines, different lifelines! Makes one wonder how many different plot lines and ages one lives to experience across the board, eh?

It also brings front & center (to me) the possibility of negotiating one’s OWN timeline to experience. I’ve talked about this here before, probably under the topic of quantum jumping. Is it possible to consciously choose to edit your own timeline, so who you are *here/now* can shift to a version of yourself *there/when*?

I love this stuff.

Her observations (as well as collecting data and corroborative info from others) can go quite deep. She is all about the evidence and records her findings meticulously.

Also re: Starfire – and this is *something* considering how focused she is on EMF (electromagnetic frequency) events – she recently started having mysterious brain seizures.  She was hospitalized for about ten days, during which she remained a complete mystery to the doctors in attendance. She lost substantial physical  function as a result of all these seizures, and her followers have been praying for her and pitching in however they could. I believe she is improving…

Still she continues her work. Here is her latest report for your consideration. ox W Continue reading

What Happened?

Addressing the “Something HUGE Just Happened!” post that appeared here yesterday, and has spread hither and yon via social media outlets and email, creating a stir.

First, I’ll say that it seems something energetic DID happen a few days ago. I live wayyy out in the profound silence of rural sanctuary, yet my lower body was registering an interesting ‘percussion’ effect, for no discernible reason. It was similar to how it feels to be in an apartment building, say, or in traffic – when someone nearby is blasting their “music” (or cacophony ;) with the bass cranked to full max. You feel in in your body. But there was no audible sound, just this curious pounding sensation. Not pulsingpounding.

There’s also been some unprecedented agitated behavior going on with my absolute sweetheart of a cat; very unusual and unsettling to have her suddenly acting out like this. But as we all know, animals sense things beyond the bandwidth of most humans, such as impending earthquakes or other dangers.

So I believe we’re in a rather pronounced vibrational uptick currently. To try to articulate details would just be commentary, not fact. It may go on for awhile, hard to say. I’ve heard something really pronounced is expected around the Spring Equinox, but that remains to be seen.

The above-mentioned article includes the intriguing video on youtube of what appears to be a substantial comet zooming across Southern California, from which a very clear object of light is ejected. Impressive to see. However, the video goes to black after the ejection but keeps running for 3+ minutes. Not sure what that’s about. I’d love to see where that zooming object landed (if it did); if you know of a source showing that, please contact me or comment to this post.

And then, there’s this photo of the ‘prophesied pillars of light’ that some believe are highly significant, and have awaited this “sign” with much anticipation:


Impressive photo, right? Proof of prophecy coming true, ya?

Continue reading

Considering Opting Out?

Posting this as a potentially useful follow-up to the Ja’li series. You may or may not resonate with it – or the Ja’li material either, for that matter. But in case some readers would be served by considering these ideas, I share. Not trying to come off as a mega-survivalist or prepper. Most of it most of us already know; however, “being your own bank” was new to me. :)  By the way, have you seen the movie, “Goodbye World”?   ox W

10 Ways to Opt Out of the System

by Joe Wright / Activist Post

free-your-mind1-700x384I’ve noticed an increase in the defeatist tone among activists lately. Many are realizing that the current system cannot be salvaged, and they get angry at the lack of answers and give up hope. I’ve been there. We all have.

Yes, the system is tightening its control as more people begin to see it for what it is. Yes, mathematically and rationally, the system is nearing collapse. But the fix will not be found with anger and predictions of doom, and the fix will not come from petitioning a lawmaker, a regulator, or a sheriff. The fix can only come from you.

It’s true that it is nearly impossible to completely opt out of the system. The Matrix is all around us, embedded in our very survival. However, that doesn’t mean we should not do what we can to limit our exposure to the decaying system.

The more you depend on a system you despise, the more you will be hurt by it. Therefore, it’s vital to find ways to opt out to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

Here are ten ways to opt out of the system:

Continue reading

By Whitehawk Posted in matrix

Ja’li 9: Ignition Sequence for the Return Trip

I want to thank Gesanna for freely sharing these messages with us. Here is the last one; hopefully you’ve been reading this series of nine in order starting with the first.

My own intention is to be homeward bound as directly as possible and nothing less. I’d rather be prepared for the bliss of returning than be regretful for slacking at this point, possibly risking squandered opportunity. I actually don’t fear any such “error” but still—in times of doubt and “unpeace” that will surely arise on occasion—I feel prepared at levels deeper than the surface din that I AM on track. I AM a sovereign soul, vastly more than this fleshly little avatar participating in an experiment that’s been leveraged against our collective thrival. We are in the end game; what is your free-will choice?

This is all, as I’ve reiterated again and again, for each person/soul to filter through their own truth and discernment. I personally have no problem zooming my lens out to the level of this most epic tale of rogue gods, holographic labs, and my place in it. Peace to you.

Love all, Whitehawk

Message 9

Meetings Between the Awakened Ones & the Rogue Gods
How To Return Home – ‘The Secret’ Found In Oz

Gesanna: Hi Mr. Ja’li. Before we continue with the information in your last Message, a question was asked as to whether or not anyone has tried to converse with the rogue Gods to help them understand the matters you are telling us about that might help them have a change of mind and heart?

Mr Ja’li: Yes, there have been those who have held meetings with the rogue Gods. They listened politely but ultimately were unmoved by anything that was said to them. It is their belief that even though once we collapse the Lab hologram, they feel certain that the hologram, which they are reconfiguring, will, of its own reprogrammed operating system, continue to remain intact.

It was explained to them that their new holographic universe would be an inferior replication of the original one and thus would perform in ways that would be unpredictable and consequently unreliable for their anticipated purposes.

They responded that they would simply adjust the required constituents to necessary performance parameters.

All-in-all, even though they presented themselves in cordial manners during the meetings, their overall response has been that of ‘polite discount’, so to speak, to the whole of what has been conveyed and offered to them. Continue reading