Ja’li 1 – Holographic Lab 101

I wafted past this ascended being/person once before but didn’t stop for a closer look. I’ve just read this message and it reflects my understanding re: what we refer to as ascension, so I share. I may post more (after I go through more myself), hence the number 1 in the title of the post. Filter through your own constellation of awareness for potential personal resonance with this information. If it’s not for you, let it go. Maybe a time will come to return to it. Love, Whitehawk

Message 1

Mr Ja’li speaks:
Welcome each and every one of you to this most relevant information.

Before I begin this discourse, I want to point out that this information addresses people who know that they are God, Creator, Source, the Universe, the Great Spirit, Universal Mind, or whatever name you have attached to It; you know you are the big Kahuna, as you would say. You have passed through all the layers of the perceptual onion to recognize clearly that this is ultimately who you are.

This information is not about bringing you to this understanding. It goes beyond it. This information takes for granted that you know who you are as the one God individuated into the many Gods who are, forever, equally as much as all that which the one God is; that you are all that It is for you can never be anything that It is not because It is all that is.

Those who have yet to come to this understanding in a matter-of-fact, no-nonsense manner, well, proceed or not as you feel compelled from within to do.

Now, just so we have that matter cleared up, as to who will comprehend thus benefit from this information, we can proceed.

Contrary to the softness of the manner by which the Intergalactic Board of Council’s communiqués were conveyed to you, I caution you that I am a no-nonsense entity. I will present to you what is and I will do so in a manner that is emphatic, and impassioned if necessary. I don’t mince words, I don’t beat around the bush, and I won’t soft-shoe you.

You have graduated from the soft cushions you sat on in audience before the Council. You are now in the audience of one who dispenses the hard stuff, if you will, who tells you like it is. In other words, when I see that you need to be pushed, I will push you, I will prod you, and I will do so firmly without apology or regret because you need it now more than ever! Is that clear?

So, for those who are tough enough to take reality even if my words bite a bit because, my dear siblings, most of you have no idea what reality is, and that is what I am here to do… to remind you what it is through telling you also what it is not, and that might bite a bit.

I am here to wake you up because you need to wake up and you need to understand why, because you have very well little time left to do it in!

That alone should get your attention, so open your minds and listen up.

There is a cosmic situation that has been transpiring for some time and we who exist outside your so-called 3D reality and so on up—what the Council called the Lower Triad and the Upper Triad—we have seen that this development is fixing to change the changes that were occurring in ways that were previously unanticipated but which are currently presenting themselves as what is.

The Council told you that the Lower Triad is folding up, as they termed it, that it will cease to exist. We, who exist outside the so-called universe you are focused in, concur with their assessment. But we have had an outside perspective on how it is developing, and we have seen that there are other cosmic and sub-cosmic factors at play that they did not recognize. Consequently they could not inform you of it.

I am here to do that; to fill in the blanks that they were unable to observe from their inside-the-universe point of view.

What the Council called the Upper Triad is also being affected by this additional factor.

Now, first I need to distinguish something here.

You are focused where you are solely in consciousness, dwelling in what the ancients recognized is a dream, a manner of perceiving what is as an illusion.

You do not exist in any kind of realm based in any degree of reality. It is based purely in nothing but ideas — thought projected within, throughout, and from the mind of each and every one of you. You are in a collectively created dream.

There is nothing real about where you are, about what you believe, about what you do, about what you have, about where you go. Now if that is not a harsh enough reality to bite you in the head, then what is?

You have had scientists theorize about this possibility. You have had ancient peoples impart to you and your scientists their wisdom about it. They, your ancient peoples, knew of it as a fact. That fact eventually became deliberately replaced with the lie that says where you find yourselves is real. It is not. And only those of you who are tough enough to accept this as a fact are the ones who will wake up.

The lie replaced the fact so that those who generated the lie could gain absolute control over you and the entire dream realm where you believe you exist. You do not exist there, you are dreaming a belief that you exist there, and they have convinced you to accept it as real, as reality.

They have replaced your original awareness about reality with an illusion, and they have been convincing you of it for as many generations as would be necessary in order to make you believe their lie so they could gain control.

The Council referred to them as the negative faction. I shall refer to them as the matrix controllers for indeed the illusion you find yourselves in is based in codes that are points of ideas connected together into a matrix that generates a conscious perceptual sense of being in a dream. The matrix controllers hijacked the dream. That in itself is an illusion but it is critical that you understand why and how it came to be thus, so you can set yourselves free of them and their illusion being inculcated upon you.

Now, those who originally created this matrix dream realm, so to speak, did so with pure intentions. They are the matrix builders. As a group of souls huddled together in a cluster they focused their consciousnesses together so as to generate that which you refer to as the 3rd dimension, and that which the Council refers to as the Lower Triad.

But they did so by unanimous agreement of every soul in existence. It was a project meant to be an experiment in learning more about nature of the Creator Beings that we all are. We all chose to do this and we all thought it was a brilliant idea. And it was.

In the beginning, though, we were all a bit naive of what possible events could take place within the new dream realm.

The Singularity, or what the Council refers to as the Upper Triad, exists within the dual-based holographic realm but it functions according to a higher principle which I shall discuss in a future message.

To create this second holographic realm it was necessary to divide the higher principle down into further segregated constituents. This resulted in what you call duality, or the dual nature of energy of positive/on and negative/off charges, or what you refer to as binary codes.

This duality-based holographic realm, Dreamland, was created for, as I said, divine purposes of exploring further the nature of the Creator Beings that we are. The objective was never about inserting ourselves into Dreamland with the intent and purpose of creating it into a realm of inhabitance, if you will. It was never meant to be a place for permanent dwelling. Its sole purpose was to be much like what you would call a clinical lab for conducting experiments and exploring the viability of the nature of that which was created. That which was created in the Lab and was eventually deemed viable for existence in the real world which I shall refer to as Home, would be ascended, if you will, to become part of the reality of our Home. Our place of Home exists as an independent hologram which I shall discuss in another message.

We were meant to go forth and do this work and then return back Home with us what we had created. We were to come and go at will, but we were never supposed to remain in the Lab as a permanent residence. It was our lab, not our Home. This is a crucial point to remember.

Now, to clarify what the Council told you, the Upper Triad is but a step in consciousness toward that which is Home. In other words, the Upper Triad is the doorstep in consciousness through which one passes upon returning Home.

The Upper Triad is also a perceptual location in Dreamland. Both the Lower Triad and Upper Triad are 2 perceptual phases in consciousness composing Dreamland.

The Council did not convey this to you in their information because they were focused on assisting your ascension processes from the Lower Triad to Upper Triad. They were not yet concerned about ascension from the Upper Triad to Home.

While they were teaching you all that they know and understand, they were simultaneously receiving information regarding additional developments that are advancing upon the Lower Triad and Upper Triad. They refuse to teach of that which they have not yet experienced. So I volunteered to do that task.

Now, because the duality-based holographic realm of Dreamland is composed of consciousness and energy codes—binary codes arranged into a matrix that generates the dream state you are in—it is based in what can be referred to as the holographic principle.

Now, your scientists did not create the hologram. It existed from the beginning of the creation of Dreamland. Dreamland gets its dream-like quality based in a duality-based holographic state. If it were not, then your scientists would never have themselves discovered this principle because whatever creative principle is not part of the composition of Dreamland cannot exist within Dreamland as a useable principle. Holography or the holographic principle would never have been discovered did it not already exist as part of the Dreamland holoverse.

Actually, the holographic principle your scientists discovered is but a principle stepped down from the original or mother principle upon which it is based. The mother principle is far more complex than the more simplified one you know about. But this is not a science lesson so we shall not delve into the knowledge of that matter.

It is enough science for you to know that the holographic principle, or the nature of the hologram, is layered in its ability to become tangible. Bearing in mind that tangibility is relative to the dimension you are focused in, holographic images possess fields of tangibility that compose the entire realm of Dreamland that you are focused in consciously. You are not really there, remember… you’re there just in consciousness.

So, to recap: both the Lower Triad and the Upper Triad are actually the products of holography. Neither realm possesses any degree of reality. They possess degrees of holographic tangibility and this tangibility to any degree is not real. It is what we could say, degrees of tangible binary-based illusions. Relative to whichever holographic binary-based dimension your body is focused in, this is what allows your body to touch an object and be able to sense it, handle it, interact with it, yet it is not real. Keep that in mind as a fact.

Science tells you that atoms and their fields are what produces the substance or density of objects. But these are mere by-products of the holographic principle condensed down to a particular level of tangibilityThe atoms and their fields are no more real than is the hologram from which they spring. And since the hologram is not producing anything beyond that which are ideas of thought held in consciousness, then nothing in the holographic universe, or Dreamland holoverse, is real or substance-ial.

The bottom line of all this is that beyond the holographic realm of Home, reality does not exist in the way you suppose it does. Reality is relative only to the Home, and the Home is not based in the duality-based holographic principle.

Are you getting the picture?

Now, the Council said that the Upper Triad has no duality. That is true based in areas where the holographic principle is not condensed down to the level of the 3rd dimensional tangibility. In the Upper Triad, while there is no opposition nor resistance that opposes what has been created, there is still the nature of opposites so far as up/down, forward/backward, fast/slow, and so on. There is no opposition or resistance that opposes the progressive movement of consciousness into ever-higher states of awareness. In other words, in the Upper Triad there is no entropy or death in the binary tangible images, and there is no negative factions opposing progressive movements of consciousness into ever-higher states of awareness. This is what the Council meant by it not being based in duality.

The Council said that the Upper Triad is in a state of the Singularity, and it is only to the uppermost degree that can be configured within the holographic principle. In other words, as I said, the Upper Triad is the doorstep that leads Home to that which composes reality. It is the part of Dreamland’s hologram that begins to merge with the reality of the Home.

This is a complex science that one day you will understand, but not until after you’ve left Dreamland and returned Home because your consciousness is currently tied up with retaining your focus in the matrix codes of the holoverse.

For now, what I am telling you is efficient enough information to effectively help you comprehend where you are, what is going on, and do what you need to do.

Believe me, the more information were I to give you about this matter the more you would tie yourselves up trying to comprehend what you cannot comprehend while you are tied into the matrix codes themselves. It would end up being what you call chasing your tail, creating a catch-22 situation that would keep you trapped in a situation that you desperately need to get yourselves out of.

So, what does that mean? Let’s get back to the fact that you are caught in a hologram, literally. And while this state exists only in consciousness, that does not negate the fact that you’re stuck in what you call a mindset, or stuck in a rut in your thinking regarding who you are and why you’re in Dreamland, and how this is being used to keep you stuck.

And being stuck, that means you have become unnecessarily trapped by certain misgivings and other outright lies that are designed to keep you stuck in Dreamland. Yes, the illusion you’re stuck in is a real illusion, and that’s a play on words that is being used to keep you stuck in the illusion.

You have some, what you call, ‘movies’ that cleverly demonstrate this kind of situation that you’re in. Gesanna shall list a few of them at the end of my Message to you. When you view them from the fact that you are stuck in a holographic image portraying what you’ve been told is the real world, and when you stop to question that assumption for yourselves then it will perhaps give you a bit of a wake-up call.

What I want you to understand here is that Dreamland is a hologram, and everything in it, in both Lower Triad and Upper Triad, are composed of varying degrees of holographic fields of tangibility. 

Only when you accept that nothing there is real can you then begin to wake up so you can return back to that which is real, go Home to reality.

This is enough information to toss at you at this time. My next Message will focus upon how you came to be stuck in holographic Dreamland. Eventually I will discuss how you can set yourselves free from it.

For now, go have some fun viewing your movies with family and friends, and perhaps discuss with them how you too are becoming aware that you, and they, are experiencing a similar situation. And by the way, please use your viewer control pads to fast-forward through all the unnecessary violent scenes. That has nothing to do with what I am teaching you.

Rejoice because your awakening is transpiring so your return Home is certain. Don’t worry… be happy!

From that which I am, called Mr. Ja’li, to that which you are, the many of you called by many names, that is all.

Farewell for now.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

(Note: list of some movies… )
=> The Thirteenth Floor
=> The Matrix
=> Lost Horizon
=> The Truman Show
=> The Adjustment Bureau





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