Ja’li 2: The Illusion of Your Insignificance

Please read this series from the beginning, which is here.  A rather concise, rapid-fire series came through a channel in Hawaii during Dec. 2014. I’m posting as I go through it myself, if it feels right. As always, engage discernment. W.

Message 2

About These Messages
Mr. Ja’li’s Name & Identity
How We Are All That God Is – No Less, No Different


Mr Ja’li speaks:

Greetings again, quite soon, to you all. My intention is to put forth a series of messages quickly that will consist of information pertaining to the grand illusion you are in and your awakening from it.

The purpose for disseminating the messages quickly is multiple, and I shall elaborate.

For one thing, the illusion you are focused in has caused you to become predominantly externally oriented so that you tend to gravitate towards sources of information that are external to you. While this is not a wrong or bad thing, the continual act of doing so has conditioned you to move in the opposite direction of where you need to be in order to wake up and return back to Reality.

By providing you, over a short amount of time, the needed information as briefly yet to the point as possible, I won’t be contributing to keeping you externally crutched. This information will lead you in the direction you need to be focused upon in order to wake up. In other words, if you’re going to wake up and go Home to Reality, you must reorient your focus of attention and energy.

Another reason for giving you what you need to know quickly is because in order to do that through this manner of activity, the very act of Gesanna [the woman who channeled this material] having to spend many days of her life engaged in presenting the information to you is cutting into her own need to focus her attention and energy into engaging her shift back Home.

Another reason for quickly disseminating my messages is because I too have a life to live that does not include stringing you along for a long drawn-out process that ends up keeping you externally crutched with me tied to your hip. That is not beneficial for either of us.

Now, at this point it is important that you understand that, for significant reasons I shall not discuss, I have requested my actual name and identity be kept private until such a time as I deem it appropriate to reveal it. Gesanna believes she recognizes who I am, and I shall not confirm nor deny it either way. This is done to deliberately protect her from any accusatory nonsense that I have witnessed some of your people doing to the compassionate messengers who are daring enough to step out on a limb to provide you with crucial information you are in need of.

On the matter of my messages being addressed to “those of you who know you are God,” I see that I need to clarify that this does not mean that you perceive yourself to be “a part of” God. That notion is another illusion created by the matrix controllers of Dreamland. In a holographic state wherein every bit and part contains the whole being a ‘part’ of God is an impossibility. In other words, you can never be anything less than or other than the whole of what God is. That means, then, that you are God through-and-through, wholly, completely, absolutely.

Yet in spite of that fact, the matrix controllers managed to cause you to perceive yourselves as being something less than and other than the fullness of God that you actually are. This is part of the illusion in consciousness that keeps you asleep at the wheel of awakening. This erroneous self-perception exists as an idea in your mind and ideas are not real which means it is alterable, as all illusions are. All ideas serve as perceptual points of information connecting together into various arrangements that are fabricated upon the matrix, thus being that which the hologram presents itself to you as.

The fact that God exists is a fact that exists throughout the whole of the hologram. The only way you might not recognize yourself as the whole, the all that God is, is if you buy into the illusion that you are merely some lesser part or lowly child of God. To repeat, this is a lie because it is an impossibility in a holographic state that contains the whole in every bit and part thereof.

So, put it together, people. You are God, period. God is you, period. You cannot escape it so long as your consciousness is focused in a holographic environment.

Now, when you are focused in the Reality of Home, which is also a holographic environment, we are the fullness of God there, too, but everyone who is there knows it absolutely. There is no illusion or lies about it for such states of thought, perception, and so on do not exist there.

That which we call Home exists in what I could call a type of hyperholographic state. I shall not even begin to describe it to you because it functions not only by constituents not present in your dual-based hologram, but also upon a different type of principle that is what, in your language, we could call totality based; the constituents therein are undivided, it is non-dual based in its state of being.

The totality-based hyperholographic principle is the original principle that your scientists have not discovered, and they will not. They literally cannot comprehend it so long as they are immersed in the secondary lowered, simplified version of a dual-based holographic field.

When you are focused at Home in the totality-based hyperholographic realm, the fact that God exists is just as much a fact there as it is in the duality-based holographic realm.

This God factor is the one aspect of all holograms that remains a fact because the holograms operate through—and are being held together by— Gods who exist outside of the dual-based holographic realm.

The fact that you are God has its roots not in the duality-based holographic realm (containing Upper and Lower Triads), and not even in the totality hyperholographic realm of Home. It has its roots in the very core of each one of us because at the core of our Beings we each exist as basic units of consciousness and energy, intangible sparks of light without form or image other than sparks of light set against a black void. Our only motion is that of a gentle undulating up and down wave pattern within the void. We do not ‘go’ anywhere in the void. The void is an essential component of that which we are as God. It is much like a flowing sea of information that contains all that we Gods have ever thought. Every idea, every perception, perspective, every state of awareness is contained in the void’s sea of information within which we ride the waves. We all have access to this sea of information because we are ‘it.’

In other words, we are the “God Particles” who are “riding the waves of information” in the “black and formless void.” That is the ultimate and original state of our Being which always was, is, and always shall be.

Before we created our holographic Home, as formless intangible God Particles existing in the black void, all we could do was informationally detect one another’s sparks of light. We could not interact in any manner such as you are used to doing. That ability does not exist for us in our original state of being of pure thought and energy – Particles and Waves.

Eventually we considered the possibility of tangibility so that we could interact in a new manner.

We created the totality-based hyperholographic principle and within that new environment we fashioned a whole new realm wherein we could create and interact with what we had created and with one another. We came to regard it as our ‘Home‘, Shambala, Nirvana, Paradise or whatever you want to name it for yourself… it matters not. And it turned out to be a grand idea and a great success.

After eons of time playing around in our wonderful Garden of Eden – another name for it – curious Beings that we are, we wondered if we could do the same thing again: create yet another holographic realm that this time would be used as a clinical lab, meant exclusively for creational experimentation purposes.

Everyone agreed that it was a fantastic idea. In a self-contained holographic environment operating independently of our Home we could experiment safely with our creations without accidentally affecting or contaminating our Home environment.

So we created the duality-based holographic principle and gave it two layers of frequency ranges, which the Council refers to as the Lower and Upper Triads. The Upper Triad would be the higher vibrating threshold that would lead us out of the hologram to Home.

Even though the Upper Triad is a hologram based in a duality type of principle, it was designed to contain aspects of what the Council calls the Singularity principle, and this is not the same thing as the totality principle. This Singularity principle would not be part of the principles of the Lower Triad.

Some ancient peoples considered The Upper Triad as the “Middle-Land,” “Middle Earth,” “Midgard,” the “Mid-Way Region,” and so on, between the Lower Triad and the Totality of Home.

So, with the new duality-based holographic realm as our innovative clinical lab, we began to create novel and wonderful things that we could not produce through the original principles of our hyperholographic realm.

Eventually we figured out how to “export” our creations that were deemed viable enough to exist in a hyperholographic-based realm. This is the reason why we inserted into the Upper Triad the Singularity principle. It is through this area of the hologram that we would exit it and take our creations Home with us. This provides a stepping-up process through which our creations would be reconfigured by the Singularity principle for effective entrance into the totality principle of Home.

Thus we invented the process of ascension. All viable creatures, plants, and even entire planets were ascended from the Lab (the duality-based holographic realm) to Home (the totality-based hyper-holographic realm).

Now my reason for expounding upon this topic is to help you understand why each of you are God through-and-through. As Gods, we created both holographic realms, and I said the hologram contains the whole throughout every bit, wave, and particle of it. These two holographic realms are the products of the God Particles that we are; consequently, each holographic realm contains the whole of God that we each are.

This means that every one of us is as much God regardless of where we focus our consciousness – be it as our original spark of light within the void, or as the you that you see yourself as in this moment within your current holographic realm.

The fullness and wholeness of our God-ness remains constant and consistent wherever and however we focus ourselves. It matters not. Even if you have been lied to about being only a part of or a child of God, you are still the whole that God is. The lie generating the illusion does not override, overwrite, or in any manner change the reality that you are wholly completely absolutely fully God, forever. The nature of the hologram alone should make this clear to you.

I do hope that this information has helped you grasp not only the true nature of your Being but the significance and importance of who you truly are.

At this point I’m going to end this part of my message because I suggest you contemplate how it is that you are God in every way so that you can unquestionably accept that as a fact that moves you beyond the illusory notions that as a child, spawn, portion or scrap of God you are therefore somehow less than, distinct from, inferior to that which God is. You are God individuated as a basic unit of consciousness and energy that contains the whole of what God is. Together we compose the whole, individuated we contain the whole of that which we all are as God. Please understand this.

Until next time, farewell.

~Mr. Ja’li~

Gesanna’s note: Mr. Ja’li’s comment about a hyperhologram composing the original holographic realm we call Home brought to my mind what is called a hypercube. Since there are hypercubes and so on, then it would be just as reasonable that there are hyperholograms as well, the science of which would completely elude us here in our simplified hologram state.



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