Ja’li 3: This Holographic DreamLab ≠ HOME

Gesanna receives some clarity from Mr. Ja’li. I hope you are finding this material to be a source of strength and definition, as I am. Again, a reminder to begin at the beginning of the Ja’li messages.   Whitehawk ox

Message 3

Two Holograms – Reality & Illusion

Gesanna: Hi Mr. Ja’li. I know you were going to continue with your previous discourse, but I have a question, which I’m sure your insight would help clarify for others as well.

Am I correct in understanding that there are two distinct holographic realms?

Mr Ja’li: Yes, that is correct.

Gesanna: OK. So each of them then produces what are considered to be illusions of whatever may exist or be created in them?

Mr Ja’li: That is correct as well.

Gesanna: Then how can the holographic realm that we consider to be our Home, be considered real or as a place of reality if it is also an illusion?

Mr Ja’li: That is a reasonable question. I shall endeavor to explain.

Recall that I said that the holographic realm we consider to be Home is based in a totality principle. This is a type of principle all of you were once wholly familiar with, until you left Home and headed for the holographic realm you currently find yourselves stuck in. You will remember this principle clearly upon your return Home.

Now, the totality principle is the basis of hyperholography. Hyperholography consists of holograms within holograms within holograms into infinity. This kind of configuration of consciousness and energy generates a quality of tangibility that is unlike what you experience in your holographic realm.

As such, in a hyperholographic realm, matter—as you would refer to it—is of a far higher compositional order that makes what you consider “matter” to be what we at Home consider as a very inferior or lesser quality. I am not saying it is inferior or lesser in importance or usefulness. It is, rather, like comparing a disincarnate spirit or ghost to a flesh-and-blood person, or the comparison of a house’s blueprint to the constructed house.

Matter is, as you know, a matter of relativity. Matter is relative to the composition of consciousness and energy within the type of hologram you are focused in.

I said previously that the hologram you are currently focused in is a stepped-down version of the hyperholographic principle, which is totality-based. Duality-based holography is lowered or divided in its consciousness and energy composition. This state produces a stepped-down version of tangibility.

We, Gods, created the—shall I say—secondary hologram, so to speak, not to be a permanent place of residence, as I already stated, but as a clinical lab for creational experimentation. We knew that there was no need to dwell there when we already have a much grander place to reside. That fact was and is known and understood by all who dwell at Home.

As an experimentation lab designed solely for dreaming up creational ideas such as creatures, plants, planets, and so on… then ascending the viable ones back Home with us (and I shall refer to this hologram as the Dreamlab or the Lab rather than Dreamland if that is all right by you)

Gesanna: Yes, I agree that’s more appropriate.

Mr Ja’li: … that which we created in Dreamlab, or the Lab, could never be composed of the greater degree of tangibility that it would eventually become once it was ascended Home into the totality-environment of the hyperholographic realm.

By virtue of that, then, the degree of material tangibility you experience in the Dreamlab hologram is a but shadowy semblance of what material tangibility is at Home.

It is this difference of composition between the two holograms that makes the difference as to which one is considered to be ‘real’ and which one is considered to be ‘illusion.

While there is actually nothing that is truly ‘real’ outside of our own pure spark of light essence that we call “God individuated into Gods,” our formless intangible God Particle-Wave Selves is the only real thing that truly exists.

All holograms, to whatever degree of material tangibility and so on, are what we consider to be illusion-based. They are ideas we dream up, taken from the sea of information, that we configure into holograms for the purpose of ongoing experience. It is through these holographic systems that we are able to actually do anything for the purpose of experience, thus to explore our self-discovered, self-endowed power to create. We are Creator Beings.

Now, knowing all holograms are illusion-based, we Gods conceived a way to create one hologram in particular that provides us with a level of tangibility possessing a superior quality of life that then became a place of choice in which to focus ourselves for mutual interaction, personal experience, and creative exploration. We came to fondly refer to this hyperholographic realm as our Home.

The Lab holographic realm you are focused in currently is not Home. It was never holographically designed with permanent residency in mind. The hologram itself was never created to sustain our creations for very long.

That is why all things therein goes through the processes of entropy, decay, and death. It is not life itself that is doing it or causing it; it is the information itself composing all images therein that entropies in its ability to hold itself together. The Lab hologram was never designed to do that. The creation of all things therein was designed to retain its integrity only long enough for us to perfect our creations and then ascend it back Home.

Whatever was created in the Lab that turned out to be not viable for taking Home with us would—through the hologram’s built-in entropy process—break down and disintegrate back into the information field from where it came. That is what you call ‘decay and death.’ This process was never meant for we Gods to be a part of, to experience. But it happened.

How it happened and how everything that exists in the Lab is the product of a specific situation is what I will talk about in my next message.

Do you now have a better understanding of this matter with respect to your question?

Gesanna: Yes, I do. Thank you very much.

Mr Ja’li: You’re welcome. It’s my pleasure to help all of you remember who you truly are. I shall end this message and greet you all with the next one.

Until then, farewell and stay well.

~Mr. Ja’li~



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