Ja’li 4: Stuck in the Avatar & How to Escape

Appreciating this face-paced overview of our situation here? Hope so. Remember to start with the first entry of this series if you’re coming in late… ox W

Message 4

Story of the Fallen Angels,
The Forgotten Gods & Their Virtual Reality Game

Mr Ja’li speaks:

Greetings to you all. I desire you to know that the following story, while true in essence, will help illustrate the immenseness and gravity of the messy situation in which you all are currently immersed, and how it came to be so for you.

Please open your minds to the possibility of the story as fact rather than as fiction. You already have the bunk that your matrix controllers want you to have/believe as it serves their purposes for you to see it their way.

This is what they don’t want you to see. If you haven’t yet read my and the Council’s  previous messages please do so now as the content of this story is based upon that knowledge.

Listen well.

As the Gods who invented and are now immersed in and interacting in our Lab holographic realm, I shall remind you that you are the fallen angels; you are the forgotten Gods, so to speak. This ancient accounting is literal; not mythical, not allegorical, not archetypal.

The fallen angels were not a group of deviant angels or Gods bent on making trouble for everyone else. That act came much later in the story, as it were, and will be discussed in a later message.

They did not fall out of grace with some tyrannical God who banished them to a lower realm. That notion is entirely mythical, a lie to prevent you from remembering that it is you who are God, or the Gods, who fell from your own grace.

Now, that act was not bad or wrong. It was done very innocently out of our innate sense of curiosity as Creator Beings. Rather than lecture to you about it, I shall give you an analogy of how it happened. Here we go:

All was fine and dandy for everyone at Home in the hyperholographic realm. Life as we were developing it there was immensely beautiful and wondrous beyond your wildest imagination.

Then, one bright sunny day during teatime, at about 2 o’clock in the afternoon, a group of Gods congregated in the shade of a great oak tree. Casually lounging with glasses of iced tea in hand, they enthusiastically discussed the creation projects they each were working on. The day waned into evening and each of them went to their favorite individual dwelling place.

The next day, one of those Gods had an idea that came to him as he lay relaxing in the sunshine pouring onto the porch of his charming but modest abode set in the valley of a grand mountain range.

Because his current creation project had recently been accomplished successfully, he meditated on what his next project would be. He wanted to do something different, something that had not been done before. He let his mind drift freely upon the sea of information.

Then, quite like a bolt of lightning suddenly striking out of the pale magenta sky above him, he sat up quickly as a brilliant idea flashed through his enormously curious mind. It was indeed an ah-ha moment if ever there was one.

What if,” as the idea reasoned within him, “instead of creating a new creature or plant in the Lab, I create an embodiment that I could inhabit for myself? What would that be like, to actually be part of the duality holographic principle itself? Would it not be prudent for the Creator to gain wisdom that allows us to better understand what the creatures we create must experience? When I’ve gained the wisdom, or if it doesn’t work out well, or if I don’t like it, I will simply ascend out of the body and return Home, certainly no worse for the wear but having achieved a level of awareness and wisdom that no one else has yet gained. What a brilliant idea! I’ll have to share it with others.”

He laid back down on his sunny porch and telepathically dispersed the idea instantly to everyone else. The response he received back from them was mixed, with some who liked the idea and others who did resonate with it much.

Of those who liked his idea, he was voted to be the first to try out his own experiment. The other Gods would watch and assess the test run.

As it went, the experiment was a great success. He had created an embodiment to indwell, crude though it was compared to yours today but it got the job done so far as gaining a rudimentary awareness from the perspective of that which is created in the Dreamlab hologram. His excitement was felt amongst all who became interested in doing the same thing.

The entire endeavor soon turned into a whole new form of entertainment, consisting of fun things to do that you would refer to as virtual reality amusement.

Instead of wearing a headband or other such electronic devices that you use, they wore a dual-based holographic embodiment that allowed them to immerse themselves directly into the environment of their Lab whereby they would gain firsthand experience of it.

The Gods participating in this entertainment gradually shifted their focus more dominantly upon experimenting with perfecting their own embodiments, their VR avatars, as you would call it.

Given the innate ability to evolve themselves, many different versions and upgrades of their avatar embodiments were created over time. The need to have an evermore efficient avatar embodiment so as to play the game more effectively became the fad.

So it turned out that the purpose of the Lab had doubled as an amusement park, as it were.

The Gods who were not much interested in participating in this kind of innocent entertainment watched with intrigue, feeling that there was no harm being done to the Lab or to those participating.

They observed it all with a sense of amused curiosity as for eons of time their fellow Gods came and went into their new amusement park as freely as when you hook yourselves into a virtual reality game and then disconnect from it when you’re finished… no harm done… that is until one day, before he could ascend back Home through the Upper Triad — which was where they always had to leave the Lab to return Home — one of the Gods died from an accident while still dwelling in his virtual avatar body. Everyone else in the game looked on in horror, frightened by what it meant. What would now happen to their dear brother? Seeing his lifeless body, where did he go, for he was nowhere to be seen.

Well, in an unseen area of the hologram he became caught in what you might consider to be a sub-space layer of the program. Try as he did, he realized that he could not disengage himself from the game, so to speak, because his unexpected and frightening experience of death caused him to become stuck in the slower frequency band of Lower Triad.

Those still in the game, if you will, who witnessed this tragic event were themselves thrown unexpectedly into fear that consequently lowered their own frequencies to that of the Lower Triad vibrations. They too became stuck in the game.

The other Gods who had chosen not to participate in the whole affair were glad they hadn’t done so, but now they had to conceive of what to do to help their brothers and sisters who were now stuck in the Lab’s virtual reality hologram.

They concluded that the only possible solution that could be offered to their loved ones was to assist their efforts to raise their frequencies back up, high enough so they could ascend through the Upper Triad and from there return Home.

With their help a few managed to do so, most didn’t. Of those in the Lower Triad who didn’t, they have been reincarnating therein ever since.

That first God who died and went to the sub-space realm, it became that which you know of now as the death zone. The Council spoke of it in their Communiqués. As the place where you go between incarnations, this brother-God was the one who, due to his new circumstance, ‘invented‘ the death zone, if you will, as well as reincarnation. He had to do so in order to get himself out of jail, as it were.

Thus the wheel of reincarnation became the only way for repeat-offender Gods to continually get back in the game in order to go back Home.

You have erroneously supposed that the wheel of reincarnation was designed as a way to reincarnate with or without karma so you could learn more and more lessons in order to evolve onward. That is the lie that is designed to keep you trapped in the game within the Lower Triad of the Lab hologram.

The truth is that the only lesson to be learned from each reincarnated lifetime is that you remember you are not supposed to dwell here but are supposed to go back Home; not stay on the wheel of reincarnation which is gradually trapping you into the very kind of situation that the misconceptions of reincarnation and karma is supposedly meant to get you out of so you can return Home. But it won’t because it can’t possibly do that!

At any rate, this deceased God made his reincarnation move back into the embodiment level of the game, as you would refer to it. He was able to do so once the other Gods who were also stuck in the game began to conceive children, an act none of them had ever done until after their fall from grace, meaning from their innate ability able to come and go at will into and out of the game, which had become restrained by the Lower Triad’s slower frequencies.

The only way out of the game was to go inwithin themselves, in order to raise their own vibrations to match that of the Upper Triad wherein they could take their next step back Home.

It eventually became understood by all who were caught in the game that this is what they would have to do in order to return Home. They came to accept the fact that no one else could do it for them. They would be assisted by their family back Home, but it was still up to each one in the game to embrace and engage, or not, that intangible vibratory assistance. It was easy to overlook it or disregard it in light of all that was going on around them being one distraction after another.

Thus was invented the schools of inner training that were specifically designed to help each God caught in the game raise their vibrations, ascend, and return Home.

For a very long time the schools indeed helped many souls to ascend. From the Upper Triad, some went on to return Home while others remained in the Upper Triad to explore what could be experienced through the vibrations unique to that level of the game. The Upper Triad level of the game experience was on.

You see, the virtual reality game, they discovered, has many levels to it. Rather than returning Home, many of them became obsessed with discovering how many levels they could ascend within the game itself.

This is why there are what you call higher evolved Extraterrestrials – those Gods who left the Lab and found many planets to inhabit.

And above them in the game there are the Ascended Masters who leveled-up, as you would say, to the highest level in the Lower Triad.

And above them are the Ascended Beings who leveled-up to the Upper Triad. You encountered some of them as members of The Intergalactic Board of Council.

And above them are Cosmic Beings who have leveled-up to the highest levels in the Upper Triad – these are the ones whom the Council mentioned but said they would not teach you about because that matter is far beyond your need to know at your current level in the game.

This does not mean that those entities who’ve managed to level-up above you are in any way wiser than you, for indeed the wisest among you are the ones who perceptually grasp the need and importance of leveling-up to go Home. That is the Greater Objective above and beyond all other goals in the game, for when you do that then you’re “Home Free“, correct? … You know how the game’s played. You simply forgot.

Those who do this are by far more perceptually intelligent than the smartest of those who level-up to the highest levels within the game itself because it is indeed after all just a game! There is not any thing, any knowledge, any wisdom therein that is of use back in your Home realm except to understand that the only knowledge gained from all the leveling-up is how to play the game most effectively. You see?

You must remember that the Lab was not designed to be used for such a purpose. The Lab provides you with nothing more in knowledge than how to use your creative abilities more effectively for use back in your Home realm. In order to understand that, you never had to immerse yourselves into the dualized holographic realm itself. The Lab’s sole purpose was to be a clinic for experimental creational purposes, not a virtual reality amusement park. You knew that from the start, but you forgot.

The Gods tolerating the use of the Lab as an amusement park to play in was one thing so long as it was done in a manner whereby you did not become stuck in its lower vibrating frequencies.

When it got turned into a game of pursuit wherein you eventually got stuck, you became what is called the fallen angels of yore, the forgotten Gods, because you fell into the game itself then forgot who you truly are. You now mistakenly believe the game is Home and you are merely one of many residents living in it.

I am here to remind you that this is simply not true. I am here to tell you that there eventually came to be a group of rogue Gods who took advantage of your forgetfulness. And I shall address this matter in the next message.

So, I ask you to consider that not only are you stuck in the Lab hologram where you shouldn’t even be dwelling in the first place not to mention reincarnating, but you have also become caught up with participating in a virtual reality role-playing game that is taking you into increasingly dangerous levels of what has become a sport with you as the target.

I ask you to consider the need and importance of you ascending back Home for indeed that is the way you will get there. That is what the Council so emphatically stressed that you need to be focused on in your lives at this time… because it is time for you to come Home, children. You’ve played around in the game long enough. Put down your toys and come Home.

The Council offered ways for you to do that. In future messages I shall elaborate on why it is essential that you do so.

Until then, do take care of yourselves by engaging your innate ability to perceptualize what is truly going on and conceptualize what you need to do about it for yourselves.

Thank you for your attention and consideration of what you are being enlightened about.

Farewell for now
~Mr. Ja’li~

(This cartoon was too good to pass up! Enjoy! ~G~)
Stay with Mr Ja’li as he helps you lead
youself out of the VR rabbit hole…

One comment on “Ja’li 4: Stuck in the Avatar & How to Escape

  1. Thank you for these. Really reminds me of what Andrew Bartzis is saying. The question is … how the hell do we get back home? Stargate? Flying saucer? A clicking of the ruby slippers?

    Sent from my iPhone Gwen Morgan



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