Ja’li 5: Vibration, Vibration, Vibration

Vibration literally determines our spiritual “real estate,” where we might dwell in the cosmos, dimensionally speaking. It’s not just what we “think” or even “feel,” it’s about our deepest belief in—KNOWING—our own inherent godness, and our care and nurturance of it. The frequency we hold is basically our cosmic currency; our ticket to ascension.

Getting into the real grit of the matter here… and the great challenge of our most daunting paradox: the imperative to consistently continue raising our vibrations while we are in the ever-tightening clutches of these miserable sociopathic rogue gods who are in control of this hologram and have no desire or incentive to “ascend” nor to let us do so, either … 

Please keep in mind, we had previews of this life before stepping into it; we have far more courage and fortitude than we realize. Keep vigilant re: this ‘sheeple’ program cranking at full blast via all the ways the media and social tech keep us perpetually distracted.  

We must be in command of our consciousness—where and how our precious attention and emotions are invested—and carry on with the task to keep leveling up our energy signatures and capacities for love and compassion. We’ve come to claim our mastery!  Let’s not “twitter it away,” ahem. Love all, W


Message 5

Cheating,  The Big Takeover & Godnapping

Ja’li speaks:

Greetings to you all once again. In this message I shall continue with my previous story, if you will, that is an analogy of why you are where you are and how it came to be that way.

Why present my information to you in this manner? Because it is a means that puts the point across to you in such a way that you more readily comprehend the underlying fundamental nature of that which you need to know; because this analogy is similar to the way things occurred, so long ago that you forgot what did transpire that put you into the pickle barrel that you are currently in.

First of all before I proceed with the story, I would like you to understand that I struggle to find the appropriate words and terms in your language to express information that is based in sciences and states of condition and circumstance that you have no knowledge about, and much which does not exist in the duality hologram principle itself. In order for me to communicate with you in ways that are comprehensible to you, I must use your language which is limited in scope. So, please bear with me as I endeavor to put your words into appropriate use for you.

Now, I want to clarify that the two holograms I have already spoken of – the hyperhologram of Home, and the hologram of the lab – are two distinct holograms functioning on two different principles.

These two principles cannot co-exist together, therefore the two holograms cannot co-exist together as, say, one hologram existing within the other.

They exist independently of one another as two distinct structured thought forms flowing freely within the sea of consciousness or thought or information.

I did say earlier that at the core of our Beings as sparks of light, meaning consciousness and energy, we do not go anywhere within the sea of information. We remain stationery while the field of thought flows all around us. It is no different for you this moment. You are immersed within this sea and although it appears to you that you are moving about within it, in actuality you are not. That sense of movement through space is part of the illusion produced by the hologram.

So, if we don’t move anywhere then how do we access information from the sea, or go into a hologram that is within the sea?

We do this by a process of consciously accessing a desired feeling. Once a vibrational feeling is felt, the equivalent thought of it is accessed immediately by energetic resonant thought attraction. This is why there is no need to move about anywhere within the sea. Every thought is vibrationally attracted to the Light Being holding a ‘vibration to receive.’ Many types of similar thought flows to you, and your consciousness sifts through them to find the appropriate one that it then latches on to magnetically. This is an enigmatic local-non-local lineal-non-lineal action that occurs simultaneously and instantly. I apologize for this dualized term but you do not have appropriate words to express its totality.

When you vibrate a desire to access and enter into a hologram, your consciousness will access it within the sea of information and from there you can enter into it, to whatever degree or level of frequency you so desire.

You remain there for as long as you so choose. When you are finished there, you withdraw your desire to be there and then you can shift it instantly to the other hologram. Your accessibility is not bound by time, space, distance or any other constraints such as you find is the case in the Lower Triad of the Lab hologram.

Does that mean that when you were free-roaming Gods coming and going between the holograms, that when you were in the Lower Triad of the Lab your own vibration was lowered to match it?

Not completely. You lowered it only to the point of being able to create your project to the degree of tangibility that would allow it to exist, then ascend to the Ascended Realm and return Home with it.

You did not lower your vibrations to the point where the Gods did, those who later got caught in the virtual reality game, as it were. Doing so required much lower thoughts and emotions based in fear, insecurity, intolerance and so on.

Before their fall or descent into the lower frequencies, the Gods had never allowed themselves to go that low in their experience because they innately sensed not to go there; that to do so would mean a very uncomfortable outcome, the nature of which no one really knew. They simply knew not to enter where the frequencies began to vibrate thick and murky.

None of them knew what would happen until the first God died in the Lab hologram, as was already spoken about in my previous message. That’s when a completely new experience entered into the existence of the Gods.

So, in our story of what happened once they found themselves stuck in their amusement park that had suddenly lost its amusement when they discovered that they could no longer leave the hologram at will, they knew that they would have to raise their vibrations to get out of the Lower Triad and level-up to the Upper Triad level. But they also knew that now they would have to figure out how to exist and survive in the Lab that was never designed to be a place of ongoing dwelling.

Their fall into the lower frequencies of the Lower Triad came as such a shock to their consciousness and energy that they wandered for a very long time in a state of intense and horrified bewilderment.

Focusing on raising their vibrations in order to leave the game gradually began to take a back seat to survival, to existing long enough within their avatar bodies in order to be able to raise their vibrations and leave the hologram.

The longer they were in the duality-based hologram the more complex became their needs for survival. In their beginning their needs were not as complex as they evolved to become.

Their avatar bodies lived longer than your bodies do now because theirs were based in their original and ideal thought codes. The information comprising their ideal blueprint was expressed more prominently than it is today in your bodies.

Over time their avatar bodies evolved to include more and more organs in order to make up for the diminishing life force gradually being pressure-squeezed within the body’s informational grids by slower denser frequencies.

Their body’s frequencies became increasingly more thick, murky, dense and heavy as it necessitated taking on greater quantities of slower vibrations in order to be sustained in the inferior vibrations of the Lower Triad.

All the while of all this going on with their bodies adapting to the new circumstance, they now had to struggle to provide for its needs of food and water, medicine, clothing, shelter, warmth, and so on.

Also, because they kept witnessing their avatar bodies eventually dying from accident, aging, or any other host of causes, in order to get out of the death zone and back into another avatar body so they could continue the quest to return Home, they realized that they would need to create new bodies into which they could rebirth themselves back into the game. So, the game of coupling and procreation was on. That in itself brought on a host of other distractions.

But they knew that they could not go Home from the death zone area itself. There was no exit from the death zone to Home. The death zone was a segment of the hologram that had only one way into and out of that segment. The door in is the same door out. This area became a sort of holding pen between lifetimes. If someone died in the game, one’s existence was not vanquished or snuffed out or obliterated, nor was one released from the hologram.

In order to level-up and move on one would have to exit the death zone by getting back into the game. Only through reincarnating into a new body could one resume the game and proceed onward.

As time passed, the fallen Gods learned more and more about how to play the game within the Lab hologram. They began to be so focused on how to survive and thrive within the game itself that they also forgot that they were supposed to leave it and return Home.

As I said previously, now and then along the way a few Gods would wake up and remember, and manage to return Home. These fortunate souls would then endeavor to assist others stuck in the game to do the same thing.

As time continued to pass, a few Gods who stayed mostly to themselves had gone so deep into playing the game that they desired to become the ‘game masters’ of it, if you will.

They too had learned about Home and the need to return there. But like defiant little children they didn’t want to return Home. They had lost all desire for doing so. Without that desire they would never regain their ability to raise their own vibrations. The lack of desire to return Home is what keeps them confined to the Lower Triad.

Now, just because they are not ascending to the Upper Triad doesn’t mean that they don’t know how the game can be played within the hologram. It doesn’t matter what level you are at in the game in order to figure out how to play it more effectively. It matters only that you understand how the game itself  ‘operates’.

Let me say it like this: they are this close (fingers almost touching) to figuring out how to change the operating system of the hologram itself… not just a particular part of the game but of some crucial key matrix configurations of the hologram itself.

Now if that doesn’t give you cause for concern then maybe you have no desire to return Home either.

In other words, they figured out that by changing the operating system of the game, so to speak, they did not have to level-up in the game at all. It’s what you would call cheating, but they don’t see it that way. They see it as being brilliant master players, outsmarting the game.

Now, their purpose for cheating by changing the way the game is played is being done so that they themselves gain control of the game overall. They would thus own the game and all players in it including those who level-up to the highest levels within the game.

Changing the operating system will change everything throughout the entire hologram. Nothing, no area of the game will be unaffected by the changes they are set to make. No player in the game will be unaffected by it.

How are they changing the operating system of the game? They came to understand that the hologram is being held together by a group of Gods outside the hologram who have focused their consciousness into a collective structure of information, sphere-like, in which the Lab hologram exists. Through their focused and combined thought, these Gods have structured it and are holding it together.

The game masters inside the hologram figured out that they can access and therefore reconfigure the matrix codes coming from the minds creating and holding it together.

Now before any of you go scoffing at this being impossible, I shall remind you that for thousands of generations these rogue Gods have been in the know about how all of this works, all the while keeping you in the dark ages so that only now are you having any inkling about holograms. In other words, they are way ahead of you in this understanding.

While you have been deliberately left out of the loop of knowing, they have passed down the knowledge through their own family bloodlines for eons, working steadily toward a working model of their plan. [Referring of course to the illuminati/cabal. W]

Being active calculating components operating within the hologram, the game masters themselves act like viruses that attack the host from within by mutating the codes of the host to suit their own needs. They are overwriting and rewriting the codes in ways that will fundamentally change how the game is played.

And they want as many as possible of you, their brother and sister Gods, to remain trapped as automaton players forever reincarnating in their game of pursuit and conquest.

Your opportunity to leave the game and return Home will be obliterated as an option. Your free will option will be limited to choices between the worst of two undesirables, so to speak. Your options to move about freely in the game will be restricted. And so on.

You are already seeing only the mild beginnings of what will become in your near future a much more broadly manifested outcome of these rogue Gods’ handiwork.

They are not messing around as their sole intent is to acquire total ownership of this hologram before a stopgap can be applied because they know that we at Home are on to their plan.

What would you do, what could you possibly imagine doing with total ownership of a hologram such as the one you’re currently in, minor though it may be to the hyperhologram that is our Home? Do you see their point for the takeover? To you being in the hologram it’s all about your struggle to survive. To them it’s all about watching you do that. This is their ultimate show in the amusement park, which you know of and many enjoy watching something similar called, ‘Survivor.’

Your understanding of how it is they could do such a perverted thing and enjoy it doesn’t excuse their insanity and the wrongness of their behavior, but it does help you comprehend why they do it which when reasoned out will inform you that they mean business. I must say that in the future you will be players in their version of your movie called The Truman Show, except that it won’t be so nice and fluffy and groovy as that.

Now are you beginning to see why it is essential that you raise your vibrations so you can return Home as soon as possible?

Not only for that reason, but because of the fact that you need to do it for yourselves first and foremost anyway!

I shall delve into that matter in the next message. For now, please consider this information as an act of critical advice.

Until next time, think on these things, be safe and stay healthy.


Farewell for now.~Mr. Ja’li~

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