Ja’li 6: Wake Up; Rise Up

Message 6

No Chicken Littles, Please
Questioning the Virtual Reality Façade 

Ja’li speaks:

Salutations to all. It is time to continue with the topic of my discourse, conveyed to you with the utmost of care, concern, and love.

As this subject moves into murky waters, so to speak, it is important that you do not turn into what you call “Chicken Littles” by running around spreading insinuations that my Messages are all about the notion that the sky is falling, as it were.

bbf0c179d6654eba8ab8ada547ebcd2eEven were that the case, the reason for informing you would be to help you prepare for the event with as much joy as possible through knowing what your options are.

In other words, I am here to encourage you to see the light of what is transpiring in the murky corners of your hologram so that, just like noticing it is potentially a rainy day outdoors, you will make the necessary effort to know what your options are and take your umbrella with you.

You have an adage that says an ounce of prevention is worth more than a ton of cures. Well, I’m giving you that ounce of prevention. If you choose to disregard it as unimportant or unworthy information, then you have ultimately chosen to experience the future event for which even a ton of cures won’t rectify in the end. So be it as you so choose.

Now, what I’m getting at here is that the rogue Gods I spoke of in my previous Message discovered how to reprogram the operating systems of the game within the hologram you are stuck in.

In other words, they are about to finish hacking the system, so to speak quite literally, and are in the process of planting their viruses into the system, soon changing how the virtual reality game is played overall in this hologram.

When I say ‘this hologram’ I am meaning the entire “holographic universe” as your own scientists term it. Your planet is but one of all the other planets, solar systems, galaxies, space, and time existing within this hologram.

Now before you go scoffing about how impossible it would be to hack, infect, and change an entire universe, such as it is virtually, you need to remember that one bit of a hologram contains the whole hologram in it, and the whole of a hologram reflects every bit throughout its entirety. 

Consequently when dealing with infecting a hologram, the very self-reflective, self-infusing, self-spreading nature of the hologram itself will do the infecting action of the virus instantly and thoroughly throughout the entire holographic universe. You could say it is a “self-infecting” system once exposed.

How convenient! How ingenious! And how daring, audacious, and perverted!

So, I need to clarify that the areas of the operating system that they will be affecting will be those that are crucial or key codes of information that compose how the game is played. This includes limiting your choices as a player, as I said previously.

Limited choices makes you more controllable. The better they can control you the better they can control the game which, for them, has a determined objective that is far different from the ones you want, or hoped to have as part of the game.

Why do you think you have not seen nor experienced those objectives of improvement, of life getting better and better, that you collectively wanted or hoped to have in place by now? Where are they?

The turning point in the game for making sure that it would never occur for you transpired back in your era of what you call the 1960s. It occurred specifically on the day when they took a key player out of the game whose name was John Kennedy.

Haven’t you noticed that ever since then, your efforts to enjoy the game of life, such as it is, have continuously diminished relative to the increase of your struggles to survive in the game? Thriving in the game has virtually gone right out the window like an illusive breeze that cannot be captured and enjoyed.

Haven’t you noticed that all your efforts to reset yourselves back into the uplifting spirit and benefits of getting ahead that was flowing to you before the turning point, has not worked?… That in spite of it all your struggles to survive are still increasing, while the idea of thriving seems to be more and more of a pipedream?

Haven’t you wondered why, in spite of all your sincere and spiritual efforts to reboot yourselves back on that path of thriving, you still feel like you’re just treading water, or spinning your wheels, or are doing what Gesanna calls riding endlessly on that merry-go-nowhere?

Haven’t you wondered what in the world is going on, why you seem to be getting nowhere, while everything seems to be growing worse even though many of you don’t want to admit the truth, not even to yourselves?

Well, there are many theories and ideas floating around out there in your media sources. And some of them are suggesting facts of events that are transpiring in ways that are not for your best interest. And while some sources claim or promise to have solutions, so far none of them have produced any results that made a difference.


Could it be because what these reports are doing is presenting symptoms or side-effects of a much larger agenda being put into effect?

Could it be that your economic troubles, your social unrest, your political dysfunctions, your employment problems—thus your jobless, homeless, healthless, starving, poverty-ridden conditions—are not the cause of a system breakdown but are an overall overarching symptom of unseen changes that are being made to how the game masters are reconfiguring the rules in their upcoming Game of Life for their own purposes?

Could it be that all those symptoms you’re seeing and experiencing are deliberately being programmed as part of the new conditions of the new theme, the new stage upon which the New World Order Game of Life will be unfolded on your planet and eventually throughout the entire holographic universe?

Could it be that all your noble efforts to do something about alleviating any and all of these symptoms is merely being tolerated by the game masters because they know that once they restart the game from the new settings that none of what you tried to do will matter a bit?

Could it be that they know much more about what is truly going on than you do?

Could it be that while those who hold the most gold will rule the worldthose who have access to the most operating-systems information will control the holographic universe?

Could it be that they have actually gained the upper hand in the game because all the time that you’ve been focused in survival level mode, they’ve thrived on behalf of your enslavement whereby they have not been distracted by survival needs from focusing intently on creating and implementing their master plan?

Could it be that by now there simply aren’t enough people possessing ongoing frequencies high enough to spiritually prevent the game masters from usurping the game into their own hands through covert sabotage within the operating system itself?

Could it be that such a spiritual-based solution should have been applied long long ago in their agenda in order for it to be workable?

Could it be that you have been deliberately kept in ignorance of this covert development long enough for them to power-up so far ahead of you that there is no way you can catch up to and overtake them now?

So if all your efforts have amounted to a merry-go-nowhere, where does that leave you? Slumped on a horse going up one day and then down as low the next, around and around day-in and day-out, with no way off the crazy carousel?

No. There is a positive way to look at all of this seemingly cruel madness that you appear to be a victim of, but you’re not, because you chose to be here.

To illustrate this, I will share with you what Gesanna’s son said to her when she told him about her dreadful situation of being in the direct line of fire, literally, of the oncoming lava flow, which is still on its way to her home area. He said, “Wow, Mom, there’s one thing for sure and that’s that your retirement years are certainly never boring!”

Well, she hadn’t looked at it that way. How dare he point out that such a dreadful situation could be viewed as something of a positive nature! But she knew he was right so she had a good laugh at herself.

My point here is to get all of you to see how it is that what your game-masters are doing is to serve as your blessing-in-disguise by presenting you with a very good reason to raise your vibrations so you can return Home.

Don’t see them as your enemies, as your adversaries. See them instead as your backward friends who are goading you to wake up, rise up, and go Home.

They are catalysts causing you to desire to finally leave the game and return Home.

Remember my saying that they themselves have no desire to return Home, therefore their ability to raise their vibrations has been suppressed by this very lack of desire?

How is it any different for you? If you have no desire to leave the game, then your own ability to raise you vibrations is also being suppressed.

So, is the game that you’re caught in limited to just the Lower Triad? No. As I said it continues in the Upper Triad level as well. Those who have already leveled-up into the Upper Triad level who have no desire to return Home cannot discover ‘the exit portal’ that leads to Home until they too have a desire to do so.

The Upper and Lower Triads are 2 major levels of the same game in the same hologram that has been played for far too long now.

But the advancement of the game has reached the point where the game masters are sabotaging the game from how it once was played.

No one ever said that this could not be done, that it could not happen, that they could not do that. There was never a rule, nor was there ever any anticipation that such a thing would ever be done in the first place. No one ever foresaw it because the hologram was designed to be used as a Lab, not an amusement park or a virtual reality game.

But being done it is, so now it’s up to you to decide what you’re going to do about it for yourselves.

I am passing on to you the ball of enlightenment so that you can ‘see’ what is going on and what your options are. But I cannot and will not force you to pick up that ball and put it into proper action to save yourself, if you will.

And how exactly can you do that?

Well, ‘ascending‘ is all about raising your vibrations from the game’s survival level in the Lower Triad to match the frequency that ascends you into the Upper Triad level.

Do you have to ascend and then actually dwell in the Ascended Realm?

No. You only need to level-up or raise your vibration to the frequency of the Upper Triad and from there you can go directly through the portal or doorway to Home. Dwelling there is not necessary, and at this stage in the game dwelling there is not advisable since the Upper Triad is still part of the same game in which you could still become trapped.

So, for those of you who have been around long enough, you have a few ideas about how to raise your vibes, as you might say. The Council shared with you some suggestions. I will share with you more suggestions. You have access to huge resources of ideas and tools that can assist you, much of it free through your media. More about that later.

You have had access to many sources of information and tools for a very long time but you have insisted on giving dominant focus to your distractions. And that is understandable to a given point, but what are you doing with your so-called “spare time”?

Because you’re intelligent people I will leave that up to you to reason out into a conclusion what you should be doing with it if you want to return Home.

Go forth now and use this information to literally reset your own priorities of participation in the game that is about to overtake you as a player in it. More about that later.


Until next time, farewell and stay well.

~Mr. Ja’li~




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