Ja’li 9: Ignition Sequence for the Return Trip

I want to thank Gesanna for freely sharing these messages with us. Here is the last one; hopefully you’ve been reading this series of nine in order starting with the first.

My own intention is to be homeward bound as directly as possible and nothing less. I’d rather be prepared for the bliss of returning than be regretful for slacking at this point, possibly risking squandered opportunity. I actually don’t fear any such “error” but still—in times of doubt and “unpeace” that will surely arise on occasion—I feel prepared at levels deeper than the surface din that I AM on track. I AM a sovereign soul, vastly more than this fleshly little avatar participating in an experiment that’s been leveraged against our collective thrival. We are in the end game; what is your free-will choice?

This is all, as I’ve reiterated again and again, for each person/soul to filter through their own truth and discernment. I personally have no problem zooming my lens out to the level of this most epic tale of rogue gods, holographic labs, and my place in it. Peace to you.

Love all, Whitehawk

Message 9

Meetings Between the Awakened Ones & the Rogue Gods
How To Return Home – ‘The Secret’ Found In Oz

Gesanna: Hi Mr. Ja’li. Before we continue with the information in your last Message, a question was asked as to whether or not anyone has tried to converse with the rogue Gods to help them understand the matters you are telling us about that might help them have a change of mind and heart?

Mr Ja’li: Yes, there have been those who have held meetings with the rogue Gods. They listened politely but ultimately were unmoved by anything that was said to them. It is their belief that even though once we collapse the Lab hologram, they feel certain that the hologram, which they are reconfiguring, will, of its own reprogrammed operating system, continue to remain intact.

It was explained to them that their new holographic universe would be an inferior replication of the original one and thus would perform in ways that would be unpredictable and consequently unreliable for their anticipated purposes.

They responded that they would simply adjust the required constituents to necessary performance parameters.

All-in-all, even though they presented themselves in cordial manners during the meetings, their overall response has been that of ‘polite discount’, so to speak, to the whole of what has been conveyed and offered to them.

Our most recent approaches to them resulted with them refusing to hold any further meetings with us. In a ‘civilly arrogant’ manner they informed us that their minds are absolutely made up, that they fully intend to go through with their plans.

Gesanna: Do any of you know whether or not their new hologram will manage to remain intact?

Mr Ja’li: It is our estimate that if it does remain intact that it will not do so for long before it loses its ability to stay ‘powered-up’, as you would say. This means that since it is being created using only the consciousness and energies of the Lower Triad, there will not be enough power to keep integrated properly on an ongoing basis.

You see, as I have said, the Lab hologram was created through using the consciousness and energy of those residing in the Totality, meaning the original hologram we call Home. It is thus powered by a very high order of function.

To give you an analogy of it, it is like the difference between running a computer strictly on a very poor quality battery, compared to running another computer that is using an electrical outlet. Eventually your battery-powered computer will stop working and will shut down completely, while the electrical powered one will continue operating just fine.

When I said that the hologram—and thus the holographic universe—is binary-based, this is an analogy of how it functions in its most fundamental basis of consciousness plus energy. The binary system represents the on/off action that consciousness plus energy creates upon the backdrop of the sea of information.

This is a highly technical science based in Totality systems of consciousness that I shall not go into for it is beyond the scope of the information being presented in these Messages.

Gesanna: OK. What was the rogue Gods response to the information given to them about the potential problems that could occur?

Mr Ja’li: They believe that they have ways to overcome such problems.

Gesanna: Do they? I mean, is that even possible since the hologram is consciousness and energy based rather than technologically based? Can they just push a button and tweak the system? And if not then how could they be so blind as to not see or accept the truth?

Mr Ja’li: They are wearing what you call ‘blinders’ to all information that does not support or enhance their own goals. [The same could be said of most of humanity as well imo. -W] We believe that they simply will not be able to sustain the hologram with any degree of success in the long or short run, if even at all, precisely because it is consciousness and energy based.

Setting that aside, I shall put it this way: You know of people in your own acquaintance who will disregard whatever advice or assistance you offer them simply because they are not ready to hear it or deal with ‘what is’. They have their minds made up that what they want to do or have is justified, right, good, or necessary. Nothing you say to them will dissuade them to the contrary. All you can do is allow them their right to have their way until they realize, through personal experience, that the knowledge given them by others was indeed correct, true and reliable.

This is the type of souls we are dealing with, who we are referring to as the rogue Gods.

All we can do is to help them understand what it is that they are trying to have and do. Having done that, all we can do is to allow them to have their way with their plans. Were we to try to intervene or prevent them from doing it, this externalized action would result in what I already said would occur as a reaction in the externalized form of a great cosmic war. This would benefit no one.

Morpheus: The matrix is everywhere. It is all around us, even now, in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work, when you go to church, when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes, to blind you from the truth.

Gesanna: So given this as the circumstance, what does this mean with regard to the Lab hologram’s holographic universe as it has come to be? And what does it mean for all who remain in it when it is collapsed?

Mr Ja’li: Essentially the choice for each of you remains the same. You can return Home, or you can stay in this hologram and experience whatever it is that might occur once it has collapsed and the rogue Gods’ new holographic universe hologram kicks in.

Because this has never occurred before, not even we know what might happen so the best advice we can give you is for you to return Home as soon as you can.

Now with respect to all that is playing out pertaining to the Lab hologram and whatever may be transpiring therein, the ultimate point is that in the first place you are not supposed to be dwelling in the Lab hologram such as it has become.

The fact that the Lab hologram was never designed to become a ‘holographic universe’ in which to dwell and call home should be the only reason you need to leave it and return Home.

Now that there are new developments occurring within it that are becoming a threat to your greater wellbeing, this situation poses yet more reasons why you need to leave it and return Home. And the threats to your greater wellbeing are mounting which further adds to the reasons why you need to return Home. You see?

In other words, how many reasons do you really need in order to come to your senses that the Lab hologram is not your true Home so that through the increase of threats to your wellbeing your ongoing presence in the hologram will eventually end one way or another?

In other words, you can either wake up to the truth and return Home now, or you can disregard it as hogwash, stay in the hologram and see what happens. It’s all up to you because it’s your adventure to experience.

You won’t ever really become ‘lost’ because that is an impossibility since you never actually go anywhere anyway.

But you can have an increasingly more difficult experience reorienting your consciousness back into the Home of your Light Being essence.

You could even go into the soul comatose state I spoke of. You won’t die but you won’t be actively conscious so as to continue experiencing yourself. Your light will be on but nobody will be Home.

Staying in the hologram, for however long it might survive, and becoming automatons to the rogue Gods in their holographic universe empire, for however long they can do that, is not what we at Home consider a choice worth considering a choice at all. That is why we never mentioned it to you.

The fact is — you need to come Home not because of what the rogue Gods are doing, but because you are not supposed to be playing in that holographic universe playground anyway.

How much more clear and plain do we need to be on that matter? How much worse do you need things to become before you are provoked into desiring to returning Home, not because you want to but because you are being forced to? 

What would force you to return Home? The collapsing of the Lab hologram first of all, then the collapsing of the rogue Gods hologram if it even managed to stay intact for any length of time.

Under a circumstance of force, your desire to return Home is not activated, your consciousness is not focused upon doing that as your next experiential goal. Being forced to return Home against your desire to do so results in that difficulty of ‘consciousness reorientation’ I just talked about.

So either way, return Home by desire or by force, it’s up to you, but you will some day return Home to your spark of light because that’s where you belong, because you have no other place to go and no one else to be.

Whatever you choose, I am merely offering you knowledge that will help you make that choice with a vaster amount of awareness—thus readiness—than you would have without it.

Gesanna: So then, given all of that, someone asked about the timing of events, how much time there is?

Mr Ja’li: I know you all want a time schedule on all events but, as always, none will be given except to say that the reason why you are being given this information at this time, and the advice to return Home, has everything to do with the nearness of those events.

Now by that I mean the timing of it is relative to the time difference between your Lower Triad timing and our Totality timing. It could occur in your current lifetime or the next, depending upon when death overtakes you. We cannot control that for you, but you can.

But you need not wait until then, and I tell you that it is best that you do not wait at all. Don’t be so concerned about time, schedules, dates, and so on, but be concerned about doing what you need to be doing so when an event occurs you will be ready.

That age-old advice to wake up and go home could always have been told by the many who gave it to you, this way, “Wake up and go Home”. It could have been said that simply.

That’s all they really needed to say to you. But like little children who constantly ask “Why?” when they are told to do something, you keep asking “Why?”… so you’re given more information, then you ask “Why? How come…?” again, and on and on it goes. You see?

You’re in the ‘information age’ stuck in a feedback loop of ‘why‘.

For a very long time, in many different ways, you have been told why you need to wake up and go home so you can consequently be Home. If you keep asking “Why? How come?” then you will never arrive at the point where you become who you truly are so you can choose to get out of the dismal game and be Home.

Where is Home and how do you be there? Your point of Home is ‘within you’ meaning that it is you, your true self, that spark of light that you are.

I will give you an analogy of how you can return Home by referring you to a famous story that most of you know quite well called The Wizard of Oz.

An important point in that story is that after having arrived in the strange and odd hologram called Oz, Dorothy set out on her quest of going home. That was her heart’s desire. It was actually quite a long journey, which the story you’re most familiar with makes quite short.

Part of her fantastic journey included her quest to find a mysterious wizard who, she was told, could help her get back home.

Along the way, her yellow brick road led her to encountering many interesting, shocking, and sometimes frightening beings and events. Once she finally reached the Emerald City where the great Wizard lived, she asked him for help to go home. Failing to help her, Glinda the good witch appears and grants Dorothy her wish.

Here’s the untold secret of what Dorothy learned. During her long journey on the yellow brick road, she realized that what she had done was to set out on a quest of ‘going home’. That was a perspective that set her on a continual journey of seeking to go home but never finding it nor ever arriving there. She realized that seeking to go home was not the same thing as what the wizard instructed her to do which was to see and feel herself being home now.

It was only when she got calm and still, closed her eyes, clicked her heels, and said “There’s no place like home”, that her focus on being home got her there.

You see the difference I’m getting at here?

Just like Dorothy, you are all traversing the yellow brick road in the quest of seeking information that will help you find your way Home.

In other words, the idea of going Home is not the same thing as being Home.

To be Home you must do as Dorothy did; you must stop the quest for finding your way Home, stop asking others along the way about it and, instead, stand or sit right where you are, close your eyes, focus all your energy on being Home – which is represented by the tapping of her heels, and focus all your thoughts on being Home – such as remembering that “There’s no place like Home”.

The yellow brick road is your personal path in the virtual reality game you are playing in the holographic universe. It is actually a snare that keeps you trapped on it by keeping you stuck in ‘play-mode‘. Dorothy came across both fascinating and horrible encounters along her way, which represents your encounters on your own yellow brick road that can become a never-ending story.

If you want to leave Oz, so to speak, and return Home, then you must do what Dorothy finally did.

You too have always had the ability to withdraw from Oz and return Home simply by reaching the point where you desire to be Home.

Home is right where you are, as a state of being who you truly are as a spark of light, a Light Being. Your conscious mind is that spark of light, but currently you have projected the majority of it into your holographic environment that is an illusionSo long as you are conscious of your own presence in the hologram then you are not Home in consciousness.

Being-wise you are Home since you truly never go anywhere as I said, but consciousness-wise you are currently not Home consciously because your point of awareness has shifted from Home, where reality lies, to hologram where illusion lies.

To be Home you must shift your consciousness out of the hologram and back upon your spark of light that you are. That is your true Home.

You are Home once your conscious mind is focusing from the point of your spark of light, when you are seeing all that is from the eyes of your spark of light, from your Light Being’s eyes, so to speak.

In the hologram you have been a motley crew of Dorothy’s and lions and scarecrows and tinmen and wizards and good witches and bad witches and munchkins and so on, each of you focused intently on having adventures in the hologram of Oz; each focused intently on acquiring reams of information that will clue you in on how to gain whatever you desire, but only those who desire to be Home will ever gain the ultimate desire.

You see, just as Dorothy never truly left her bed during her fantastic, though illusory, journey through Oz, just so you have never left your true spark-of-light-Home which is always right where you are. Like her, you just need to wake up and be Home consciously.

To accomplish it simply sit or lie down alone, and be still in silence – the silence of your house, a room, or in a quiet place outdoors in nature.

If there is commotion and noise from others around you then, if necessary, drown it out with the use of earplugs, or soft lulling music, or recorded nature sounds. If necessary, use headphones. The objective is to get your mind disconnected from all that is distracting your focus. Disconnect from Oz in every way possible. If your environment allows you to do this in silence, then all the better.

If you’re hung up on the rightness or wrongness of using music or headphones by which to disconnect then you’re still stuck in the illusions of Oz pursuing right vrs wrong, good vs bad. Don’t go there. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you disconnect from the game of pursuit, however that works best for you and your immediate circumstances.

Once you’re calm and focused within, focus on the blackness behind your closed eyes and look for your spark of light. Call it forth into your conscious awareness. Once you ‘see’ it, ‘feel’ it, then latch on to it, and feel yourself riding it back Home.

Feel your energy withdrawing from the game of Oz. Feel yourself racing back into your own Beingness that is gently floating, undulating, in the sea of information.

Don’t focus on any information in the sea. Just focus on being the spark of light that is floating like a cork on a wave. Rest and float and be. Focus on the joy of what “There’s no place like Home” feels like. Be there now.

Then you are Home. Stay Home for as long as you can.

Return often, as often as you can.

Each time you are Home you have withdrawn your focus that much more from the hologram. You are literally reorienting your consciousness and shifting your energy.

It’s like waking up from a dream. You don’t always wake all at once, but sometimes incrementally. You will wake up incrementally from the hologram. To do so all at once is not preferable. But don’t dally around about it.

Now, it is imperative that you do not visualize yourselves going anywhere else except to the spark of light that you truly are. To visualize yourselves going to another planet, or another star system, another area on your planet, and so on will only keep you in the hologram where these places exist.

Your ‘reorientation sessions’, if you will, that bring you back Home, amount to being cumulative in effect. The more often you do this the quicker the return of your consciousness to being who you truly are as a Light Being free of hologram’s Game of Oz and the illusions thereof.

Now if you sincerely desire to do this then you see why re-evaluating what you do with your spare time is essential. Is this your priority or not? If the only time you have open by to do anything like this is during “spare time” then you will use that time in which to do it. It will be a test to determine what your true priority is.

The main objective with all of this information being provided to you is to assist you into setting yourselves free of being stuck in the hologram’s virtual reality Game of Pursuit, and to help you know how to do that.

This information is not being given to you so that you can ask more questions that initiate the desire to receive more information. It is to give you enough information so you initiate a desire to finally do what you need to do in order to be Home. By not returning Home you will become part of the agenda that those horrible flying monkeys have in store for you.

You have been told often enough by many, that the stage of the rogue Gods, the cabal, the negative faction or whatever you wish to call them, has been set and their agenda is unfolding on a grand scale.

If you choose to perceive all of this as hogwash, then that is your right to do so.  If you choose to believe that you can remain in Oz and somehow externally change what has already been set into motion then you are allowed to try, your free will is respected.

I will tell you this as a certainty, throughout the whole of the Lab hologram you will never ever find adventures more exciting and fulfilling, creations more beautiful and awesome, interactions more loving and blissful as that which can be created and experienced at Home where reality lies. There is absolutely nothing in the Lab hologram that can even come close to it in comparison. If you don’t believe me, you will have to return Home to find out the reality of it for yourselves.

For those who have traversed the yellow brick road long enough and are ready to do as Dorothy did in order to be Home, then the purpose of this information will have been well worth imparting.

You have the essential information you need to know in order to get the job done. Any more than that is merely paving more yellow brick roads for you to remain distracted upon. If you want more information, the best place for you to gain clarity is from within you, by accessing your own Light Being which has direct access to the sea of information. Ask and you shall receive it.

Now it is up to you to take that ball of enlightenment and do as the great Wizard told Dorothy to do in order to be Home. Now you know the secret that was hidden in Oz.

I wish you all the best of life during your reorientation toward Home. Be consistent and persistent. Be determined and be faithful to your own cause long enough to generate the effect of being Home.

This is my last Message to you all. I thank you all for your attention and consideration of this information. The ball is in your court. Do with it as you will.

Be well and farewell. 
~Mr. Ja’li~

8 comments on “Ja’li 9: Ignition Sequence for the Return Trip

  1. Thank you for this. Mind blowing to say the least. I’ve secured more understanding on how to use my tools here. these came ‘just’ in time. x

    Sent from my iPhone Gwen Morgan



  2. So getting off the yellow brick road sounds like we have to pretty much dis-engage from our life … the external life … the hologram. I’m trying to figure out how to do this with having a family and a new business. It’s like everything I’m doing is just part of the game. It certainly is mind-blowing. I will now keep focused on my divine mind as I go about my life.

    A separate thought I had is the function of our ego. From these messages, I see that our ego is the one actually playing in the hologram game; forgetting that we are divine ones, and feeling alone and separate inside the game of pursuit … like it’s just the control stick.


  3. Staci, I wouldn’t advise doing something radical like throwing in the towel on society in one fell swoop. (Extreme example of course) But may I suggest perhaps gently moving into a practice of, I’ll say, “auditing the ego.”

    Just introducing the admittedly mind-bending POV of this material to our “little selves” (our egos, which are *all about* the “holo-lab game” here, typically never considering the macro perspective as we live buried in the *mundane*) is a powerful beginning.

    This information comes in, jarring your resident vibration a bit … but just having this information to mulch on can initiate life-altering ripples, altering future probabilities. Rather than aiming for that great big “prize” of a the trophy home/car/trappings, for instance (typical American dream), other ideas might suddenly appear that hold more meaning and purpose for the *vast soul* you truly are, the bright light who now (perhaps) sees that this is a game of choices at levels we have NOT been conditioned to even notice.

    We have no idea when a critical moment might come when everything suddenly changes… nor do we know the EXTENT the impact will have on our lives from one moment (pre-‘shift’) and another. It’s possible life might take on energies of such FLOW that AWARE people will enjoy a swift transition into just “doing it” in a way that’s so ‘organic,’ by which I mean such a natural state to be in for the SOUL, that “training wheels” will not be needed, as Lucia’s recent post suggests.

    One thing we can all “do” is develop the habit of nurturing the belief/faith/ KNOWLEDGE that – ok – we might experience an awkward bit of “time” (re)adjusting to our Divine Selves—for whom this entire reality has been an experiment in consciousness, let’s remember— but we can practice intending and invoking our precious higher selves to take ever-increasing ACTIVE PARTICIPATION in this incredible transition phase, because THAT is key. The more we can TRUST the vast wisdom that IS our divine soul, the more direct guidance will be drawn into our experience, and the smoother, I believe, it can go for us, individually and collectively. This all came off the top of my head, I hope I’m making sense! I may have to edit some of it later. :) oxW


  4. Whitehawk, first off, have to say thank you for having this site. Since finding you, I’ve gotten such great information on the expanded consciousness that’s its helped me tremendously in my personal ascension. much appreciation xo
    Secondly, I have to say these messages from Ja’li really rocked my world for a couple of days. I mean it’s one thing to understand ‘raising your vibration’ as a good thing but to KNOW that is the key to getting out of the hologram is something else; and to KNOW how deep we can be entrenched, which was evident to me after reading these messages because the fear really rose up. It does change your priorities and I had the same concerns as stacicross above but figure that my duty at this point is to focus on myself and my connection to mySelf and what I can do to help others achieve the same.
    But it all resonated and made such sense across the story arc of my life and I could see the common thread thru all of the primary teachings: connect and raise.
    Related to this I’ve been having a LOT of resolution dreams. even last night i was greeting all my past incarnations and reintegrating them into me with a thank you, welcome home, i love you. kinda cool but also a relief, that my higher self knows to prepare and release.
    Thanks to Gesanna and Ja’li and you. xo


    • Dear Drue – thank you for your comment. I certainly understand re: “rocking your world” — I can’t imagine NOT being affected by this information, unless of course one discounts it altogether. I’m finding it interesting that none of the comments about these messages are from men. At least, none that I can think of, without looking back over the series. Anyway, yes, the higher self knows what’s happening, and how to proceed… our “ego portions” just need to start dialing in to that soul level instead of perpetuating the delusion that we have to figure it all out and fix everything. Impossible from “ground level”! Also, I too have been having interesting dreams involving resolving old stuff with family. One in particular fascinated me because that particular ‘take’ on a family matter had never occurred to me before, i.e., I hadn’t seen the “dots” that linked up around it until the dream. Love, W


  5. hi, thanks so much for sending these messages full of thought provoking information. I would like to be able to print them for easier access, but for some reason they won’t print in the usual way. on one attempt I got a message saying they would only print from apps. not sure what that means but I suspect it is to do with apps on a cell phone? is there a way you can make them printable from a laptop? I am obviously ”slightly” challenged by the technology, lol. thanks for any help you can provide me! take good care, joanne in Ontario, Canada Date: Mon, 5 Jan 2015 19:06:44 +0000 To: jahluvsmetoo@hotmail.com


    • Hi Joanne – I’m glad you find these messages ‘print-worthy,’ and I’ll try to help via a very fundamental (perhaps “inelegant”) method. I’m wondering what the ‘usual method’ is that ISN’T working here?

      I don’t know how you’re seeing the posts on this blog – i.e., in email via subscription, or in a WordPress Reader, or on my blog online … so I’m just going to give you one basic way (I do this myself when copying material online). Go to the blog online (if you’re seeing this some other way), bring up each message you want to print, and then:

      > select (highlight) the entire message, then
      > COPY it (ctrl or command-C), then
      > PASTE it (ctrl or command-V) into a WORD file, if you have Word on your computer. You could either copy/paste each message into one large file, or into separate files for each message.
      > Then save and print that Word file.
      > Or you could possibly copy/paste it into an email message, send that to yourself, and print that. I think you’d have better results with Word, but email is an option as well.

      I’m afraid this is all I can suggest… perhaps someone else has another way who could help here…

      Best of luck! ox W


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