What Happened?

Addressing the “Something HUGE Just Happened!” post that appeared here yesterday, and has spread hither and yon via social media outlets and email, creating a stir.

First, I’ll say that it seems something energetic DID happen a few days ago. I live wayyy out in the profound silence of rural sanctuary, yet my lower body was registering an interesting ‘percussion’ effect, for no discernible reason. It was similar to how it feels to be in an apartment building, say, or in traffic – when someone nearby is blasting their “music” (or cacophony ;) with the bass cranked to full max. You feel in in your body. But there was no audible sound, just this curious pounding sensation. Not pulsingpounding.

There’s also been some unprecedented agitated behavior going on with my absolute sweetheart of a cat; very unusual and unsettling to have her suddenly acting out like this. But as we all know, animals sense things beyond the bandwidth of most humans, such as impending earthquakes or other dangers.

So I believe we’re in a rather pronounced vibrational uptick currently. To try to articulate details would just be commentary, not fact. It may go on for awhile, hard to say. I’ve heard something really pronounced is expected around the Spring Equinox, but that remains to be seen.

The above-mentioned article includes the intriguing video on youtube of what appears to be a substantial comet zooming across Southern California, from which a very clear object of light is ejected. Impressive to see. However, the video goes to black after the ejection but keeps running for 3+ minutes. Not sure what that’s about. I’d love to see where that zooming object landed (if it did); if you know of a source showing that, please contact me or comment to this post.

And then, there’s this photo of the ‘prophesied pillars of light’ that some believe are highly significant, and have awaited this “sign” with much anticipation:


Impressive photo, right? Proof of prophecy coming true, ya?

Well, “hold on, Sparky,” as a friend used to quip. Not to go bursting bubbles here, but a simple check on this reveals that this photo was taken six years ago, on a bitter cold night when the air was filled with ice crystals — frozen fog, in other words.

The effect is striking, yes; I’m just pointing out that this photo is not connected with whatever is happening now. At least, not directly.

Is it possible this pic somehow reflects an inpouring of divine light? I suppose so. It doesn’t hurt to believe divine light IS pouring in upon us; it is. Divine energies are here moving this shift along.

This photo is also useful as a visual aide to our consciousness, to encourage us to accept the idea (fact). It just isn’t “documented evidence” of what has been going on over the last few days. That’s all I’m putting across here.

With that I’ll add — keep the faith! I’m aware that the Ja’li series has served to shake some people up. That’s to be expected… AND… change doesn’t happen if everything just sits in stasis as it always has, does it! Change IS happening, and evidence of it will be accelerating to a great degree this year, in all directions.

It will be stunning.

And it will be occurring inside each of us, as well, which can be far more daunting than anything “out there.” We’re in a mass kundalini awakening that’s percolating throughout the universe, remember? And “inside” and “outside” reflect one another, which points to how the photo above can be useful, as it can be interpreted to represent heaven and earth “connecting” via light portals. (Thought it might serve to point out that I’m not here knocking this photo; I actually quite appreciate it. :)


Please keep affirming that the True Light absolutely prevails, and that YOU are in the right place, holding that true light in yourself, and in your SOUL, and that your soul is your lighthouse guidance system that will keep you apprised of what you’ll need to know and do at the perfect time, for optimal unfoldment at every level.

This is worth keeping foremost in mind and heart.

I’m feeling a lot of juice pouring through me presently, which may mean a flurry of posts will be coming in short order. :-}

Meanwhile, A BLESSING for you:

Bless you, and bless your life and your future.
Bless your health and wellbeing.
Bless your wonderful heart, and your ability to find your way forward to your best possible life.
Bless your home and family. 
Bless your friends and animals and land.
Bless everything and everyone around you, including your neighbors and the community in which you live.
Bless your beautiful shining spirit, and every cell, molecule, and atom in your body.
Bless this world we share, bless that peace prevails.

Love, Whitehawk



3 comments on “What Happened?

  1. whoa, the subsonic vibrations in my body I’ve felt. thought it was odd and this is the first I’ve heard of anyone else having them, so yay! and higher frequency ear tones and LOUD ones coming through too. makes me smile knowing that I’m on the same path!


  2. Yes! Hubby and I have been feeling them too. It’s been some weeks since it started, and is settling now. Can be uncomfortable and distracting. Good to hear that other people are experiencing this too. (We are in Australia.) Many thanks.


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