Healing HOOKS & Hooking Behaviors

 I’m reposting a brief message from the creator writings – one of the QHHT (tuning-in technique) blogs on wordpress – by Jennifer Farley. It speaks directly to those little (or not so little!) manipulative hooks people sink into each other to get others to do something for them or give them something they want.

My radar for these hooks is well honed at this point, and also hard earned. Their energy is harsh, like barbed wire wrapping around you, in contrast to the benevolent embrace of light, open, ascended exchange.

They also have a bad “smell” when they come toward you. (Engage all your senses in the day-to-day more consciously; they are your training wheels for higher sensory awareness.)

When hooks show up in the myriad ways they do, they’re becoming increasingly obvious in their low-vibe, inappropriate nature, as the ascension progresses. It’s actually embarrassing now to see them “deployed” by people who still (try to) use them as a tactic.

This is one of the lower egoic behaviors that needs to be shed as frequencies heighten. Actually it would be better to say, let them be absorbed by the higher frequencies, as transmutation is what’s going on here.

Their time is now up; they are psychologically obsolete.

There is no place now for activities/behaviors that don’t arise from pure-of-heart intent. These manipulations used to slink… insinuate themselves… into all areas of life – personally, professionally – far more easily, in every imaginable scenario.

Please be aware of them in others… and yourself. This is a human immaturity that needs to be healed before we can progress, which we must do en masse in this ascension. Ascension is a weaving that involves everyone, every intention, every action. Every thread in the weave matters to the overall coherence.

My ability to spot these manipulative hooks and respond to them from my center of truth while maintaining poise (ie, not bristling, arguing, etc… ) is a distinct improvement I increasingly witness in myself, and am grateful for.

I could go on about this topic for miles, but will just stop and share this gem from Jennifer:

My beautiful child, this is one of the most important lessons you will learn.

If you feel like giving, then give all you want. 

However, if you feel that you must give to receive something in return then it may not be a good idea to continue. 

If you want to receive, then receive. 

However, if you feel that receiving is tied to some condition, then thank the person and gently refuse. 

Compromising yourself or your beliefs for another hinders growth and breeds resentment… the very things you are choosing to release. 

Listen to your heart, the truth is there and will always guide you in the proper direction. ~ Creator

the creator writings

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